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At the 2007 Oscars, Ellen Degeneres approached Martin Scorsese with her new script: a cross between “Goodfellas” and “Big Momma’s House.”

Jason Momoa on Emilia Clarke ❤️

#EmmaStone + #JenniferLawrence = YES, PLEASE. The hilarious friends revealed they've been developing a project. When asked if they'd ever work together during The Hollywood Reporter's roundtable, Jennifer said, "There is one idea that's floating around, but it's a secret." 😲 We really want to see that movie (or TV show) come to life! (📷: REX)

Danny ❤️
(movie: blood diamond)

Justice League is amazing😍❤

would you have a cup of wine with #jenniferlawrence ?

Queens! With award season around the corner six of the year’s top stars take the cover of @hollywoodreporter’s Actress Roundtable issue. Let the #Oscars buzz begin!✨ #etalk #maryjblige #jessicachastain #jenniferlawrence #allisonjanney #saoirseronan #emmastone (📷: Ruven Afanador/THR)

Christoph Waltz. 🏆🏆
Inglourious Basterds (2009), Quentin Tarantino
Django Unchained (2012), Quentin Tarantino


Today's #moviequote - Annie Hall: "The only word for this is... transplendent. It's transplendent!" #woodyallen #screenwriting #oscars #screenwriters #bestpicture #classicmovies

FROM DUDLEY TO HOLLYWOOD - HOW TWO BLACK COUNTRY FRIENDs CRACKED TINSLETOWN!... When one of ya best Pals A Screenwriting superstar..... Bobby Lee Darby and Nathan Brookes studied at Wolverhampton University, forming a partnership born out of a shared love for movies, comics and all things cinema.

In 2007 the duo won the Slamdance Horror Screenwriting Competition with their script Slaughter, which was subsequently optioned.

In 2012 the pair sold Bermuda to WWE Studios, a found footage horror tale set in the Bermuda Triangle.

In 2013, whilst living in LA the duo penned See No Evil 2 the sequel to the 2006 slasher movie for WWE Studios. It was released Halloween 2014, quickly becoming the biggest selling straight to DVD horror movie of the year.

In early 2014 the pair wrote 12 Rounds 3: Lockdown for WWE Studios, which was shot August 2014 and was released January 2016.

Following this the writers pitched WWE Studios and Lionsgate Eliminators, an action thriller set in London that will be a part of their ‘Action Six-Pack’ series. It was directed by James Nunn and is currently in post-production for a 2016 release.

The duo recently sold a horror pitch to Scott Free Productions that Ridley Scott will Exec produce and are currently working with Noel Clarke on an action thriller.

Join us for an inspiring and fascinating insight into cracking Hollywood!

#RIP #AzzedineAlaia ... This country doesn't take time to celebrate its true artists... Today we have lost the wonderful #Wizzard of #Fashion Mr. Azzedine Alaia. For those who do not know him, he was a brilliant #Designer who initially graduated from the "École des Beaux-Arts" in Tunis to later on, take the #Tunisian banner to the international world of fashion and opened the road to many other local talented designers from this country to compete on a worldwide level...
Far from the mediocre #JCC "#Runway", and the so-called #TunisianStarlettes #Alaia's designs were present at the #WhiteHouse, at the #Oscars and several high-end fashion gatherings. He was a charming man who had the gift of unravelling women's femininity and showcase their emotional statements through fashion.
Right at the start of his career, Alaïa was voted Best Designer of the Year and Best collection of the Year by the French Ministry of Culture in 1984...
Currently, I guess our minister of cultural affairs is still busy cutting ribbons of openings of coffee shops and restaurants, or maybe he's still stuck dealing with the people who didn't get seats for the tickets they paid for during the JCC... Of course, I wouldn't even dare bring up our minister of tourism in this talk... #TnPress #TnGov #TnMedia where the hell on earth are you?...

Baseado numa história verídica, "Victoria & Abdul" retrata uma amizade improvável durante os últimos anos do extraordinário reinado da Rainha Victoria (Judi Dench, a atriz vencedora de um Oscar). Quando Abdul Karim, um jovem empregado, viaja da Índia com o objetivo de participar no Jubileu de Ouro da Rainha, é surpreendido ao cair nas boas graças da Rainha. Enquanto a Rainha começa a questionar as constrições do seu já longo cargo, cria-se uma aliança inesperada entre os dois, sendo a lealdade que têm um para com o outro ameaçada tanto pela família como pelo círculo restrito da Rainha. À medida que a amizade se intensifica, a Rainha começa a ter uma visão diferente do mundo, recuperando o seu sentido de humanidade. #botafogo #cinema #copacabana #espaçoitaú #hollywood #judidench #oscars #riodejaneiro #telecine #thequeen

We're coming for it all... Dudley Screenwriters Write Blockbusters #DudleyAyWe

The Devilish Dogs 🐶... A few cheeky jars with my fellow screenwriting pal... And author of 'SEE NO EVIL 2 Featuring Kane from WWE, Eliminators featuring Scott Adkins, 12 round 3 lockdown... This is my close friend & mentor. Nathan Brookes Is one of the most talented screenwriters I know. He's also my Plugg to getting WGA screenplays... He gives them me after reading them for me to collect ... WE GEEKs BRUH! 🤓🤓🤓The Boy Who Had A Few Jars

Looking at this Oscar like one day ill be collecting you #aspiringactress #Oscars

Justice League is amazing😍❤

This summer we got to see @dunkirkmovie in gorgeous 70mm at the Hollywood Theatre in Portland! What an utterly fantastic movie, with terrific pacing, immersive action, and powerful sound design. This film is sure to be a front runner this award season!

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