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Fly Hard, Grin Harder - Fly Girl! #beingunited #flygirl #oscarmunoz

Even my Dog doesn't buy this BullShxt. I hope that this disruptive and belligerent CEO would be reaccomodated from this earth following established procedures. I emphatically stand behind all of us.
#united #unitedairlines #flight3411 #oscarmunoz

- #OscarMunoz (b.1951, Colombia) no Stand da galeria #MorCharpentier na #FIAC#goartnow

I'm still disturbed by the news of a 69 year old man -same age as my DAD- getting wrestled and dragged out of a flight he paid for. The @united PR managed to dig up dirt on the poor man as if what they did to him was okay. They bashed his face into an armrest and then claimed "he fell." The CEO said the man was "asked politely" when there is clear footage of staff threatening him. I just flew with United with my baby, and they were also looking for volunteers to take a different flight. STOP OVERBOOKING YOUR FLIGHTS! it's disgusting how this man was treated and how they are justifying it afterwards. #boycottunited #boycottunitedairlines #unitedairlines #oscarmunoz #letteritout

Guitarmageddon Update- @united has shown me they are truly the WORST airline to fly. I have filed 2 separate claims, spent hours on the phone, hours at the airport, and they are taking 0 responsibility for breaking my guitar. Baggage service refers me to the airport, airport refers me to customer care, customer care doesn't respond to emails, and for some reason there is never a supervisor around to speak to me. #unitedairlines would not let me carry my guitar on, and refused to gate check, which they are suppose to do per FAA Modernization and Reform Act of 2012 sec 403
I would have rather have been dragged off one of their planes then have them break my guitar. #oscarmunoz get a hold of your company. This will not stand.

I'm reluctant to fly on any aircraft with any airline due to the way I was treated by United on Wednesday March 15, 2017. To add insult to injury, United had a representative contact me who was highly unprofessional. Giving me an earful about her husband and how she despised him and hated his gambling habits. This representative for united issued me some short of ticket voucher to rebook the flight I missed due to my encounter with a poorly trained, closed minded ticket agent at Tyson McGee airport. I was so torn by the deliberate and blatant unnecessary discrimination provided by the agent. Especially after I corrected her the first time and told her I'd prefer For her to refer to me as female. But instead of accommodating a customer in doing the job she applied for, the ticket agent went on her way to have a TSA search me after i asked to speak to her supervisor. The supervisor for united at Tyson McGee airport, told me they were understaffed and she was over her head with upcoming flights and boarding passengers.
Talk about a road to no where huh... furthermore to make things that much better, I missed a childhood friends 30th Birthday festivities in Atlantic City, my sister baby shower, and I haven't seen my mom in 3 years due to my living in Tennessee, school and work. I Took it upon myself to seek legal advice after rewriting and emailing united and the CEO of united Mr. Oscar Munoz multiple times, giving them my Address, Email and two cell phone numbers and still nothing! Just to have my feelings and human well-being, my citizenship crushed by finding out in the state of Tennessee transgendered humans are not considered a protected class.
@united @wearethepeople.magazine @lgbtny @msnbc24hour @msnbc @barackobama @goodmorningamerica @foxnews @trigonometri @humanrightscampaign #oscarmunoz

UA, introducing your latest brand slogan! Oscar Munoz, you own it! #unitedairlines #unitedairlinesucks #oscarmunoz

Alleged serial sexual harasser #BillOreilly laughs at the man being forcibly removed from the @United airlines flight and then says "I shouldn't be laughing but it's just so bizarre." NO SHIT, ASSHOLE! https://goo.gl/8UVFJ6


- #OscarMunoz (b.1951, Colombia) no Stand da galeria #MorCharpentier na #FIAC#goartnow

Beautiful Oscar Muñoz #oscarmunoz #fiac @morcharpentier @fiacparis

Doméstico by Óscar Muñoz brings together portraits of an absent family. It is a metaphor that reflects on the presence of the absent; a sculpture of empty frames that invites the viewer to discover its reflection on the polished marble. Find this work and many others in our booth 1H08 at this year's @fiacparis from the 19th until 22nd of October. #fiac #oscarmuñoz #oscarmunoz #marble #frames #memories #artfair #comingsoon #art #artist #artlovers #artgallery #morcharpentier #contemporaryart #undefined

Looking forward to showcase new works by the great Oscar Muñoz @fiacparis @morcharpentier @alexmorelarmadillo #oscarmunoz #oscarmuñoz #fiac #morcharpentier

My #CEO is cooler than yours! #OscarMunoz @united #ILoveMyJob

Medellín: a Colombian Story opens tonight @lesabattoirs showing for the first time in France the recent history of Colombia through the eyes of its artists. Don't miss the work of #oscarmunoz included in this show #colombia #history #southamerica #oscarmuñoz #artist #art #lesabattoirs #artlovers #undefined #medellin #toulouse #toulousemaville

"I don't see my creative process like a straight line moving forward, I see it as a series of cycles where everything comes back, but nothing comes back the same." -Óscar Muñoz #quote Don't miss the exhibit Video Art in Latin America @laxart as a part of the @pstinla initiative on view until December 16th #oscarmunoz #oscarmuñoz #pstlala #laxart #videoart #art #artist #museum #contemporaryart #artexhibit #undefined

What an awesome company event hosted by the United Management Association. So lucky to work with all these amazing people! ✈️ #unitedairlines #weareunited #friendlyskies #united #ewr #nyc #manhattan #oscarmunoz #uma #winnyc #lovemycompany #beingunited

When flying the friendly skies, who better to sit next to than this guy? #oscarmunoz

🎩 || Amazing night at the castle. We saw mind blowing magic and had so many laughs. It is such a honour to know Johnny Ace Palmer, and watch him perform. No matter how many times I've watched him, I am still left amazed 🤗. & @chrissyteigen and her mom decided to join us there, but it was date night so I told her we couldn't hang out 😉😉😉

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