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Amazing how #unitedairlines remove paying customers from their flights! #unitedairlinessucks Board as a doctor,
Leave as a patient. #worstairline #oscarmunoz

Alleged serial sexual harasser #BillOreilly laughs at the man being forcibly removed from the @United airlines flight and then says "I shouldn't be laughing but it's just so bizarre." NO SHIT, ASSHOLE! https://goo.gl/8UVFJ6

This is so sad he thought they were going to kill him. This video breaks my heart. I'm embarrassed that I am a #mileageplus member with #UnitedAirlines. I am going to make a huge sacrifice and avoid @united every time I fly because the #CEO #OscarMunoz thinks his employees did nothing wrong today and took no responsibility for how this played out. Oscar has too much of a dangerous attitude when it comes to flying the "friendly sky's". What ever happened to, "For The Safety Of Our Passengers"? I have a huge fear of flying so what happened today really triggered me. They tried to treat him like he was just a piece of luggage 😢. @theperezhilton with @repostapp
This new video of the doctor forced off the @United flight is even worse than the first. The poor man is clearly in shock and so distraught!

🚨🚨 NEW FOOTAGE: (Swipe Left) #UnitedAirlines different view shows the back and fourth exchanges between #DavidDao and the Airport Security... who verbally warned that he would use force... but that doesn't make it right! Ready to see this Settlement 💰🙄💰💰👀 #United #OscarMunoz

UA, introducing your latest brand slogan! Oscar Munoz, you own it! #unitedairlines #unitedairlinesucks #oscarmunoz

Even my Dog doesn't buy this BullShxt. I hope that this disruptive and belligerent CEO would be reaccomodated from this earth following established procedures. I emphatically stand behind all of us.
#united #unitedairlines #flight3411 #oscarmunoz

I'm reluctant to fly on any aircraft with any airline due to the way I was treated by United on Wednesday March 15, 2017. To add insult to injury, United had a representative contact me who was highly unprofessional. Giving me an earful about her husband and how she despised him and hated his gambling habits. This representative for united issued me some short of ticket voucher to rebook the flight I missed due to my encounter with a poorly trained, closed minded ticket agent at Tyson McGee airport. I was so torn by the deliberate and blatant unnecessary discrimination provided by the agent. Especially after I corrected her the first time and told her I'd prefer For her to refer to me as female. But instead of accommodating a customer in doing the job she applied for, the ticket agent went on her way to have a TSA search me after i asked to speak to her supervisor. The supervisor for united at Tyson McGee airport, told me they were understaffed and she was over her head with upcoming flights and boarding passengers.
Talk about a road to no where huh... furthermore to make things that much better, I missed a childhood friends 30th Birthday festivities in Atlantic City, my sister baby shower, and I haven't seen my mom in 3 years due to my living in Tennessee, school and work. I Took it upon myself to seek legal advice after rewriting and emailing united and the CEO of united Mr. Oscar Munoz multiple times, giving them my Address, Email and two cell phone numbers and still nothing! Just to have my feelings and human well-being, my citizenship crushed by finding out in the state of Tennessee transgendered humans are not considered a protected class.
@united @wearethepeople.magazine @lgbtny @msnbc24hour @msnbc @barackobama @goodmorningamerica @foxnews @trigonometri @humanrightscampaign #oscarmunoz

The World. Please join me to boycott the poor #UnitedAirlines forever. We should try our best to let this worst CEO #OscarMunoz lose his job and be unemployed!


The founders of @calypsochile #MarcelaCofre and #OscarMunoz now they proudly sponsor his little child project @greenglasschile


#unitedairlines #oscarmunoz #sfocs #customerservice #Likuishername #shewassuperhelpful #ron #hewasnicetoo We were trying to change flights...no luck. Great people though!

La pesadilla que David Dao, el doctor vietnamita-estadounidense vivió en un avión de United Airlines se cerró con un "arreglo amistoso", según informaron este jueves los abogados del pasajero, quienes agregaron que una condición del pago es que "la cantidad sea confidencial". Lo que los abogados del demandante describieron como un "arreglo amistoso" fue hecho público el mismo día que United Airlines anunció un cambio en su política de reservas.

Ahora ofrecerá a los pasajeros hasta US$10.000 por renunciar a sus asientos, entre otras modificaciones que el abogado de Dao dijo que deberían ser "aplaudidos". "Cada cliente merece ser tratado con los más altos niveles de servicio y el más profundo sentido de dignidad y respeto", dijo Munoz al anunciar la novedad.

#Actualidad #UnitedAirlines #DavidDao #OscarMunoz

Did we send our elected officials to Washington to grandstand? Never underestimate the ability of a politician to dazzle you with bullshit and for the media to assist. 🔸🐻🔹 #resist #paidforbythefollowing #congress #oscarmunoz
#Repost @washingtonexaminer with @repostapp
Oscar Munoz, CEO of United Airlines, testifies before the House Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure during a hearing concerning airline customer service, Tuesday, May 2, 2017 (📷 @jenningsgraeme)

Oscar Munoz, CEO of United Airlines, testifies before the House Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure during a hearing concerning airline customer service, Tuesday, May 2, 2017 (📷 @jenningsgraeme)

El ejercicio de la empata #oscarmunoz homenaje a #everastrudillo en la exposición. Oscar Muñoz es uno de los artistas que estarán en @openartsweden #openart2017

#clouds #fighters on a #flight I bet it's #unitedairlines #oscarmunoz #sky #fade y'all closer to #god and don't care about that #baby ☕🐍

Champ1K - I Need It (Video) After a short federal sponsored vacation, Atlanta‘s own Champ1k returns with the visuals for “I Need It”. A known factor in the streets of the A, Champ has decided to focus his entrepreneurial talents on taking over the rap game. Check out this viral video for an early look at... #AMoonShapedPool, #Airline, #AirportSecurity, #Atlanta, #Champ1K, #Merriam-Webster, #OscarMunoz(Executive), #Overselling, #Twitter, #UnitedAirlines, #ViralVideo (Read More on TripleHQ.com)

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