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UA, introducing your latest brand slogan! Oscar Munoz, you own it! #unitedairlines #unitedairlinesucks #oscarmunoz

Alleged serial sexual harasser #BillOreilly laughs at the man being forcibly removed from the @United airlines flight and then says "I shouldn't be laughing but it's just so bizarre." NO SHIT, ASSHOLE! https://goo.gl/8UVFJ6

Even my Dog doesn't buy this BullShxt. I hope that this disruptive and belligerent CEO would be reaccomodated from this earth following established procedures. I emphatically stand behind all of us.
#united #unitedairlines #flight3411 #oscarmunoz

I'm still disturbed by the news of a 69 year old man -same age as my DAD- getting wrestled and dragged out of a flight he paid for. The @united PR managed to dig up dirt on the poor man as if what they did to him was okay. They bashed his face into an armrest and then claimed "he fell." The CEO said the man was "asked politely" when there is clear footage of staff threatening him. I just flew with United with my baby, and they were also looking for volunteers to take a different flight. STOP OVERBOOKING YOUR FLIGHTS! it's disgusting how this man was treated and how they are justifying it afterwards. #boycottunited #boycottunitedairlines #unitedairlines #oscarmunoz #letteritout

Эфемерные работы Oscar Munoz - графит тертый, вода, бумага. Гениально! Арль #Арль #OscarMunoz

If you don't get off my plane, I'll drag you off! Oscar Munoz CEO of United Airlines should be forced to resign. What kind of leadership allows paying customers to be physically removed from a flight for crew members? Has anyone found out why he was asked to change his seat? John Klaassen is on @CNN saying that the man didn't do anything wrong. He says @united employees said since no one would volunteer to stay behind, they randomly picked the passenger who was dragged off the plane by the police. #boycottunited fire #OscarMunoz #airlines

The World. Please join me to boycott the poor #UnitedAirlines forever. We should try our best to let this worst CEO #OscarMunoz lose his job and be unemployed!


Oscar Munoz sent a letter to employees essentially supporting the actions of flight 3411.
This, combined with his cold statement earlier proves how little united Airlines cares for their customers. From crammed seating, to checked bag fees, forced check bags at the gate, and beatings it is apparent the airline industry isnt about bringing people together or fulfilling dreams of wanderlust.
But simply a way for them to take your $ and give you as little as possible in return. ...
#boycottunitedairlines #unitedairlines #fail #terriblecustomerservive #ceo #oscarmunoz #publicrelations #prfail #corporategreed


Thank you #united
I have decided to move to another loyalty program and will cancel my credit card bc of #oscarmunoz and the poor business practices.
I cashed in most of miles for this trip so I would not lose them and now I have huge screen, a private seat, the new York times, and a glass of #johnniewalker blue on an amazing airline #asiana
Might be the last time to fly like royalty, so I'm going to kick back and enjoy it...

Эфемерные работы Oscar Munoz - графит тертый, вода, бумага. Гениально! Арль #Арль #OscarMunoz

Apparition / Disparition by #oscarmunoz @rencontresarles #lavuelta

"When you are a minority you have to work harder" #oscarmunoz CEO #unitedairlines@crainsnewyorkbusiness
Conference room conversation

El gran Oscar Muñoz, The most important contemporary artist of Colombia.. #oscarmunoz #colombianartist

Thousands of miles flown with #unitedairlines and this is what I got after six hours at Boston airport and over two hours on the "premier care line." Does loyalty even matter at this airline?Total abandonment and tone-deaf customer service must be part of the "new United." #oscarmunoz

So happy I got to meet this man last night during airport alert ✈️💙 #oscarmunoz #ceo

ACTIONS SPEAK LOUDER THAN WORDS - United Airlines and their stand-up response - By Aaron Stipkovich in - Read more at http://andmagazine.com/us/1493719996.html #unitedairlines #signature #oscarmunoz #handwriting #businessman #airline #1493719996 #aaronstipkovich #andplanetcom @andplanetcom

3 Major Brands, 3 Major Mistakes: How Pepsi, United & SheaMoisture Could Have Avoided Their Marketing Backlash

If you're building a brand and planning your next marketing campaign, DON'T follow in the footsteps of @Pepsi, @United or @SheaMoisture. At least not in these cases... Read my latest article by clicking on the link in my bio to find out why.

Here's a short excerpt:
"Over the past few weeks, there seems to have been blunder after blunder from major brands—followed by major backlash. From Pepsi’s short-sighted commercial featuring Kendall Jenner as a broker of peace using the sugary soft drink as a 'white flag', to United Airline’s global fall out after a doctor was abused and forcibly removed from a flight after refusing to voluntarily give up his seat, it has been quite the public relations zoo. More recently, Shea Moisture, a $700 million beauty brand that has historically catered to the unique skin and hair care needs of Black women, grossly underestimated the response (aka fallout) they would receive after launching a new line of commercials aimed at broadening their customer base."

#Pepsi #United #SheaMoisture #brand #branding #business #customer #socialmedia #backlash #naturalhair #naturalista #drink #mistakes #publicrelations #airline #Blackwomen #commercial #advertising #marketing #millenials #BlackLivesMatter #KendallJenner #OscarMunoz #RichelieuDennis #NewUnitedAirlinesMottos

#oscarmunoz a traves del cristal

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