It’s been a year and I’m still upset about this lol. Faye did it! Leave mine & Shirley’s brother alone!!!
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My 2017 #Top5 #tvmoments from number 5 to number 1. It was a really fun year on 📺 5. #gameofthrones (RIP 🐉) 4. #snl (Ryan Gosling was laughing during the whole thing) 3. #willandgrace (we’ll miss you Rosario Ines Consuelo Yolanda Salazar) 2. #rupaulsdragrace (Sashay away Valentina) 1. #oscarmixup (I could watch it over and over again) #tv #entertainment #2017 #shows #realitytv #series #livetv #sashayaway #rosarioinesconsueloyolandasalazar

How #Moonlight can teach us about #Autism:

Moonlight shows us all the troubles that one boy goes through as he grows up feeling like he’s a homosexual. It is always a confusing place to be when you are young, when you feel uncontrollable romantic desires towards someone of the same sex, and yet are not mature enough to know what to make of it, especially when the other kids at school pick on you because they can sense that you are different.

So imagine how much harder it would be if somebody on the autism spectrum grew up thinking that they were gay or a lesbian?

I am not a homosexual myself, nor do I know of anybody who is both autistic and gay, but I have known people who were one or the other. So I understand the long-term trauma and effects that discrimination has on anybody who’s different. I’m not here right now to tell you whether homosexuality is a good or bad lifestyle, nor will I try to convince you whether it’s a method of choice or genetic makeup, but what I can tell you is that bullying anybody, whether autistic or gay, always leaves a permanent scar on the victim that dangerously skews the way they look at the world.

So then, what would you do as a parent if your child with autism comes out as being gay? I realize that the answer is different for every parent, as some support the lifestyle while others do not, just like how every child on the autism spectrum is different. But for every case, there is one easy saying that any parent can say to their LGBTQ child:

Your sexual preference does not define who you are.

I have known people who felt that their gayness made up the wholeness of their identity, and frankly, these declarations have never ended well from what I witnessed. It’s important for us all to know, parents, kids, bullies, teachers, that you are far more than a gay/straight label.

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A snippet of my #MovieReview on #Moonlight: "What if you grew up Black, while also feeling like you are a homosexual? It’s hard enough living through one of the two, which is why it takes a seriously committed director like Barry Jenkins to accept the challenge. He doesn’t have that much experience directing feature-length films, but in Moonlight, you would think he’s been a master of his craft for decades. His latest feature has been picking up tremendous well-deserved Oscar buzz due to its subtle shock value that grips you throughout all the important milestones of a boy’s growth into a man within an all-Black community.

The boy’s name is Chiron, and Jenkins introduces us to him while he is on the run from other boys at school who throw garbage at him. His tears of fright call the attention of a humble, hospitable member of the community, played with a cool soothing voice by Mahershala Ali. In this stage of his youth, Chiron’s words are far and few in between, leaving room for what he doesn’t say, rather than what he does say, to craft his complex character. At this point he’s given the name 'Little' by the friendly older man, who plans to help him get home, against the boy’s wishes, and for good reason. His mother is the living embodiment of the environment he must grow up in: trashed, rejected, dependent on drugs to sustain mental stability, in other words, the usual Black mother figure of Hollywood cinema. It’s not the best portrayal of Black women, but Naomie Harris’ (Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom, Skyfall) performance as this mother figure is the most disturbing and terrifying onscreen depiction since Heath Ledger’s Joker.

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