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“Osk, you see this big beautiful world? It’s amazing!” Yes, yes it is, son. #elliotboris #oscarlando

Oscar + Bailey forever. Thanks, @j10pearson for letting him crash your place for the night and for the update pics! #oscarlando #muttlove

is it okay if I say I’m more thankful for my dog than is probably normal? he’s been with me every night shift @dr_dan_s has worked. he retreats to a quiet room with me when the boys get really loud and crazy. he’s gone on coffee runs with me most Saturday mornings the past year. (he gets so many compliments when people see him curled up in the car seat.) he’s the best. #oscarlando

Ran across a couple 'a Ninja Turtles and Splinter today. #elliotboris #milojayden #oscarlando #ratdog

at school a few weeks ago, somehow the topic came up of having friends to confide in, and one of our boys sweetly told his teacher that he likes to talk to Oskie. this pup has been with us through thick and thin, slowly building up a tolerance for (and, I'd hope, appreciation of) the shenanigans of his small human brothers. reluctant cuddler, dead animal smell roller, and all around good guy. love you, Osk! #oscarlando

good news: I slept really well, and these @anthropologie earrings came in the mail. bad news: they don't distract from the fact that the swelling is a lot worse. this is what it looks like when your body weight + the force of a small SUV gets pushed into the road through the side of your face. and Theo + Elliot are officially scared of me and worried my face will never look normal again. I'm kind of worried, too, if I'm honest. but more good news: @dr_dan_s has a really good schedule for the next week and #oscarlando hasn't left my side. thanks for all the prayers, kind words, and encouragement, friends! #natalieshealing

it's his birthday! we think. we don't actually know how old he is. what I do know: he's been the best little companion for a few years now. he taught me a lot as a dog mom before a kid mom. it's weird, but it's true. #oscarlando

if you'd have asked me to imagine a photo that better encapsulates the personalities of these two as well as their relationship, I don't think I could have come up with anything even close to this magnificent. #miloandoscarthedog #milojayden #oscarlando

Theo: "Dad, Oskie going to be cold outside. We share our jacket." Elliot: 😉 Oscar: 😬😬😬 #theoigor #elliotboris #oscarlando

Theo's snapshots give me a look into his mind, and I love what I see. he impatiently waits for the photo to appear and then carries them around in the pocket of his jeans, stashing them in the van or in his bedroom, until I find them and stick them in our album. this boy mom deal is pretty sweet in its own right.
#boymom #childhoodunplugged #motherhoodunplugged #photoofphotos #instaxmini #instax #instaxfilm #kidswithcameras #motherhood #momlife #layflat #littletoyseverywhere #elliotboris #oscarlando #batman #hotwheels #playmobil

I told him I wanted to take him on an adventure in the woods. as soon as we took the first turn in the car, he realized where we were going and gasped with excitement. water and woods and quiet and sticks and dogs are his dream. he ran with #oscarlando and climbed trees and threw rocks in the creek. he talked to me about yesterday (mom + dad going out of town): "mom, I don't like it when you leave." and about what's happening at school tomorrow (pancakes for Fat Tuesday): "my brother likes pancakes." this kid from Kinshasa has fallen in love with the woods and our one-on-one time, and I've fallen in love with him, too. #theoigor

#momlife #childhoodunplugged #sanctifyingmotherhood #letthembelittle #motherhoodissanctifying #momsohard #thisismotherhood #ig_motherhood #motherhoodthroughinstagram #handsfullheartfull #adoptionislove #bestjobever #lovemakesafamily
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a day in #milojayden's life: enjoying a dental cleaning and charming everyone with a "thank you, people!" on the way out, roaming around the yard with his frenemy, #oscarlando, blowing out a diaper while bouncing on the trampoline resulting in a poop piece falling out on the sidewalk, taking a 3-hour nap, going swimming and attempting to dive for toys despite wearing a floatie, drinking lots of pool water... and filling a swim diaper past full and being casually whisked away before the whistle was blown and pool cleared. sorry, folks. nothing to see here...

#sorryfolks #boymom #toddlermom #momlife #toddlersofinstagram #sanctifyingmotherhood #letthembelittle #motherhoodissanctifying #momsohard #thisismotherhood #ig_motherhood #motherhoodthroughinstagram #motherhoodissanctifying #handsfullheartfull #adoptionislove #bestjobever #lovemakesafamily
#wildandfreekids #momofboys #bestjobever #thisismotherhood #ig_motherhood #motherhoodthroughinstagram

parenting twins is different than I thought it would be. I underestimated how different they would be. I made assumptions about their personalities based on pictures and a video chat. they're very different. for one, Theo Igor is an introvert. he likes quiet time alone, or just in close proximity to his mom or dad. he's caught on to the times he can ask for his introvert time... usually when I run an errand or am doing house work. Elliot Boris is an extrovert. he loves to make people laugh, and he doesn't like to play alone anywhere. they are equally wonderful. #coffeerun #theoigor #oscarlando

he wouldn't lay on the new couch for a while, but now he won't get off. #oscarlando

when u run out of poop bags and checking for witnesses. #milojayden #oscarlando

In 2008, I voted for the first time in the community center of my college apartment complex. After classes, I went to the Iowa State Daily, where I worked as a copy editor, and stayed until we went to press. ▫️
In 2012, I voted with my husband at a historic St. Louis public school with a bright red front door. I watched the election results on the couch in my apartment, one block from Delmar Boulevard, a street recognized as a racial dividing line. ▫️
In 2016, I voted by myself at a Catholic church two blocks from my home and one block from Mike Pence's home, where he himself is expected to vote soon. I got teary twice... Once when everyone waiting in line cheered for a college student voting for the first time. And once when I noticed a young man who looks like an 18-year-old version of my Elliot standing quietly outside with his "My Vote; My Voice" sticker. ▫️
I've matured as a voter since 2008. Since working with families receiving welfare, since understanding the needs of Milo's birth mom, since becoming a mama to two black sons who are not yet legal citizens. I've matured as a voter since I've pressed into the heart of Jesus as I understand it. I've matured as a voter as I've understood the impact I can have in my community with my passions and interests. ▫️
I may not be especially excited for the next four years, but after prayer and heaps of grace, I'm proud of my vote. #vote #election2016 #myvotemyvoice

he studied this mural for about five minutes, walked over to it, lined himself up with one of the kids in the painting, turned around, then repeatedly said "CHEE, CHEE, CHEE" and patiently waited until I pulled out my phone and took a picture. 😂😂😂 this kid is a riot. #milojayden #oscarlando

this dog boy got invited onto our bed last night after too many stormy, anxious days, and he didn't want to get up this morning. he's the cutest + he tolerates his cute human brothers really well. also? we were feeling like our bed was too small until we got a king-size duvet for our queen-size bed. we've been sleeping better than ever... I highly recommend it.

dog brother. #theoigor #oscarlando

more exciting for T + E than anything we did this weekend? giving #oscarlando a bath for the first time + watching him run around like a maniac. #simplethings

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