Exclusive to Orveda.com: The eye contour you’ve always been looking for 👀 In addition to unveiling unrivaled eye zone glow, Eye Unveiler 422™️ is ideal for those suffering from lack of sleep, as well as dry, ageing (including sensitive, even post-procedure) skin. It is a transformative cream that provides nourishment, while building lashes + brows, and even extending make-up. Along with its pin-point applicator, this highly-concentrated care is augmented with a non-allergenic, teardrop silicone pad, designed to fit into eye corners and successfully stretch skin in an “eye-opening” direction. Its name is derived from the formulation’s groundbreaking blend of bio-identical lipids: 4% Sterols, 2% Ceramide 3 (an ingredient as rare and dear as gold) + 2% essential fatty acids. Along with prebiotics, these are combined in a ratio that mimics the exact structure of lipids to strengthen the superficial barrier of ageing skin — like no contour care before.

One year ago, Sue Y. Nabi and Nicolas Vu launched #Orveda , a truly vegan beauty line that focuses on working with nature and the skin to enhance our natural glow, using deeply researched and highly concentrated natural formulas. Not only is the line praised by many industry insiders as one of the best products of the year, but their packaging as well is eco responsible and sustainable. Beautiful inside and out. #orveda #sueynabi #sustainablebeauty #innerglow #sustainableliving #modernestv #veganbeauty #organicskincare

Introducing Eye Unveiler 422™️. Exclusively available on Orveda.com, it is perhaps the most concentrated vegan eye cream in the world. Targeting the entire eye zone (brows + lashes, too), this über-concentrated, super-luxe cream combines prebiotics + ceramides to erase tell-tale signs of fast-paced life and visually “print-proofs” the eye area from age signs/lack of sleep - replacing tired-looking eyes with unrivaled, unveiled, eye glow ✨ A first in biomimetism, Eye Unveiler 422™️ mimics skin’s natural barriers structure with 4% sterols, 2% ceramides and 2% fatty acids (+ prebiotics) to strengthen the eye zone like no contour care before.

💜Aaahhh Orveda! 💜

I have already been seduced once by this brand and now this is the second product from range that I have tried and have become instantly obsessed with. I knew it from the very moment I pumped my first pump of this lush cleansing oil that this was going to be a keeper.💜🤩 My first experience with @iamorveda was with their sublime cleansing powder which if you read my review you know that I love and now if you haven’t already guessed it this cleansing oil has become a new love that provides yet another opportunity for a mindful cleansing experience.
With these cleansers, it is about more than just the efficacy: yes... they are supremely high-quality cleansers that provide your skin with healing and nourishing ingredients leaving it not only deeply cleansed but balanced, nourished and radiant. 💜Visit our website to read our full review of this glorious cleansing oil!
Have you tried anything from their range? What are your recommendations?
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Thankful for these 6 incredible months, this adventure taught me so much ✨ - #theend #london #onmywayhome #timeflies #6months #goodbye #skyinmotion #sunset #orveda #bestinternship

A fresh, dewy look that literally glows on the runway? This is the Orveda signature 💫 On Monday July 2nd, we had the privilege of partnering with celebrated designer @giambattistavalliparis as the official ‘Make-Under™️’ brand + ‘Skin-Glow Activator’ for his stunning Haute Couture 15 AW18/19 show in Paris. Providing a bespoke pre- and post-show skincare service, our team of Orveda Glow Creators created essential skin Glow — and a perfect skin canvas for make-up preparation, while working to remove all make-up post-show in a ‘Make-Under™️’, that healed models’ skins. In tandem with the anniversary of our launch last year, we couldn’t have wished for a better way to celebrate our very first birthday! See our Highlights for exclusive, behind-the-scene sneak-peaks.

Super proud to be part of Orveda Make Under(tm) creators for @giambattistavalliparis haute couture show today - #orveda #glow #makeunder #creators #hautecouture #show #fashion #skincare #backstage

A glow-activating routine fit for the runway? Exactly! Swipe right to see 3 products we will be using for our Make-Under™️ and Skin Glow Activating routine for Giambattista Valli’s AW18/19 show in Paris this Monday. Chosen for their powerful healing properties, effective barrier support and big hits of hydration, all work with the skin, not against it, to activate a fresh-look, healthy skin glow ✨ First up, our Cleansing Bamboo & Enzymatic Water to cleanse & detox; followed by The Healing Sap™️ for an instant glow shot; and finally The Prebiotic Emulsion™️ to heal and soothe even the most over-processed, compromised or tired skins. Watch our Stories tomorrow as we share backstage scenes of our ‘as-it-happens’ glow activation skincare station.

We are delighted to announce that, on Monday, July 2nd, Orveda collaborates with celebrated designer @giambattistavalliparis as the official ‘Make-Under™️’ brand + healthy ‘Skin-Glow Activator’ of his AW 2018/19 show in Paris. Be sure to watch our #HauteSkincare takeover on Stories on Monday and catch the as-it-happens “glow activation” preparation backstage to see how models’ skins will be prepped + primed pre-show, and healed post-show, the “haute” Orveda way.

I have been not impressed with several sleeping mask that I have tried during the last couple of years. All of them at different price points but I am absolutely in love with @iamorveda Glow Activator. Finally, I am able to see a refreshed, moisturized and radiant skin the next day. It is not available in Texas but I just learned that you can find it in Saks New York. Thankfully I can order online. This is a high end vegan line with highly concentrated ingredients and the story how the line was created is fascinating. #skincare #orveda #beauty #greenskincare #glowactivator #sleepingmask #overnightmask #veganskincare #healthyskin #beautiful #beautyrumor #beautyrumortells #beautyrumorloves

Morning. @beegooduk cleanser, my beloved @drunkelephant C-Firma serum, @susannekaufmann_ hyaluronic serum (a new discovery, totally love it), a few drops of @clarinsuk energy booster drops in the @iamorveda emulsion for some brightness. In that order. No acid as I usually take Sunday off. No SPF as I have so much work to do that I can’t go out today. 😫 #beegood #drunkelephant #susannekaufmann #clarins #orveda

Come by and check out Orveda @saks beauty 2.0 on the second floor!!! #orveda #beauty #saks #exclusive

A great face oil can help with a multitude of skincare concerns. Be it dehydrated, mature or even oily skin. ORVEDA CONTOUR-LIFT EFFECT OIL is by far the BEST face oil I have used and I can say I am kind of obsessed 🙌🏻 It is the only oil that have micro droplets of water to keep it fresh , dewy and NOT OILY! It improves skin elasticity feel, boosts softness and provides a luxurious, dewy glow and golden skin finish. @iamorveda 🇧🇷 Um bom óleo facial pode ajudar com uma infinidade de benefícios quanto ao cuidado com sua pele. Seja pele desidratada, madura ou até oleosa, os óleos podem ter resultados impressionantes. ORVEDA CONTOUR-LIFT EFFECT OIL é de longe o MELHOR óleo facial que usei e posso dizer que estou meio obcecado 🙌🏻 Melhora a elasticidade da pele, aumenta a suavidade e proporciona um brilho luxuoso e refrescante. Ele proporciona um GLOW que suas amigas vão queres saber o segredo.

Orveda is all about one thing: Glow. Pioneering a new way of achieving glow - by working with the skin, not against it - our formulations are designed to strengthen, first and above all else, our two skin barriers: our superficial skin barrier, and the healthy bacteria that forms our second or “alive” skin. Key to achieving this are three core actives that, combined, create our unique signature mix — which is central to the entire Orveda range. The first active is a marine enzyme (sourced from volcanic waters off the Northern Californian coast, its ability to survive in very high temperatures means it can offer excellent barrier support) helps to heal the skin’s natural moisture barrier by boosting the production of ceramides, an essential skin lipid or oil. Secondly, our natural prebiotic is designed to feed, on a daily basis, our skin’s healthy bacteria, to allow the skin to recover its natural level of hydration/defences. And last but not least, our bio-fermented Kombucha black tea formula - which we call “make-up from within” - is added to address skin tone, transparency + luminosity. To this signature mix, we add highest concentrations of state-of-the-art dermatological actives to create an 18-strong, glow-activating range that shares this unique, breakthrough mix at its green heart. 💚✨

Our new home in Saks Fifth Avenue: a cornerstone of their brand new beauty floor, Beauty 2.0; and, literally, a corner of healthy skin glow ✨💚

I have been using this luxurious #vegan #green #clean skincare line and I LOVE it !!! I am obsessed with the IRONING EFFECT MASQUE ! #BEST masque I have ever used 🙌🏻
ORVEDA was created by beauty legend Sue Y. Nabi. #ORVEDA combines the ancient wisdom of traditional philosophies and the power of nature using predominantly natural and bio-fermented actives to achieve a glowing healthy skin ✨
SWIPE right to see my other 2 favorites! Launching today at Saks Fifth Avenue in New York City @saks @iamorveda

Botanical glycerin, Micro-Algua extract, 2 hyaluronic acids. I have high expectations for this overnight treatment. I can not wait to try it #orveda #glowingskin #nature #healthyskin #skincare #madeinfrance #beauty #healthyskin #beautifulskin #beautyrumor #beautyrumortests #naturalskincareline #orvedaglowactivator #glowingskin #radiantskin #overnightskintreatment #cultline #cultbeauty

Our iconic The Healing Sap makes the cut in this month’s new-look @glamourmag (see our Stories) as highly-concentrated, prebiotic skin care that, packed with bio-fermented Kombucha black tea, a natural prebiotic, a marine enzyme, seaweed extract, 2 hyaluronic acids, papaya enzyme, botanical glycerin and bamboo water, essentially “feeds” your face: acting as a fertilizer for the healthy bacteria on your skin’s essential second layer, its micobiome. For all those who have tried it, we would love for you to leave a word (or more) below to define what you feel to be its most “glowing” or visible result. 📸 via @jamierosennyc

Orveda. Not sure this umbrella would help if it was actually raining but it looks funky. #orveda #umbrella #shopdisplay #london #brand #harveynichols #shopping #cosmetics #colourful #tourist

Saved Vol. I. Inspiration + things to try. 💅🏽
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