{Enough - New Blog Post} "Give thanks — and you get the miracle of knowing that you do get enough. You get enough God." Ann Voskamp • Link in my profile.

Just thinking this evening about some victories some of the kids have had over this past week - here and in public. The Lord is so good! And, other situations were I am still learning what is best for their little hearts at the momment. They are so strong and have overcome/are overcoming many things. It is beautiful & painful to watch! We have had many a difficult moment and parents struggling with a child has taken on a very new prespective for me.
Because most the time we don't know if a child is screaming because of social inabilities they struggle with - while the child may "look" perfectly normal. We don't know if that is a foster child picked up at a social service office not even a week ago. We don't know if that is an adopted child who came with so much baggage. So lets pray for that parent - because maybe they are hurting inside; wishing they could wipe away all the sweet childs past and heal their hearts! We could all use prayer no matter the circumstance!

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this is what happen when the church stands in the gap... "orphans embraced!"... Orphan Sunday is scheduled on November 8, 2018.
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Playing in the doctors office • Yesterday we had to make an unexpected trip to San Pedro Sula to see a specialist for this little guy. Right now it doesn't look serious & he is on a medicine for something smaller. But the visit & medicine was more expensive then normal doctor visits. Please pray for his healing and also if you would like to donate towards this need go to the link in our profile.

The very first children that came to Abbas. This month it is three years that we have been a children's home. Look at the difference that those three years made in Josh, Jamillah, Zackayo, and Jackson. The light in their eyes and the wattage of those smiles😍 • • •

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Happy 4th from Honduras! I am so thankful for the freedom we have! And, our whole crew may not be American but they will be educated in our Holiday's because we all love a good reason to celebrate! Hope you all are having a wonderful day with your families as well!

{New Blog Post - Answered Prayer} Just bragging on my God who is in the business of answering prayers! Link in my profile. Also, this beautiful country side & this boy serving Jesus! 👍

This week's episode of our Orphans No More podcast features Jonathan Sanborn - State Director for CarePortal in both Arizona & California. Join us as he shares the incredible impact CarePortal has had, especially in AZ where in just 3 years 107 churches have reduced the number of AZ kids in foster care by 3,000 and has had an economic impact of $1.14 million!!! We can't wait to bring CarePortal to NY! You can listen in Friday at the New Light 96.7 FM at 1:30pm EST or find the podcast on our website at https://orphansnomore.podbean.com #justicefororphans #orphansnomore #careportal #fostercare

Did you know that there is a ride suitable for kids in the Cylce the Foot Hills for Father’s House annual bike ride? Plan to make it a family affair next year. The ride takes place in the beautiful Kananaskis Provincial Park in Southern Alberta. The 3rd CFH will be announced next year on our Facebook page (@caird.ca) So cyclists stay tuned for the 5, 20 or 90 Km rides happening June 2019 all pedaling to raise money for our mission: “orphans no more.” Thanks to everyone who took part this past June!

We now have 14 kids at Aasha Children’s Home in South East India that are either starting or continuing their college studies this year. In this part of India one student can attend a full year of college for $300-500. We count it such an honor to be able to give these students the gift of education and help even more to break down the remaining stigma of the Indian Caste system that still lingers in some parts of India. Check out our website to see how you can join us to help give orphan children a home. #orphansnomore #givingorphansahome #aashameanshope #hopeinJesus #gospelprojects #education #giftofeducation #college #aashachildrenshome

Repost from @littlefeet.love using @RepostRegramApp - Today marks four years since we moved to this beautiful country! I have learned more about the beauty of this country and more about the pain & troubles these people live in. But, most of all I have seen our God fight and win so many battles! May his name be maginified as we start this next year here.

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Today marks four years since we moved to this beautiful country! I have learned more about the beauty of this country and more about the pain & troubles these people live in. But, most of all I have seen our God fight and win so many battles! May his name be maginified as we start this next year here.

#praise #joy #tears #missionarylife #thisismissions #fouryears #centralamerica #orphancare #missionarylife #orphansnomore #lovemakesafamily #loveadoption #orphansponsorship #childsponsorship #IG_motherhood #Honduras #orphanmama #loveHonduras #themissionscommunity #missionsblogger #momlife #schoolchildren #orphansponsorship #tramamom #toddlermom #missionary #giveJesus #givelove

It is said that history often repeats itself. Twenty years ago, my daughter spent Christmas break ministering in an Indian orphanage. She met four orphans who would drastically impact her life. Some fifteen years later, she was able to reconnect with one of those children. She learned that he was now a seminary student and had a strong desire to see a children’s home open in Pune, India. Feeling the pull of the Lord on our lives, my husband and I went on a short-term mission trip last year to India to meet this young man and his wife. Once there, we were shocked to learn some staggering statistics about life in India. Some 53% of girls are illiterate and 50% are malnourished. Each year, one million girls die before their first birthday. Ten million girls have been aborted in the past 20 years just for being female. Two million children between the ages of 5 and 15 are victims of sex trafficking each year. This grim reality in India was astonishing. As a result, we felt a call by the Holy Spirit to start a girls’ home, and shortly thereafter the Straight Arrows Foundation was created. We now provide small group homes to girls who are true orphans, victims of sex trafficking, and those involved in child labor. We do not run an orphanage, as we desire that they be “orphans no more”. Instead, we offer homes with a family unit where each girl can grow up in a nurturing and loving environment. We want to see these children as arrows in the hands of a warrior. We equip them through education and skill building, while instilling within them the character of Christ. Our goal is to change a city and a nation for Christ, one child at a time.

13 years ago i was called to Ethiopia to forever carry the burdens of orphans in Africa. Today, over 30 of these kids are in the US with families. Hundreds more are sponsored into foster homes in Ethiopia. This is what life is about—- serving God by loving others. Want more info? Check out Mission1010.org #lifechangingexperience #godisthereason #beaworldchanger #lovethesegirls #adoptionisnttheonlyanswer #leavealegacy #loveothers #livebig #dreambig #orphansmatter #orphansnomore #arenttheybeautiful #mission1010 #becausetheyareworthit #dosomething #beahero #ethiopia #ordinarypeople #purposefulliving

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