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Orphan Annie update! While Annie may not be able to walk or see perfectly, at least now she has a chance. It broke my heart to receive a call about her right before leaving for my trip, so I'm very grateful that my volunteers stepped up so quickly and said yes when I asked for help. Thank you @awaina13! Over the next 2 weeks y'all can expect to see a lot about my travels to help shelters and communities on the west coast, but I will be sure to update you about Annie, too. She is such a sweet, sweet baby. We gon' do this, Annie. #kittenlady #orphankittenannie #tinybutmighty #savekittens

It's a special day...spay day for #OrphanKittenAnnie! 😻 Hard to believe just five weeks ago she was blind, unable to walk, and about to be euthanized due to her condition. Now she is healthy, happy, and about to be adopted! I am so glad we swooped in. You can read her story, along with videos of her physical therapy, at kittenlady.org/orphanannie ❀️ Thank you Dr. Kip, Alaina, Christy, and everyone who donated -- you saved Annie's life! ❀️ #havehope

Normally Annie stays in the bathroom at night, but the other I decided to cuddle with her before bed. We wound up falling asleep with her purring by my side. #justanotherdayinparadise #orphankittenannie

Sweet Orphan Annie got a clean bill of health today...which is great news because...she has an ADOPTER! 😻 Her eyes are nearly completely healed, she's walking like a pro, and she's set for her spay appointment next week. Endless thanks to Kitten Lady crew @awaina13 who saved her life by caring for her while I've been on my month-long travels. You are a hero!!! #kittenlady #orphankittenannie

Happy adoption day, Annie!!! We are all so proud of you! You can follow Annie's adopter at @couchpotato704 to see Annie's happy and healthy life with her new family. ❀️ Oh, and there are only a handful of the @sugarfueled "HAVE HOPE" Annie prints left in the shop, so get one while you still can at kittenlady.bigcartel.com! ❀️ Orphan no more!!! #orphankittenannie #kittenlady

Here's another physical therapy exercise to help Orphan Annie learn to walk again. This cavaletti pole exercise helps Annie learn how to step up and over obstacles. As you can see, her right leg is a lot better than her left -- but over time I have hope that the left will learn to walk again. #havehope #orphankittenannie #tinybutmighty #kittenlady

(Volume up!) Orphan Annie is starting to receive physical therapy in hopes that she can learn to walk again. Here is her rotation exercise, which helps her develop muscle memory in her leg. Let's go Annie! #orphankittenannie #goanniego #kittenlady

😻😻😻 Brand new in the shop: The Sun Will Come Out print by my talented friends at @sugarfueled ❀️ This limited edition 8.5 x 11 glossy print is available at ✨kittenlady.bigcartel.com✨ (or click the link in my profile!) and couldn't have come out at a better time! I am absolutely in love with this print and in love with Annie, who has definitely taught me (and all of us!) to have hope. We love you #orphankittenannie! Thank you @sugarfueled for capturing her so beautifully! #kittenlady #havehope

Donation request: everyone, please meet the newest Kitten Lady rescue, five week old Orphan Annie. Annie was found outside in horrendous condition -- covered in maggots, eyes blinded, a mouth full of ulcers and an injured back leg, too emaciated and dehydrated to stand. Annie was dumped at a vet who was going to euthanize her, but Kitten Lady don't play like that. She is worth saving. ✨✨Please consider contributing to her care by making a donation at the link in my profile: KittenLady.org/Donate✨✨ Thank you @awaina13 and Dr. Imperato for helping save her life. Y'all are my heroes. #orphankittenannie #kittenlady


🐱 Hey guys!! It's almost Friiiiiidaaaayyyy!! Can't wait - gonna eat, play, sleep and repeat all weekend!! What are you gonna do? Huh?
#whatelsewouldibedoing #duh #tortitude #sunsouttonguesout #halfstache #AmazingAnnie #orphankittenannie

Annie: Jiiiiiinxxxxx.... I'm gonna get you!
Jinx: Aaaannieeee.... Do you want to be an orphan again?
#tortitude #orphankittenannie #kittenlady #AmazingAnnie #Jinx #reluctantbigsister

I haven't slept at home for almost 2 weeks -do they miss me?
Annie: Only interested in the toy.
CoCo: Really wants to give Jinx a bath.
Jinx: Appears to be interested in me but is really only wondering if I have food.
#absencemakestheheartgrowfonder ??
#AmazingAnnie #CoCo #Jinx

One year ago today, I made a slightly desperate plea to become a volunteer and, lucky for me, Hannah said "Come on over!". Right away, I knew I had found something to do that made me feel good but I soon realized that I was actually helping someone who was making a difference in the world. In my immediate world, Hannah was saving kittens lives, literally. Beyond that, she was affecting the way people thought about saving kittens lives and helping them make the changes that would do exactly that.
If you follow @kittenxlady then you know there are neverending doses of ridiculous cuteness on any given day but behind that is an intelligent, driven, compassionate, funny woman. It isn't easy saving a world full of orphan kittens but I get to watch her do it with dignity and grace.
In the last year, I've met a group of incredibly smart women that I always look forward to being around. I've learned how to care for neonatal kittens and have fallen in love with every single one of them. πŸ’š I've adopted an insanely cute, slightly crazy kitten who is alive because someone cared and believed that she was worth it (special thanks to foster mom @awaina13).
Maybe kittens aren't your "thing" but, whatever your thing is, find something that makes it better and be a part of it. You will become a better you along the way.
πŸ“Έ #orphankittenannie #kittenlady #savethemall #tortie

🐱 When you turn 1 year old and there's no surprise pawty... πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰
#salty #imabigkidnow #tortitude #happybirthday #halfstache #AmazingAnnie #orphankittenannie

🐱 aaaaalways ready to play.
#playwithmenow #halfstache #AmazingAnnie #orphankittenannie

🐱Annie has become much more confident in her ability to jump up anywhere and everywhere. When I think back to when she was found, blind and unable to use one of her legs, I feel so, so thankful that there is a @kittenxlady and others like her. πŸ’šπŸ’šThank you all for saving livesπŸ’šπŸ’š [@awaina13]
#youvecomealongwaybaby #AmazingAnnie #orphankittenannie #havehope #kittenlady #savethemall

🐱He's behind me again, isn't he?
#stalker #photobomb #AmazingAnnie #halfstache #orphankittenannie #spongebob

Our cute #tortie friend, Nala, tagged us for a #mostboopablenose challenge. My black and pink nose is only made better by my halfstache. Show me your nose! BOOP BOOP πŸ‘†πŸ‘† #AmazingAnnie #sofrickincute #halfstache #orphankittenannie

DIS MY TONGUE πŸ‘…and my fangs and my whiskers. RAWR!
#beveryafraid 🦁 #AmazingAnnie #tongueouttuesday #tortietuesday

Why's Annie giving Gator side-eye?? πŸ±πŸ’•πŸŠ #photobomb #salty #dismygator #tortitude #AmazingAnnie #orphankittenannie

HEY! Everybody ready for Kitten Bowl IV ??? 🐱🏈🐱🏈 #kittenbowl #hallmark #AmazingAnnie #halfstache #orphankittenannie #kittenlady

🐱 Pig Pen, my cat growing up, used to sleep in my bathroom sink. None since then (8 cats later) but now Annie has made the discovery! She doesn't even care if it's wet ... #AmazingAnnie #sofrickincute #halfstache #orphankittenannie #kittenlady

It wasn't so long ago that Orphan Annie was this small. I lost my πŸ’š when I saw this face. Truly #tinybutmighty .
#orphankittenannie #havehope #AmazingAnnie #kickedcalicivirus #sofrickincute #halfstache

The big sister is always playing with this annoying toy.... click, click, click πŸ’» One day I'll catch that dang 🐁 β–Ά #sneakymousy #AmazingAnnie #orphankittenannie

Won't go so far as to say "snuggling"... but this is how badly I want them to love each other - I'm gonna count this as "sleeping together" πŸ˜…πŸ˜… #crazycatlady #CoCo #AmazingAnnie #orphankittenannie #teamtortie #spongebob #photobomb

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