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Really miss suiting up Friday nights and getting jacked as hell #reminiscing #sbhsfootball #oriolepride

This team has taught me a lot this year. If I had the choice to do it all over again I would and I wouldn't change a thing. I love every single person in this picture like they're my brother and I'm going to miss all the fun times that we've had this year.I'll always be thankful for the people that I have met through the years of playing for Charlotte. But the thing I will definitely miss the most is playing football with my friends I've been playing with since 6th grade. I now have to take the next step and try to make everybody proud. I'll always bleed orange and black and I'll always be an oriole. #oriolepride

Words can't even begin to describe how much I miss this team, this sport, and these people. Those short months playing with you guys were the highlight of my life because of you. The chemistry we had was amazing and it was the main reason why we accomplished so much. Work together, have each other's backs, and push each other so you can continue to change the culture of Hartford Basketball. We had back to back winning seasons, and some huge wins along the way, but it's up to you guys to improve on that and show the younger players what it takes to be a part of a winning program. You know I'm always here for you guys no matter what, even if I'm not your captain anymore. I can't wait to come back to cheer you guys on, and I wish you the best this season. #OriolePride

Game day tomorrow! Let's get it boys🏈🙃 #flyhigh #oriolepride

Its game day🏈 #oriolepride

Great day to be a Oriole! Good luck tomorrow boys! #oriolepride

Game day!! Excited to watch my girls tear it up against the Bulldogs today!! Let's go O! Beat Mac!! ❤️⚾️ #OriolePride #dingers #bombsquad

I Miss Football Season And playing on the field with these boys 🏈🏈🏈


Beautiful Sidewalk Cafe mural displayed in the Oriole Nest Cafe. Thank you CHS Art I class for sharing with us. Stop in and check it out! #oriolepride

O's head to Cincinnati to play the 8-5 Reds tonight. Be there at 7:10pm ET to see Kevin Guasman and Bronson Arroyo go head to head. Let's go Orioles⚾️⚾️!! @simplyaj10 @masnorioles @orioles @machados13 @treymancini @mychal1010flash @joeyrick35 @mtrumbo44 #mannymagic #mannymachado #machados #machado #masn #manny #mannymachado13 #oriole #orioles #oriolesnation #oriolepark #oriolepride #orioleparkatcamdenyards

So proud of all our FBLA State competitors! Thanks for a great conference #WIFBLASLC17 #OriolePride

So proud of this little fella for taking a first at youth state! #wrestling #oriolepride

All State Band Concert this Saturday, March 25th! Good luck to LHS students — Sam Osborn, Sarah Kroeger and Portia Bird! #OriolePride

It's always a good day when I get my frappe fix! Heading back to The Breslin Center to watch the O's do their thing and praying for a win 🏀
#oriolepride #ibackthebird

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