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One year ago this month, the mothers of Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown, Eric Garner, Jordan Davis, Hadiya Pendleton and Blair Holt sat down with me to share their deepest fear, heartbreak and HOPE for tomorrow...before joining the national stage later that night at the DNC to address America. #Grateful #OriginalReporting #CBS #MothersOfTheMovement

P E N N S Y L V A N I A - Authorities find human remains in a mass grave on a farm in Bucks County. The body of one of the four men missing has been positively identified. Person of Interest is being held on a 5 million dollars cash bail. #OnAssignment #OriginalReporting #CBS @cbsthismorning @cbsnews

L A S - V E G A S - My exclusive interview with the gun shop manager believed to have sold the last gun purchased by Las Vegas Mass Shooter Stephen Paddock just hours before he checked into his hotel..shooting and killing more than 50 people and injuring 500+ others days later. Visit our website CBSNews.com #OnAssignment #OriginalReporting #CBS

J E R S E Y - S H O R E - Good top of the morning 🇺🇸 and Happy Birthday Beautiful.... @cbsthismorning #OnAssignment #OriginalReporting #CBS #WorkingThisHolidayMorning Photocredit: @kentonyng #WishICouldWearShortsAndTank

P E N N S Y L V A N I A - Cosby enters courthouse as jury continues another day of deliberations. A spectator yells in the background, "God's got it!" - Another screams, "Shame on you!" @cbsthismorning @cbsnews @cbseveningnews @cbsnlive Stay with us for the very latest. #OnAssignment #OriginalReporting

N E W - Y O R K - We are seeing history unfold right before our own eyes. Regardless of whose side you're on...be sure to write this one down - the #NFL and its #players are making history both on and off the gridiron ...and we here at #cbs are bringing it to you every step of the way through our #OriginalReporting .... However, what's next for this #movement and our country remains to be seen. But you can bet - we'll be there. @cbsthismorning @cbsnews @cbseveningnews @cbsnlive @60minutes @cbssundaymorning

L A S - V E G A S -Larisa Loy, a Nurse, loaded three trucks with wounded victims from Sunday night's mass shooting - some of them now among the dead - but not before pushing a man, wheelchair bound, to safety. She stopped to help while others were running for their lives. Find the story on our website CBSNews.com #OnAssignment #OriginalReporting #CBS #lasvegasshooting

"We don't know what tomorrow holds. But what we do have is NOW!" Jason has survived 8 OVERDOSES and has been addicted to heroin and other drugs for years. We started following this young man back in early spring on the streets of Boston and I'm so happy to report that he has been CLEAN and in recovery for six months, has a job, his own car and a place to stay. He also delivered a moving speech to several lawmakers in Massachusetts pushing for more help for addicts. Hoping you have followed our series '' In the Shadow of Death: Jason's Journey. Produced by the incredible and talented @jonathanblakely whom I'll acknowledge in another post later tonight and our awesome and terrific leader - Senior producer Kim Godwin. If you have a friend, relative or just know someone struggling with an addiction.... Don't give up on them. There is HOPE. Praying for his continued recovery. This is why I do what I do! #OriginalReporting


Join @ElaineQuijano (wearing purple for #PancreaticCancerDay) for the latest news on @cbsnews #CBSN💜 this Thursday evening. #AlwaysOn #OriginalReporting cbsnews.com/live

Join @ElaineQuijano for the latest news on @CBSNews #CBSN and #RedAndBlue this Tuesday evening. #OriginalReporting #AlwaysOn

Join @ElaineQuijano for latest news on @CBSNews #CBSN this Monday evening from CBS News headquarters in New York. #AlwaysOn #OriginalReporting

The #CBSWeekendNews is on now on @CBSNews #CBSN and later tonight on the @CBSTV Television Network with @ElaineQuijano with the latest news. #AlwaysOn #OriginalReporting

.@nancycordes joins @ElaineQuijano this Thursday evening on #CBSN with the latest on allegations on the Capitol Hill. #AlwaysOn #OriginalReporting

.@elainequijano back in the New York studios for @cbsnews #CBSN this Wednesday evening after a few days covering the shooting at an South Texas church, lots of news to get to including her #RedAndBlue which will have the latest on the President's Asian trip and an update on the Time Warner/AT&T merger. #AlwaysOn #OriginalReporting

On this the 3rd anniversary of the debut of @cbsnews' streaming news network #CBSN, good job @elainequijano and @demarcomorgan anchoring CBSN coverage of the #SutherlandSpringsTexas massacre. Our hearts and spray are with everyone there🙏🙏🙏. #AlwaysOn #OriginalReporting

.@ElaineQuijano anchoring live coverage from #SutherlandSpringsTexas after Sunday's deadly shooting alongside @vladduthiersCBS and @amgwizzz from New York on #CBSN this morning and oh yeah! #HappyBirthday🎉🎂🎈 CBSN. #3YearsOfCBSN @CBSNews #AlwaysOn #OriginalReporting #RealNews #PrayForTexas🙏💝😢

@ElaineQuijano is filling-in for @reenaninan on @CBSNews #CBSN as the #CBSWeekendNews is being preempted this Saturday evening on both the East and West coast due to @cbssports SEC college football coverage on the @cbstv Television Network (including #LSUvsBAMA in primetime on CBS), @jamieyuccas is traveling with President Trump in Hawaii on his long Asian trip. #AlwaysOn #OriginalReporting

Watching @ElaineQuijano anchoring the latest news on #CBSN and #RedAndBlue this Thursday evening. #AlwaysOn #OriginalReporting @CBSNews

@elainequijano back anchoring @cbsnews #CBSN this Wednesday evening with new information on the Terror Attack here in Lower Manhattan and team coverage from CBS cornerspodents in both the Big Apple and the White House. #AlwaysOn #OriginalReporting

N E W - Y O R K - 'A Day of Terror in New York City.' 🙏🏽 Say a prayer for the victims and their families tonight before you close your eyes... Thanks #OriginalReporting #OnAssignment #Crime #NYC #FBI #NYPD #Manhattan #Halloween #News #Assignment #DeadlyAttack #FinancialDistrict #LowerManhattan #ChambersStreet

Watch @cbsnews #CBSN with @elainequijano this Monday evening with the latest on the Russia investigation and the rest of the day's world news. #AlwaysOn #OriginalReporting

.@elainequijano has the latest on the new President Kennedy Assassination records & other news this Thursday evening on #CBSN! @CBSNews #AlwaysOn #OriginalReporting

Good to see @elainequijano back on #CBSN this Wednesday evening and oh boy! #ColorRush💜💜 with congressional cornerspodent @nancycordes and congrats to their colleague @jeffglor as new anchor of the @cbseveningnews, see him in November only CBS! #AlwaysOn💝💃😊 #OriginalReporting

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