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Guess who?! 😉👀
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Insane 😱
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Recently used my sewing machine for the 1st time this year...
REMINDER: My #etsy shop update is happening this Saturday (3/25) @ 12pm PST!!! 🌚

GUYS! Look what came in the mail today💌!! This is an original Inktober "Voodoo Cheetah" piece by the talented @artbykatekennedy ! Kate is such a sweetheart, she bought one of my hand embellished "Prowl" prints a couple months back AND sent me an ink drawing she did of my main cham man Strider 😍 it's a little further down my page and is happily hanging in my crazy chameleon breeding cage area. (For the 1% of you who haven't had it shoved in your face yet, I breed Panther Chameleons too @lyfechameleons 💚) It makes me smile every day and so will this lovely cheetah. Thank you Kate!! I really need to post more of the work I get from fellow artists I admire, maybe I will start a Feature Friday or something :)

Revolution my dudes. 😂😂😂 #swipeleft #wow tag ya friends and follow @laughsfor_abs if you ain't already

Not the result I've wanted in mind 😫 I was too lazy to mix colors so I just used paint straight from the tube... Lesson learned. QAQ Btw! Thank you for all the lovely comments on my Zen fanart <3 I'm so happy to scroll through them this morning. Definitely made my day although it has barely started. But I got up late so I was in a hurry. 💦
Tools: Pentel Aqua brush + random brushes I got from a store
Paint: HWC + my old Reeves paints
Paper: Winsor & Newton Cotman Watercolor Paper
Character: Obviously not Seven. It's an OC I call Tabi. ----
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MORGEN ist es soweit 😍😱! my new Single #HOLOGRAM is coming out tomorrow😍
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So satisfying omg 😍😤😩👏🏼🙈😩😭💯💥🙌🏼😍😩💦


Prox pedido el Lunes💞

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Adidas #original

@Regrann from @telenovelasvip - 🎤 ¡En la terna para cantar el tema principal! El productor Salvador Mejía ha comenzado la tarea de buscar a la voz para interpretar el tema principal de la telenovela "En Tierras Salvajes" que protagonizan Cristian de la Fuente, Claudia Álvarez, Horacio Pancheri y Diego Olivera. Los cantantes Alejandro Fernández, Marco Antonio Solís "El Buki" y Chayanne son las tres opciones de Chava Mejía para el tema de su telenovela. Cabe resaltar que los tres famosos han interpretado temas para algunas de las telenovela de Mejía en Televisa. (Fuente: Fórmula Espectacular) ¿Cuál prefieres? ¿Y si se diera un dúo con cuál te gustaría?

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