Scrambled “eggs” using the @orgran_healthandnutrition easy egg, which looks scarily like the real deal, topped with dill + parsley 😊
I’ve used them before for frittatas for the toddlers and they devoured them. This serving has 7.5g protein.
Has anyone else tried these? Interested to know your thoughts! •

• . . .
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I have used Orgran Health & Nutrition egg replacer ever since we found out the wee guys egg allergy. It has been invaluable in baking and allowing me to create homemade egg free treats for him. I’ve also bought their other products like cookies and their no egg which allows me to make a scrambled egg and frittata version for him too. I spotted the chocolate mousse and custard mix in Countdown recently which along with all of their products are egg, dairy, wheat, gluten and yeast free and vegan friendly. Their range is available in most supermarkets baking aisle @orgran_healthandnutrition #freefromfood #allergenfreefood #allergenfriendly #dairyfree #eggfree #glutenfree #vegan #countdown #orgrannutrition #chocolatemousse #custard #eggstraspecial

So...this is the stuff of dreams!! 😍 Today I made my first vegan omelette! I bought the @orgran_nutrition Vegan Easy Egg (egg replacer) from Grampian Health Food Store (Market Street, Aberdeen) and the Cheatin' Maple Flavour Rashers from @hollandandbarrett (on buy one get one half price). The egg replacer (chickpea based) is amazingly tasty and easy to cook with and the box (under £4) is the equivalent of 15 eggs. Can't wait to try it in a quiche next! The maple flavoured rashers were just incredible and cooked in a couple of minutes 👍🏻 🥓🍳💚🌱#baconandeggs #grampianhealthfoodstore #hollandandbarrett #healthfood #dairyfree #meatfree #maplebacon #eggreplacer #orgrannutrition #eggfree #butty #vegan #vegetarian #protein #allproteincomesfromplants #cholesterolfree #crueltyfree #plantbased #guiltfree #omelette #govegan #fortheanimals #fortheplanet

Toddler breakfast.... @orgran_nutrition easy eggs on toast, apricots, bananas on toast and coconut yoghurt. The vegan eggs didn't exactly have a warm welcome but we shall persevere. #orgrannutrition #easyegg #toddlerbreakfast

Scrumptious roast lamb last night with @orgran_nutrition gluten free gravy - with added garlic, onions and juice from the lamb!! 👩🏽‍🍳
#dairyfree #glutenfree #eggfree #orgrannutrition

Some "summery"☀️ stone fruit gluten-free #vegan 🥞 to brighten🆙 this wet☔️ Thursday morning 😈

My late night carb 🍞🍚🍝 cravings😫 are SO real right now😈 but am thankful🙏🏼 for the leftover curry🍛 I had stashed at the🔙of the fridge🙊🙈 *yes I am well aware🙄 that my 🍟 are quite literary cooked to a crisp👌🏼😬🤣 #vegan

PASTA NIGHT 💃💃 is hands down🙌🏼🙌🏼my favourite❤️ night of the week😍what's yours❓ @orgran_nutrition gluten free buckwheat penne🍝 covered in a creamy dreamy💭🎃 sauce thanks to @thrivingonplants for the recipe😘 tossed with broccoli🌳 then served with oil-free 🥔🍟 wrapped in lettuce cups💚 #vegan

Saturday's🤗 are for sleep-ins💤 & fluffy☁️ gluten/oil free #vegan 🥞 made super simple👌🏼 thanks to @orgran_nutrition topped with all the summery☀️ fruit 🍌🍓🍑 , bluberry💙 compote and lots of maple🍁 syrup-I hope you all have a happy😊 day😘

Gluten Free Oven Baked Green Tomatoes! Woah! That was a mouth full 🤣 Another delicious side meal that mum used to make when dad would bring home green tomatoes from the veggie patch. Mum would coat them in plain flour and then lightly fry them. My version is a little more work but a lot more tasty too 😜 I wish green tomatoes were more available at the grocers because I'd cook these at least once a week. These green tomatoes I picked from my garden. Hope you all make these as they truly are delicious!
Green Tomatoes
GF plain flour seasoned with garlic salt
Eggs lightly scrambled
GF bread crumbs seasoned with oregano, sea salt and pepper. (I combined @orgran_nutrition rice and quinoa breadcrumbs)
1. Cut tomatoes in 1cm thick slices
2. Coat them first in the plain flour, then in the egg wash and finally in the crumb mixture.
3. Place slices onto baking paper and spray lightly with olive oil spray.
4. Bake in preheated oven at 220 degrees Celsius for 8 minutes then turn over, spray again and bake for a further 8 -10 minutes.
These are crispy and golden on the outside and deliciously fluffy on the inside. A perfect alternative to potato hash browns (my husband came up with that one 🤣) Can't you just imagine serving these at your next party? 😜 Enjoy #feelgoodfoodie #greentomatoes #glutenfree #glutenfreelife #orgrannutrition #orgran #foodie #vegetarian #urbanfarming #growyourown #foodismedicine #makeitdelicious

Finally😱 managed to post a new🌟 recipe on my website (link is in my bio😉) as it slipped my mind😅to organise WIFI for the🏡 until the other day😬 hopefully🙏🏼 it's sorted by this week..as I have ALOT of study📚 to catch up on🤓I've decided to share the recipe for my tofu scramble😌 which was this mornings🌥 breaky-I added zucchini , 🍄, 🌽 & 🍅 today🙊🙈 FYI this⬆️ pancake recipe is also🆙 so your set to making this complete #vegan meal 🍽 and let me tell you you'll have 0️⃣regrets😍😎

When you can't decide 🤔why don't we just have both⁉️😍 #vegan BIG😳 breakfast🍽 because that's what ☀️DAYS are meant for☺️ consisting of my current obsession🙊🙅🍳 tofu scramble served alongside a stack of blueberry & 🍫chip 🍌buckwheat pancakes-satisfied both🙋 sweet ➕savoury tooth😋 in one hit👍🏼👊🏼

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