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Fixing to chop the tops on this beautiful little #pennywise #tgageneticssubcoolseeds #sonomagrown #organicmedicine #cbd

Consider how we live, our habits and how it can be wasteful at times. Throwing away sheets of paper with minimal markings, throwing away a plate of food, how we use our water, leaving lights on for no reason. If we pay attention to the habits within our lifestyle we can make small adjustments that will have a positive impact. .
🌿Ways to live more GREEN🌿:
🔸Using as much natural light for as long as you can before hitting the light switch 🔸Taking showers more often than baths 🔸Turn heating and AC off when you don't really need them
🔸 Open windows to let in fresh air
🔸When leaving a room for good, turn off the light 🔸Unplug any chargers when they're not in use (especially cell phones) 🔸In between brushing your teeth turn off the tap .
✨Please leave your tips below!✨

Happy #SummerSolstice ☀ With all this summer travel, you know I never leave home without this! (via: @genexahealth) #sponsored

Shots to this head cold that has been with me since Monday! #wheatgrass #ginger #organicmedicine

a moment I've been dreaming about #ORGANICmedicine #LEGALweed #gentalGIANTS


Dreams coming true, except they are getting so large the branches are snapping!!! (scroll over for more photos) still no wilting leaves or dead branches!!! And luckily @that70sgirl is to the rescue with duct tape and string!!! JAH BLESSED 🙏🙏🙏💞😍😲😲😲 #cannabiscommunity #cannabisindica #cannabissativa #sativa #sativadreams #indica #indicadreams #organic #medicine #organicmedicine #cannabis #couplesthatgrowtogetherstaytogether #love #gaia #blessed

I have yet to see a pair of leaves petals stack like these 🤔 might have something unique here?! Let me know if you have seen this and if so, how was the outcome??

We all need a positive and motivational thoughts to fill our mind every morning and throughout the day. Sometimes we get over burdened and stressed. It brings down our energy in which we carry with us the rest of the day. Remind yourself: .
🔸"I love myself, I'm strong, I'm confident and I will take on this day. I will keep an open mind to learn from any opportunities. I'm not going to let any obstacles keep me down"🔸 .
🌿Believe in your greatness 🌿

One of the 7 remaining PUTS testers.. will be moving to flower in not too long. Stoked as can be for these and my Chemd Chemsfv X's from the brothe to finish.. practicing patience on the pheno hunts to have some solid headstash of all. LOTS of funk off this bunch #ecsd #ChemSFV #ecsd #notill #organicmedicine #gratefulAF #onelove #teamworkmakesthedreamwork ✌️💚🌳

That SkunkD roundin the bend tonight, lookin lovely, stackin nice, stinkin somethin fierce! Chemmy Diesel vibes all over the place. Fairly full lemon notes.. excited for the finish and to run these girls full size. Flowered at about 2.5" in 30gals 2 to a pot. 8" of stretch.. dense buds. Really diggin on this gal! ✌️💚🌳 #notill #organicmedicine #dakind #skunk #diesel #thesecretsauce #weshouldsmoke #flameon #grateful #hardworkpaysoff #onelove

Wall of cookies.... make good use of our canopy 🌳😎#cannabiscommunity #moonandstarsfarm #organicmedicine #humboldtcounty #humboldtcannabis

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