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This is exactly what our foaming facial wash feels like: a light kiss from nature! Gentle and cleansing 💓 we love using ingredients that come from nature to make sure your face is never exposed to harsh chemicals! 🐝💓 photo by the lovely @sammy808

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We are going to be at HD Expo in Las Vegas! We will have a booth in the Mandalay Bay Convention Center! Come by and say hi! Ask us questions about our products and how Palmpring can help you! We will be there from May 2nd to May 4th! #palmpring #hdexpo #lasvegas #mandalaybay #mattress #organic #convention #palmpringusa #organiclife

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😏Man did I just work the booty hard LOL I forgot how much I loved the first phase of 🍑booty! 🐶🐶Even though my doggy was on top of me pretty much most of the time... just added a little bit more resistance to my work out ... so he had me push a little harder :-) 😂🤣😂 ANYWAY! 👉👉today is day 9 of the first portion of my leaky💩 gut transformation! 🙆‍♀️The first 10 days is a total cleanse to get rid of the bloat and any toxin build-up in my body! 💪And I am going to say it again .. I feel absolutely amazing :-) if you didn't catch my LIVE EVENT last night.. you DEFINITELY need to reach out so I can tag you. 👉I explain my issues💩, my story, and DR. Dana goes into detail about WHY she chose these very products to help her own patients.. and how there's nothing else out there like it! 🌱 ✋Listen! You can work out as much as you want, people... you can give yourself all the excuses in the world that you're eating great but not seeing any changes so nothing works.. 🙅‍♀️as you're eating pizza and pastas ;) But if you aren't putting the PROPER NUTRITION into your body ... the whole working out part means jack 💩 🙄Being good 90 percent of the time during the week and then cheating on the weekends isn't going to get you where you want to be.. inflammation won't go away.. bloating won't go away.. being tired won't go away .. Eating out all the time won't help.. prepackaged meals from the freezer or those boxed foods won't work.. 🌱 sorry to burst your bubble and don't be mad because I've done the same thing too! And I thought ideas doing it right even with being totally strict with my food!! 👉I highly suggest watching the live video from last night so you can get a better insight on this. As you all know I have dealt with my share of food issues.. so I do know a thing or two or three :) 😏 🤓Take the time to soak it in and allow me to help you live a better life that is free from having a bad relationship with food😍😍 ... learn how to properly eat and how to properly fuel your body and finally get the kick-start that you need to enjoy working out and enjoy life again! 😎😎😍😍 Because you'll finally see and feel changes!!! Because nobody sho

So typically I am not a huge fan of supplements. I think we should be able to get most things from a healthy plant-based diet. However, there are exceptions. One such exception is Clayton. A picky eater, who eats few fruits and veggies. I have never given him vitamins or supplements before, but I wanted to make sure he is good and strong for all he is going through these few months and so I found this kids multi by @gardenoflife . It is derived solely from pure ingredients and is something I feel good about giving Clayton. And though I may not give it to him once we get home, it is something I feel helps give him that extra boost right now. It helps me feel like I am doing all I can to help his body to be strong now and to heal after.
Thought I would share for all my mamas out there who might be on the hunt for something. It’s nice when we can share with each other and save others the work of finding awesome products for our families.
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Found this pick today that me and the better half made when we were #camping in the #whittankmountains you can check out all the ones we have for sale that are so dope that are #handmade @kellybellecrystals #reiki #crystalgrid #gemstones #crystals #livethelifeyoulove #soblessed #notill #organiclife

The snow is melting, the sink is in and I've finally got a new blog post up. It's only Tuesday folks. Whatch out. LOL. Link in profile.

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