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“Day Turns to Night” (2017) The "diamond ring" effect captured during the North American total solar ecplise in August 2017. The diamond ring is visible for a few seconds just as totality begins or ends. Timing is everything! At our location in Madras, Oregon, totality lasted for 2 minutes and 3 seconds. During totality, the temperature dropped ~20 degrees F and the wind went completely still. Being able to witness this event in person was truly one of the most amazing experiences of my life! #eclipse2017
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Words by Eckhart Tolle.
“See yourself inspiring countless people with your work, and enriching their lives. Feel yourself being an opening through which energy flows, from the unmanifested source of all love, through you, for the benefit of all.” “I am the hole in the flute that the Christ’s breath flows through. Listen to the music. When you want to arrive at your goal more than you want to be doing what you’re doing, it becomes stressful. When stress enters creation, it usually means ego has returned and you are cutting yourself off from the creative power of the universe.”

🐱Did I mention that I love this woman? She is the most wise, beautiful, funny and intelligent soul I know! Cheers to you @unitysue !! This is a photo of her at @globaleclipsegathering this past summer! We raved pretty hard...this beat...my mind🤣🤩😎
#globaleclipsegathering #myseesta #catvibes #raving #oregoneclipse2017 #artist #businesswoman #raveguru #ravecoach #festivalvibes #summerof2017

Just a warm cozy jewelry/stone booth at Oregon Eclipse. Shot this on the very last night. They looked super worn out but still up and in business. 🙏😌🌗
Probably the most satisfying experiences I have ever had are stitched to the times I spent at psychedelic festivals. So precious that if you’re a serious buyer you try to stay awake as much as you can during the events to just absorb, analyze and cleanse. These gatherings are not your everyday Coachella festivals. These are spiritual journeys. Switching back into your inner self. One would understand if one is willing to take on the mission. I probably didn’t make any sense, but that’s me almost all the time. Happy Saturday everyone.

Artist @saori_an_jp painting at Eclipse stage w/ @shponglemusic live performance, Oregon Eclipse, USA 🇺🇸 Aug2017 #oregoneclipse2017 #oregoneclipse #shpongle

Blocking the haters and burning my eyes.... flashback!! #oregoneclipse2017 #growlovesgang

If you’re L O S T come find me, we’ll •dance• til you realize you’re already HOME 💕 #eclipsegathering #oregoneclipse2017 #fbf #lostandfound

Excited to share with you the solar wings of eclipse!! That solar eclipse in Oregon this year was one of the transformational things I have ever witnessed thus far! The power and potency of such alignment set a creative spark in my heart where for 5 days I painted straight. thanks to the #oregoneclipseearthstage for creating such a beautiful settting for artist to fully bloom in there creativity. I haven’t touched the painting since the eclipse I really feel there is a potent charge with the fact I painted it under that eclipse.. though I still feeling there is a bit more to do. Shortly after I painted this I got into a pretty bad car accident and 3 of my original painting broke in half, this one survived!!! So I will be making some prints and also selling this original if any of you feel called to a print private message me would help me out immensely.. So greatful to share!! #oregoneclipse2017 #oregoneclipsefestival #eclipse #redtailhawk #guardian #wingsofchange #galaxy #artist #art #embodywhatyouknow #earthstage #printsavailable #supportthearts

Hope is being able to see that there is light despite all of the darkness. -Desmond Tutu
Path to the camps. OE 2017 🙏😌🌗

#tbt to the #eclipse here in Central Oregon #oregoneclipse2017 #eclipse2017

‘We’re all just walking each other home’
-Ram Dass
Just found some of my images from Oregon Eclipse. .
With the lunar eclipse coming up in two weeks I’ve been reflecting on my experience witnessing such a sacred moment of alignment this August. I was extremely tired and disoriented and could barely keep my eyes open, then once the eclipse happened it was as if my life was an illusion and the veil was lifted on who I think I am. I broke out in tears along with all those around me. .
I’m not sure how we can incorporate such a profound and fleeting experience into the rest of life. It’s amazing that a ‘spiritual’ experience like that can be so eye opening, yet so hard to communicate to those that were not apart of it. So much beauty followed by confusion of how to go about your day to day life knowing that none of us actually die. Knowing that we’re all far more connected than we pretend to be. And knowing just how sacred our eternal awareness is. While everyone else doesn’t seem to notice or care or think about the fundamental aspects of what it means to be human. I call this phenomenon, post psychedelic depression... have you had any similar experiences or just suffer from the back and forth of overwhelming beauty followed by depression and disappointment?

#tbt to #oe17! ❤ i love #festivals! always have + hopefully always will. top-notch people watching, the #fashion, the #music, the quirky things + situations you run into, the feeling of #community away from #home + the ART. man, the #art... INSANE! temporary cities, stages, lounges, interactive wonders.... zoom in on this capture from the SKY stage [#housemusic stage] + take a look at the wooden structure + those happy, shiny, dusty #festival beings. LOVE. ❤🎶💃🕺

#dachambo #oregoneclipse2017 #crowdfunding

Today’s #throwbackthursday shot is easy to recognize. I was going through some shots last week and took another look at some of my eclipse photos. By dropping the exposure I found you can see some solar flare action happening.

Today I an thankful for this lil love bug. I met @rubydesirae at a Noise Revolt party in February and it was love at first sight 😍 Here we are at @globaleclipsegathering and soon we’ll be celebrating our 1 year #Friendaversay at @envisionfestival. I love you, baby girl! Just a few more weeks until we embark on such an epic journey together 💖🙏🏽☺️ #EnvisionFestival2018 #OregonEclipse2017 #Friendship

#tbt de um Verão Sem Limites
#tbt to a Limitless Summer
#pct #hitchhiking to #oregoneclipse2017 #hiking #pacificcresttrail #pctassociation
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