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Happy fiesta, Santuario de San Pedro Bautista Parish!
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On that day, as evening drew on, Jesus said to his disciples: "Let us cross to the other side." (Mk. 4:35)


It is said that when St. Francis of Assisi heard of their deaths, he exclaimed, “Now I can truly say that I have five Friars Minor!” #FriarsMinor #StsBerardandCompanions #FirstFranciscanMartyrs #Protomartyrs #FranciscanPH #Saints #SaintOfTheDay #Protomartyrs #OFM #OrderofFriarsMinor #BeAFranciscan #StFrancisofAssisi #StAnthonyofPadua #FranciscanCommunications

Feast of Sts. Berard, priest and Companions,
I Order, Protomartyrs of the Order,
Pray for us.

January 16th

Preaching the gospel is often dangerous work. Leaving one’s homeland and adjusting to new cultures, governments and languages is difficult enough; but martyrdom caps all the other sacrifices.

In 1219, with the blessing of Saint Francis, Berard left Italy with Peter, Adjute, Accurs, Odo and Vitalis to preach in Morocco. En route in Spain, Vitalis became sick and commanded the other friars to continue their mission without him.

They tried preaching in Seville, then in Muslim hands, but made no converts. They went on to Morocco where they preached in the marketplace. The friars were immediately apprehended and ordered to leave the country; they refused. When they began preaching again, an exasperated sultan ordered them executed. After enduring severe beatings and declining various bribes to renounce their faith in Jesus Christ, the friars were beheaded by the sultan himself on January 16, 1220.

These were the first Franciscan martyrs. When Francis heard of their deaths, he exclaimed, “Now I can truly say that I have five Friars Minor!” Their relics were brought to Portugal where they prompted a young Augustinian canon to join the Franciscans and set off for Morocco the next year. That young man was Anthony of Padua. These five martyrs were canonized in 1481.

Lord God,
you sanctified the beginnings of the Order of Friars Minor
by the glorious struggle of your holy martyrs,
Berard and companions.
As they did not hesitate to give up their lives for you,
so may we bear staunch witness to you by our lives.
Through our Lord Jesus Christ, your Son,
who lives and reigns with you in the unity of the Holy Spirit,
one God, for ever and ever.

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Mission San Jose y San Miguel de Aguayo, or Mission San Jose for short, in San Antonio. #mission #missions #catholicchurch #catholic #church #catholicmission #sanantonio #sanjose #texas #worldheritage #orderoffriarsminor

Thank you po sa pangangaroling OFM Brothers! Maligayang Pasko! 🎄🎁
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November 29

Today we celebrate the many Franciscan saints who followed in the footsteps of St. Francis. It is a special day for all Franciscans to celebrate the feast of ‘All the Saints of the Seraphic Order.’ According to tradition, St. Francis of Assisi prayed the following prayer:
"O Lord Jesus Christ, two favors I beg of you before I die. The first is that I may, as far as it is possible, feel in my soul and in my body the suffering in which you, O gentle Jesus, sustained in your bitter passion. And the second favor is that I, as far as it is possible, may receive in my heart that excessive charity by which you, the Son of God, were inflamed, and which actuated you willingly to suffer so much for us sinners." In response to his earnest prayer, the Lord appeared in the form of a seraph, or a six-winged angel (They are usually considered the highest order of angelic beings, immediately above the Cherubim, and their special duty is to love God). Then Jesus bestowed on St. Francis the wounds of his suffering. St. Francis had been marked with the love of Christ, the stigmata.

St. Francis died two years later in 1226, leaving the world the Franciscan Order, which became synonymous with the Seraphic Order. To this day, seraph wings and seraphs are symbolic of the Franciscan Order.

The final Rule of life for Franciscan friars was also approved on this day in 1223. To commemorate this, and all the saintly examples produced in the Franciscan Order, on this day all the saints of the Seraphic order are remembered at Franciscan churches. (Source: catholicnewsagency.com)

Ofmphil Vocations
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St. James of the Marches Prayer

Beloved and most Holy Word of God! You enlighten the hearts of the faithful, you satisfy the hungry, console the afflicted; you make the souls of all productive of good and cause all virtues to blossom; you snatch souls from the devil’s jaw; you make the wretched holy, and men of earth citizens of heaven! Amen.

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Meet one of the fathers of the modern pawnshop!

James was born in the Marche of Ancona, in central Italy along the Adriatic Sea. After earning doctorates in canon and civil law at the University of Perugia, he joined the Friars Minor and began a very austere life. He fasted nine months of the year; he slept three hours a night. Saint Bernardine of Siena told him to moderate his penances.

James studied theology with Saint John of Capistrano. Ordained in 1420, James began a preaching career that took him all over Italy and through 13 Central and Eastern European countries. This extremely popular preacher converted many people–250,000 at one estimate–and helped spread devotion to the Holy Name of Jesus. His sermons prompted numerous Catholics to reform their lives, and many men joined the Franciscans under his influence.

With John of Capistrano, Albert of Sarteano, and Bernardine of Siena, James is considered one of the “four pillars” of the Observant movement among the Franciscans. These friars became known especially for their preaching.

To combat extremely high interest rates, James established montes pietatis–literally, mountains of charity—nonprofit credit organizations that lent money on pawned objects at very low rates.

Not everyone was happy with the work James did. Twice assassins lost their nerve when they came face to face with him. James died in 1476 and was canonized in 1726. (Source: franciscanmedia.org)

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Born in Lucera, Francesco entered the Conventual Franciscans in 1695. After his ordination 10 years later, he taught philosophy to younger friars, served as guardian of his friary, and later became provincial minister. When his term of office ended, Francesco became master of novices and finally pastor in his hometown.

In his various ministries, he was loving, devout, and penitential. He was a sought-after confessor and preacher. One witness at the canonical hearings regarding Francesco’s holiness testified, “In his preaching he spoke in a familiar way, filled as he was with the love of God and neighbor; fired by the Spirit, he made use of the words and deed of holy Scripture, stirring his listeners and moving them to do penance.” Francesco showed himself a loyal friend of the poor, never hesitating to seek from benefactors what was needed.

At his death in Lucera, children ran through the streets crying out, “The saint is dead! The saint is dead!” Francesco was canonized in 1986. (Source: franciscanmedia.org)

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“If the Lord at the moment of my death reproves me for being too kind to sinners, I will answer, 'My dear Jesus, if it is a fault to be too kind to sinners, it is a fault I learned from you, for you never scolded anyone who came to you seeking mercy.'' #OFM #OrderofFriarsMinor #FranciscanSaint #StLeonardofPortMaurice #StationoftheCross #StFrancis

Prayer To Christ The King

Christ Jesus, I acknowledge You King of the universe.
All that has been created has been made for You.
Make full use of Your rights over me.

I renew the promises I made in Baptism,
when I renounced Satan and all his pomps and works,
and I promise to live a good Christian life
and to do all in my power to procure the triumph
of the rights of God and Your Church.

Divine Heart of Jesus, I offer you my efforts
in order to obtain that all hearts
may acknowledge your Sacred Royalty,
and that thus the Kingdom of Your peace
may be established throughout the universe.


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Saint Leonard of Port Maurice,
Priest, I Order,
Pray for us.

Born in Porto Maurizio, Liguria, Italy, Paul Jerome Casanova went to Rome to live with his uncle and studied at the Gregorian University, where he had an initial inkling of a vocation but uncertain on what to do about it. Walking through the Piazza del Gesu, he saw two Franciscans – struck by their poverty and humility, followed them to their Church of St. Bonaventure al Palatino along Piazza Venezia today. As he entered the Church, he heard the Franciscans chanting Compline: “Converte nos, Deus salutaris noster” (Make us turn to you, our saving God). His response was “Haec requies mea” (here is my life’s work). He consulted Jesuits and Dominicans about this and they told him that his vocation was genuine.
Against the wishes of his uncle who wanted him to be a physician, Paul Jerome entered a branch of the Franciscan Order known as the Riformella, which was founded by Blessed Bonaventure of Barcelona, on October 2, 1697, at Ponticelli and took the name, Leonard. After his priestly ordination in 1703, he wanted to go to the mission but was refused. But he became a great popular missionary in Italy and combined active missionary work with severe asceticism and much solitude that he might live for God and that he might live in God as he himself expressed it. For 22 years he preached in Tuscany and Genoa to great crowds, then returned to be a missionary preacher in Rome.
Leonard was sent to Corsica to try to bring peace but was unsuccessful. He took over the monastery of San Francisco del Monte at Florence and founded the famous retreat of Incontro in Florence in 1715.
All his life his apostolate was preaching, popular missions, retreats and series of Lenten sermons, and especially the promotion of the devotion to the Way of the Cross, setting up Stations of the Cross in 571 places in Italy. His love for the Passion of Christ was his special sign, but he also preached devotion to the Sacred Heart, the Blessed Sacrament, and the Immaculate Conception.

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