7 years ago was the last time these 5 Manzo kids would ever be at the same school... It was only right that we got them together to take an other picture.. Only this time the oldest cousin was on her way to her High School Graduation!! #cousins #Manzokids #Family #latepost #Oraze

These crazy kids are ready to wrap up their last day of first grade and fifth grade! This mom here finally figured out that if I don’t want them squinting in the pictures they should wear sunglasses. #duh

Congrats to @savannasimmons_06 for graduating 6th Grade! We are so proud of the young woman you are shaping up to be and we appreciate your hard work and excellence throughout your 7 years of Elementary School. You are a beautiful, brilliant, humble, and driven young lady and we expect more of the same in Middle School and beyond! Great job Nanah! We love you! 👩‍🎓 🏆❤️🙏🏾🙌🏾🎉👍🏾 #graduation #6thgradepromotion #oraze #superstar #gosavannah #proudparents #timeflies #excellence #sportsstar #straightastudent #childofgod #love

When Oraze opened 6 years ago Analyce was the first 6th grade class... Today she returned to her old stomping grounds along with her classmates who also attended Oraze for a Senior Farewell from there fellow Bearcats!!!! It’s getting real... I chocked up a few times, but I still didn’t let the tears roll down... Those will for sure happen on Thursday May 31st!! #onceabearcatalwaysabearcat #Wolfpack #Firstclass #Oraze #classof2018

After high school I never thought I would be going to an other Sadie Hawkins dance... Here I am now at the Mother & Son Sadie’s!!! #oraze #theperfectpair #motherandsondance #mybabyboy #mydancingmachine

Proud of my girls! Tegan earned her first Bearcat Writer award and Aubrey earned her 142nd Principal’s Honor Roll award (possibly a slight exaggeration). ❤️ my girls!

To say I’m proud would be an understatement. Both of my girls earned a character counts R.O.A.R. award (Respectful, On-Task, Achievement, Responsible) and Aubrey was recognized with a Principal’s Honor Roll award for her 4.0 gpa. These girls work hard and it’s so fulfilling to see them recognized. Love these Monkeys to the moon and back.

#nationalwalktoschoolday and #oraze brought their A game. Woke up super early and it was worth it to see the school community come together! #caitlincouture

Great game for the Oraze Bearcats today! Couldn't be happier with the improvements these kids are making. #buildingchampionsforlife #youthfootball #elementaryfootball #football #oraze #orazebearcats #rogeroraze

School spirit !!!! $18 plus shipping any school can be done , just provide me with their colors 💚❤️💙🖤💛#divaintrainingbows #schoolspirit #backtoschool #gobearcats #orazeelementary #oraze #spiritwear

My big girls first day of kindergarten! 🍎 #gobearcats #Oraze #firstdayofschool #firstdayofkindergarten #Kiyomi

And just like that I have a 1st and 5th grader. Rocking the first day back to school!

Quantas vezes você já iniciou uma dieta restritiva?! e depois de um tempo se viu largando tudo e comendo tudo que tinha pelo frente.

Pois vou lhe contar o que sempre digo aos meus pacietes. " A alimentação tem que ser um ato prazeroso, temos que saber trabalhar em equilibrio e não em restrições excessivas"

As vezes as pessoaa deixam de procurar uma nutri por medo, de que tiremos tudo que a pessoa mais gosta, nós estamos aqui para ajudar e não para demonizar a alimentação.

Estamos aqui para ajudar a você encontrar um equilibrio entre uma alimentação saudável e alguns alimentos que lhe tragam prazer.

O erro sempre está nos EXCESSOS, por isso que para TUDO NESSA VIDA, tem doses, medidas, posologia para cada tipo de de individuo.

Todos nós sabemos o que uma alimentação excessivamente gordurosa, cheia de açucares refininado, com excessos de alimentos industrializados pode trazer, sim a OBESIDADE, mas será que essas mesmas pessoas sabem disto, sabem quem as fibras em excesso pode causar desconforto intestinal.

Entendem o que quero dizer?! que assim como as coisas ruins em excesso trazem respostas negativas as coisas boas também causam resposta negativa, por isso é importante o equilibrio alimentar e respeitar seu corpo. "Prazer não deve ser visto como um estímulo ao exagero, mas sim como algo positivo e que garanta um equilíbrio na alimentação"

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#equilibrioalimentar #excessos #prazeralimentar #semrestricoes #conhecaseucorpo #nutriajuda #nutrinaoemonstro #saobernardo #saocaetano #santoandre #sigaumnutri #nutinatv #oraze #reeducacaoalimentar

1st day of kindergarten and LAST day of kindergarten #oraze#lastday#mybaby#2017

Ending the year on a high note! Principal's Honor Roll and competitive cheer and track awards. Way to go, Aubs!

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