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Pocket Rocket, V5/7, New Joe's Valley. Book listed this as V7 but probably more like V5 if you've got height and reach. Chuffed off this thing for about 20 attempts before remembering the story of the eagle and snatching that top. #rockclimbing #bouldering #pocketrocket #dyno #storyoftheeagle #newjoesvalley #joesvalley #orangeville #utah

My kind of motto to live by 🙌🏼 hope everyone is having a great Thursday! ⭐️

#Humber #Orangeville Campus is a close-knit cohesive campus setting that will allow you to achieve your academic goals. #Education #Goals #WeAreHumber https://www.humber.ca/orangeville/

Fresh batch of the new #hwy9 shirts being delivered to Route 145 in #orangeville these beauties are going fast. Already sold 10 of them before they made it to the store!! #dufferincounty #monomills

What would you rather? Precious Topaz or Dawn Rising?
I tried Dawn Rising today and so far I am loving it!!! I never expected to like a brown lip colour on me but I find it really compliments my skin tone, I like how warm it is and the shimmer it has to it 😍
Pictures to follow shortly 😘❤️
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We have a fantastic weekend line up planned for you! Friday Sara Rose is at #TheEdge and Saturday the wonderful George Pants takes the stage! #Orangeville #LiveEntertainment

Voice control through myLink™. Control your shades, blinds, awnings & more with a smartphone or tablet! #motorizedsolutions #somfy #mylink #windowcoverings #Kamelyan #Orangeville

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🌸d r e a m e r 🌸 ・・・
I’m doing this really amazing course on relationships between healthcare providers and birthing people, but the reality of *why* this is so important really hurts my heart. We go over stories of real people that parallel so many experiences I’ve personally heard from those I’ve met.
When I tell someone I’m a doula, their response is usually: “Ugh, I wish I would have had a doula. I mean, everything was okay but I felt so ____________ because ____________ and unfortunately I didn’t know at the time that it didn’t have to be like that. I don’t wish my experience on anyone else and I’m so glad that doulas are becoming more popular so that even if hard things happen, women have options and can be supported through it.”
All the time. The wounds are still there and they’re still sore and I always wish I could go back in time and somehow be there with them to love them through that part of their path.. not to change it, but just to make it a bit more comfortable, a bit more human, a bit better. But I can’t, so I make sure that every single person and every family I support gets the best care, the most love and the most respectful support I can give so that the narratives surrounding childbirth begin to change. When our collective stories change, so does our collective physical, emotional and spiritual health & well-being. And that is what it’s all about... a more beautiful today for a more beautiful tomorrow. 🌸🌷🌼🌹🌻🌺

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