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Egg Yolk: Orange is the new Yellow!
A staple in my diet is egg yolk. For years egg yolk has been receiving a bad reputation. It has been said that it isn’t healthy and it has too much cholesterol. This couldn't be further from the truth, in fact the most nutritious part of an egg, is the egg yolk. But contrary to the prevailing nutritional dogma that such dietary components need to be avoided, cholesterol and saturated fat that is found in animal foods such as egg yolks are quite beneficial for your health. For example, egg yolks contain vitamins A, D, E and K along with omega-3 fats. Egg yolks also contain more beneficial folate and vitamin B12 than the whites of an egg. And the cholesterol found in egg yolks has many health benefits. This cholesterol helps regulate the protein pathways involved in cell signaling and may also regulate other cellular processes. Here’s the catch: the color of the egg yolk matters. Most eggs found in today’s grocery stores, have a yellow tone to the yolk. This means that it’s coming from an unhealthy chicken. This chicken is probably coming from a factory where it never sees the light of day and is fed genetically modified corn. What you want is a yolk that is a dark orange. A dark orange means it’s coming from a healthy chicken, that is pasture raised and can roam freely on a farm and is given healthy food and eats bugs and gets plenty of natural lighting. Why is this important? Well, you aren’t going to get a lot of nutrition from a chicken that isn’t so healthy itself. And like I’ve said before, the quality of our food matters. So, next time you’re cracking your eggs, take a look at the egg yolk and stay away from yellow yolk. The darker the orange, the better. Remember, orange is the new yellow.

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Own the night with a yellow hat! The big Brad @jbradford_official kicking ass on a daily and or nightly basis.
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Ähhh same picture ass everyone #kyoto #wutang #orangeisthenewyellow

Kiek 'm goaaan #orangeisthenewyellow

We've seen some crazy Smallmouth Yellows over the years but this orange bad boy has to take the colour prize! No photoshopping, just more craziness out of the Vaal river! Need the guys @scaly_boots to catch a blue Scaly now! #thisisafrica #vaal #catchandrelease #yellowfish #OrangeIsTheNewYellow

Patch it up. #orangeisthenewyellow

always green and gold #orangeisthenewyellow


Warm colors and cozy sweater weather makes me think of Spanish guitar. 🎧 Malagueña, played by Michael Lucharelli https://youtu.be/8B6jOUzBKYc

Another day, another @doosan_infracore doing work! This DL420 is prepping the site for new apartments to be built in NY. #constructionequipment #orangeisthenewyellow #doosan #heavyequipment #earthmoving #dirtlife

Happy Halloween! What better way to celebrate than with a new @doosan_infracore wheel loader? Offering end of season savings on select loaders! Visit our website or call 732-752-3600 for more info. #doosan #orangeisthenewyellow #constructionequipment #happyhalloween #earthmoving #heavymachinery

Kun aurinko päättää, että oranssi on uusi keltainen.

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