Frank Sinatra thought orange was the happiest color; Nadia Mahfuz, Sharon Cutts and Mark Freedman agree. Available in the Piano Room #providencepictureframe #drydengallery #markfreedman #nadiamahfuz #sharoncutts #pianoroom #orangeisthehappiestcolor

Perfect first festival of the year with these two little helpers. Thanks #busstopover2018!

Thank you to everyone who came out to our VIP Grand Opening Party last night! Special thanks to @savpartydj @healthyhabithhi @javaburritocompany @lululemon @lux_a_medical_spa @ultradebb & Hilton Head Island Spa & Wellness for joining us for such a fun event! We appreciate all of your support and patience during this exciting time. The OTF Staff are working hard to manage the high volume of inquiries regarding class sign ups and memberships in a timely manner. We look forward to seeing you in the Orange Zone! #otfhiltonhead #orangetheoryfitness #otf #orangezone #fitfam #morelife #orangeisthehappiestcolor #keepburning #nowopen

Orange you glad it’s the weekend? #orangeisthehappiestcolor #tasselmania #vijana

New blooms!

I’m absolutely exhausted from camp, but I’m so blessed to be able to work at my happy place. #okstate #loyalandtrue #orangeisthehappiestcolor

Happiness is like an orange juice , 🍊
If you consume today , it will taste sweet.
If you keep for tomorrow, it will turn bitter.
#orangequotes #orangeinspiration #orangeisthehappiestcolor

Have you gone ALL OUT in your first Orangetheory workout this week with Coach Ashley, AJ and Jolie? Don’t miss out - Sign up for your VIP Intro class before it’s too late! We’ll see you in the Orange Zone real soon Hilton Head, we officially open our doors in 2 DAYS! Your fitness journey with us starts NOW #otfhiltonhead #fitfam #orangezone #allout #orangeisthehappiestcolor #orangetheoryfitness #itshappening #getexcited #keepburning🔥🍊

- Regularmente, uma vez por mês, irrigamos todo o organismo com uma torrente de adrenalina. É o equivalente fisiológico completo do medo e da cólera (...) sem nenhum dos seus inconvenientes.
- Mas os inconvenientes agradam-me.
- Mas não a nós — volveu o administrador. — Nós preferimos fazer as coisas com todo o conforto.
- Mas eu não quero conforto. Quero Deus, quero a poesia, quero o autêntico perigo, quero a liberdade, quero a bondade. Quero o pecado.
- Em suma — disse Mustafá Mond —, você reclama o direito de ser infeliz.
- Pois bem, seja assim! — respondeu o Selvagem em tom de desabafo. — Reclamo o direito de ser infeliz.
— Aldous Huxley, Brave New World
#theorangeletter #orangeisthehappiestcolor #thehappynow #nowporto #aldoushuxley #bravenewworld #bigbrotheriswatchingyou #butidontwantcomfort #iwantsin

#orangeobsessed .
Before I started on these dreamsicles, I was having some anxious episodes every afternoon. Working from home, raising two kids, the mess, the screams, the mess, the dishes, the mess 😜 I felt like I couldn’t climb above it.
I started eating these plant oils last October with zero expectations ... and one day I noticed that those episodes had stopped. I didn’t put it together until I had two other women share the same experience with me! .
I have been thriving at a whole new level since adding these to my regimen.
We know that Omegas fuel our brain so it makes sense but I was elated to see these tangible results. I’ll never go a day without them.🧡🧡🧡 Now that I’m learning more about how sick our brains are, I’m motivated to get out of my comfort zone and share this story with more people!

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