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I want a practice that isn't easily traumatized 🔥

I want my practice to ENTER the world and not be ABOVE it!

Today I'm dedicating my practice to the children of this world 🌎and thanking @themiraclefoundation for doing the same this month!!! Join me ❤️ take care of yourself so that you then can care for others!

The workout only takes 4min, swipe for video☝🏼☝🏼Set timer for 4min and do as many rounds of:
10 swings
10 deadlift
5 clean right
5 clean left
Rest 20sec in squat

Tag #OrangeIsForOrphans 🔥

We <3 our partner @splash_org! Splash is our WASH (WAter, Sanitation & Hygiene) partner, helping us provide clean water & sanitation solutions to orphaned children across India. #MiracleMakers #OrangeIsForOrphans #WASH Photo by Lynne Dobson

Yoga has kept me grounded, been my comfort, my catharsis, my inspiration. Yoga has been a miracle in my life and I'm so grateful to be able to share it with other people as a teacher. I'm honored to partner with @themiraclefoundation for the second year in a row to bring attention to this organization and the work they do bringing miracles to orphans worldwide. Help bring attention by posting your own pic in orange for #orangeisfororphans (maybe see if you can make an O with your pose too, I'm working on a few here 😜) Tagging a few friends to jump in but anyone should feel free!

Have you shopped our #OrangeIsForOrphans Label Collection yet? With every purchase of these limited edition styles, we'll donate $1 to The @themiraclefoundation, a non-profit organization that brings life-changing care to the world’s orphans. Shop to support with link in bio 😊 #namebubbles #miraclemaker #giveback

Ricksters!! On this #HappyChildrensDay help us raise funds and give some love to these beautiful children in India and get the chance to win 4 #ColdPlay tickets!! 😎❤️ I am helping @themiraclefoundation & @glblctznin with this cause, are you?? For more info go to my Twitter or FB to find out!! Let's give some ❤️👊 back Ricksters! #orangeisfororphans #GlobalcitizensIndia @glblctzn #GivingBack

@sarakert giving us a #flashback to the original @flashtattoos x @themiraclefoundation 'Sheebani' collab...still one of our fave collections! Love seeing all you babes get golden for a good cause. ✨💕😘 #orangeisfororphans #flashtat

The end of another long but productive day here in Austin @themiraclefoundation Very impressed with the whole team including this woman...Pres. Elizabeth Davis.

#orangeisfororphans #miraclefoundation

🙏We heal not in isolation, but in togetherness. Great 📸by @themiraclefoundation #austinyogameetup #orangeisfororphans #togetherisbetter


We <3 our partner @splash_org! Splash is our WASH (WAter, Sanitation & Hygiene) partner, helping us provide clean water & sanitation solutions to orphaned children across India. #MiracleMakers #OrangeIsForOrphans #WASH Photo by Lynne Dobson

We are focused on a loving family for every child. Did you know that many children living in orphanages have living family members who simply can’t afford to feed, clothe, and educate them? We are working toward a world without the need for orphanages… a world where every child is wanted and belongs. #ChildFirst #OrangeIsForOrphans PC: @bethjansenphoto

"There are no 7 wonders of the world in the eyes of a child. There are 7 million". —Walt Streightiff #WisdomWednesday #OrangeIsForOrphans #orphans #children #wondersoftheworld

Today is Children's Day! What will you do for the special kids in your life today? #ChildrensDay #OrangeIsForOrphans

Holiday shopping season is about to be in full swing, and we've got a shocking statistic for you: Americans charge $2.5 trillion to credit cards every year but $16 billion worth of credit card reward points expire annually. By allowing their points to expire, 31% of credit card users are leaving money on the table for banks to absorb into their bottom line. @charitycharge wants to take these unused rewards and create more profits for nonprofits, not banks.

Sign up with Charity Charge and donate your points to the Miracle Foundation. It's an easy way to give back as you swipe your way through holiday shopping. #CharityCharge #OrangeIsForOrphans #holiday #shopping #giveback

Children have the right to live with their parents or relatives, if possible, per the United Nations Rights of the Child. There are 8 million children living in orphanages around the world (UNICEF 2015). Many children are in orphanages because their families are poor and can’t afford to feed or educate them. This is no reason to be institutionalized. To address this, we partner with key organizations to strengthen communities and families—to keep children out of institutions.

We work with a Child First approach, actively exploring every avenue to reunite children with their families. In fact, we have reunited approximately 25% of our children with families. #ChildFirst #MiracleMonday #OrangeIsForOrphans

Photo by Lynne Dobson

As young entrepreneurs, Aspire to Inspire Montréal chose to work with The Miracle Foundation because this non-profit only works with orphanages whom which respect the ‘UN’s 12 Rights of the Child’ and their willingness to meet these standards towards their own institutions. These rights include access to clean water, education, nutrition and healthcare, family environment, guidance and more. Apart from abiding by these child rights, we chose to collaborate with this non-profit because a big percentage of donations goes directly to their cause. We also felt the need to bring our Montreal South-Asian community together and help make a difference in these children’s lives to help restore faith in humanity. We are the future and if we work together as a community, miracles do happen! #aspiretoinspiremtl #themiraclefoundation #nonprofit #nonprofitorganization #unitednations #un #childrights #orangeisfororphans #miracleshappen #humanity #india #montréal #mtl #montrealentrepreneur #mtlentrepreneur #mtlbusiness #montrealbusiness #charity #tradeshow #charitytradeshow #communitytogether #strongertogether

The Miracle Foundation does not believe in creating orphanages, rather they approach existing institutions who are willing to partner with them and help improve the lives of the children living at these orphanages. Orphanages that were once over 50-80 children are downsized to 20 children of boys and girls. This is because The Miracle Foundation was able to bring many of these children back to their families. Each orphanage consists of a “House Mother” who herself came from hardships such as being outcasted by society or prostitution. Together these children and House Mother form a bond in a home environment that increasingly aids with their well-being. #aspiretoinspiremtl #miraclefoundation #loveandhope #miraclesdohappen #orangeisfororphans #india #montréal #mtl #montrealentrepreneur #mtlbusiness #mtlentrepreneur #charity #tradeshow #charitytradeshow

As of date the Miracle Foundation works with children in India and Africa. They have over 5,440 children in India that are dispersed all around the country and work alongside several orphanages displayed on this map to help improve their existing institutions into a better living environment Their objective is to turn these institutions into a happy and loving home for the most vulnerable child exposed to poverty and neglect. #aspiretoinspiremtl #miraclefoundation #nonprofit #orangeisfororphans #orphange #india #montreal #mtl #montrealentrepreneur #mtlentrepreneur #mtlbusiness #montrealbusiness #charity #tradeshow #charitytradeshow

We're thrilled to welcome our new partner @europeincoming to the Miracle family! Europe Incoming is joining us to provide a loving family and personalized care to orphaned children. With their support, orphaned children around the world will receive all they need to thrive. Thank you, Europe Incoming! #MiracleMakers #OrangeIsForOrphans #ChildFirst

Children who are separated from their families suffer immensely through mental health issues, behavioural problems, neglect and abandonment. The Miracle Foundation steps in and helps children reunite with their kin (only if there is no history of abuse). They will then help the family cover school and medical expenses. For the child who does not have a family, the foundation helps improve existing institutions and the most vulnerable children exposed to poverty. The Miracle Foundation believes that every child is entitled to a loving home. #aspiretoinspiremtl #miraclefoundation #nonprofit #charity #charitytradeshow #tradeshow #montréal #montrealentrepreneur #mtl #mtlbusiness #montrealbusiness #mtlentrepreneur #thefutureentrepreneur #upandcoming #orangeisfororphans #miraclesdohappen

Excited to be a part of the @aspiretoinspiremtl team! A charity-based tradeshow which gives up&coming entrepreneurs and professionals a chance to promote their business all while being for a good cause. ALL proceeds will be donated to @themiraclefoundation to help our children in the Motherland. Check us out at @aspiretoinspiremtl and stay posted on upcoming details on becoming a sponsor, vendor, model or volunteer! #aspiretoinspiremtl #montreal #miraclesdohappen #orangeisfororphans

Aspire to Inspire MTL is proud and excited to be collaborating with The Miracle Foundation to help eliminate child poverty. The Miracle Foundation, a non-profit, was founded in 2000 by Caroline Boudreaux, an American who had set off on a world tour and found herself in India. Seeing firsthand the harsh reality that many of India’s children endure, Caroline knew she had to do something to help. Since then she has devoted her life to helping these poverty-stricken children. Today, there are over 8.5 million children worldwide who are living in institutions. These institutions consist of orphans but also children who have families however due to poverty their families were unable to take care of them and forced their child into these institutions. Unfortunately many of these orphanages do not even meet the basic needs of a child due to lack of resources. This is where The Miracle Foundation steps in to help provide the needs of these vulnerable children, they believe every child deserves a loving home, quality education and access to healthcare. Together when those who can give to those who cannot, miracles are bound to happen! #aspiretoinspiremtl #miraclefoundation #nonprofit #charity #charitytradeshow #montreal #mtl #montrealentrepreneur #mtlentrepreneur #mtlbusiness #montrealbusiness #community #southasian #miracles #miraclesdohappen #orangeisfororphans

In three words, tell us what family means to you in the comments below. #WisdomWednesday #OrangeIsForOrphans #family #comment #quotes #qotd

Happy Halloween! Orange and black may be traditionally #Halloween colors, but orange will always represent the orphans we support all over the world. While you're preparing for tonight's trick-or-treaters, consider buying a few less bags of candy, and saving that money to give a child in need a real treat. #HappyHalloween #OrangeIsForOrphans #trickortreat #orange #black PC: @antoniofdelgado

Nisha is passionate about making the world a better place for children. As a social worker in Maharashtra, she works every day to support 61 orphaned children and their loving caregivers. Recently, a well-known organization Kavya Mitra Sastha honored Nisha with a "National Social Service Award." Help us congratulate Nisha with a comment below. #ChildFirst #MiracleMakers #OrangeIsForOrphans

Orange isn’t just the perfect fall color... It’s one of the ways to show your support for orphaned children. So, wear your fall colors proudly like Founder Caroline Boudreaux, and be sure to tag #OrangeIsForOrphans to show that it’s for more than just the spirit of the season.

Pictured here (L to R): Barbara Joubert, Lynne Dobson, Founder Caroline Boudreaux

German composer Johann Sebastian Bach is world-famous for his beautiful orchestral and chamber music. But many people don't know that Bach lost both of his parents by age 10. He lived with his eldest brother before traveling to Luneburg to study music. Bach's baroque melodies have stood the test of time, and he is widely considered one of the greatest Western composers of all time. #FamousOrphans #OrangeIsForOrphans #music #baroque #baroquemusic

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