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Con el corazón un poco más libre vengo a decir que voy a darle un giro a esta cuenta, a publicar más y a seguir aprendiendo del mundo para poder ayudarlo. Empieza el cambio de look. #ourtimeisnow #nature #optionb #eco #zerowaste #world

“Option A is not available. So let’s just kick the shit out of Option B.” Option B: Facing Adversity, Building Resilience, and Finding Joy - Sheryl Sandberg , Adam Grant.
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This. Somehow it has been 10 years since we lost the most important person in our lives. Although it hasn’t made the loss of him any less horrific, each year brings new appreciation for the amazing person we had #optionB

This boy loved his Guy. He loved fishing and playing in streams and going to their favorite spot at Meridian State Park. They had a special bond, these two, and Levi is struggling as we all are, to live in this new reality without his favorite person. This week has been hard. As the days stretch into weeks the weight of our loss grows heavier, it seems.

On Wednesday Levi woke up early and came into our room just smiling away. "Guy came to visit me in my dreams! He took me fishing and we caught a big fish and he was so happy to see me. And he doesn't have cancer anymore in heaven, mom. He doesn't feel bad and we had so much fun." Today I am thankful for Levi, for the times I got to see my dad and his love reflected in the eyes of my son, for dreams that comfort, and for a heaven where fishing is key and cancer doesn't exist.
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Consisting of nine short videos, the crash course in resilience approaches subjects like the importance of gratitude, self-compassion or how to talk to people who have experienced loss.

Visit us at - Beyond Teaching

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When @thestampedlily and I started working together, we knew we wanted to create something to symbolize the idea that tears say what words can’t. But then when April also came up with “let them speak”, I was touched.
There are so many misconceptions about grief and it’s easy to think you should be “over it” by now. But the truth is, that’s not how loss works and there is no timeline to go by. Your feelings will always matter and when you let them speak, that’s when your pain can be transformed into something meaningful. And sister, you deserve at least that much.
This special collection releases tomorrow at noon pacific at TheJoyfulJewelryBox.com. Double tap you love it as much as we do. 💛

What I read the week before last:
Option B by Sheryl Sandberg and Adam Grant - 5 stars. Really insightful and helpful look at grief and resilience. Basically how to be a better human in your own hard life and around other people’s hard lives.
Searching for Sunday by Rachel Held Evans - 4 stars. I tried to read this a couple years ago and it wasn’t the right time. Better timing and could definitely relate and was encouraged by her experiences and insights.
Why Are All the Black Kids Sitting Together in the Cafeteria by Beverly Daniel Tatum - 5 stars. I feel like the title makes it easy to brush off the scope of this book. It covers so much more. Worth reading if only to read the intro about the lead-up to Ferguson and what the last two presidential elections have meant to the racial tensions in the usa. And obviously you should keep reading it after that, but if not I understand. It’s long. It was like taking a class in racism from a really good professor.
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It's never fun when we can't have the ideal 👎🏼 - our 'option A'. It's okay to feel upset about this for a while, but at some point we have to realize that option A is simply not available❌. Let's make the most of option B! ☺️💙

Really REALLY looking for Option B right now. Not sure how much more of this, East Coast Spring and screaming boss I can take. #YBread #OptionB

❤ This is my mom and me. She was a great mom. She died a couple years ago after a long-term illness. I am having some feelings bubble up since this is the first time I have had the chance to go through old photos since she passed. (long story) #tbt #theoldendays #thisisraw #thisismidlife #optionb #momsofinstagram #momlife #lifewithkids #life #worklife #officelife #cubiclefarm

La historia de @sherylsandberg y como afrontar las adversidades de la vida. El perder a su esposo le permitió ayudar a mucha gente que necesitaba de apoyo y consejos.

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What a lovely train ride from Belgium to Amsterdam. 💓 Something wonderfully soothing about traveling that way.
I was reading #optionb by #sherylsandberg & #adamgrant , particularly highlighting on "Counting our blessings doesn’t boost our confidence or our effort, but counting our contributions can". So many good lines to read. Build resilence and bouce back when it's needed the most. 🌟💪
Remember , happiness is the frequency of positive experiences, not the intensity.😊

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With no internet #optionb is the way to go. Great read

Dad has always been a strong advocate for women. His dad died when he was 7 and from then on it was just he and my tiny spitfire of an East Texas grandmother, Earlene.
Earlene, known to us as children simply as Mo, didn't have much but she gave dad everything she could. Her love of books and literature led them to the library often and dad said it was her reading stories to him as a boy like Robinson Crusoe and Treasure Island that made him want to be a writer.

After being raised by a fiercely independent woman he went on to marry one. And raise one. And grandparent another.
There is a lot of discrimination against women in the outdoors community, particularly in the 80s and 90s when women were relatively new to hunting and fishing. Some newspapers and media outlets wouldn't cover women who were great outdoors people. But, dad did. He gave women a platform in hunting and fishing. My mom was his hunting partner and if he encountered somewhere that was unfriendly or unwelcoming to her he never went back again and never gave his endorsement to such places.

The way your dad views women shapes us, as daughters, so much. He was the first man that showed me my value by the way he treated me respectfully and encouraged me to think for myself. Today I am thankful for my dad who constantly showed me that I can be whoever I damn well please.

In an interview this fall he said this about the women in his life "I've been so fortunate to be surrounded by truly wonderful women. My mother was one of the strongest people I've ever known and the foundation for my unending respect for women. My wife, Emilie, is a strong and smart woman, my daughter is a strong and smart woman and my granddaughter may be the smartest of us all and is already an amazingly strong woman." Love you, dad. Thank you, dad.

#teamsasser #optionb #womenempowerment #griefjourney #lentenpractice 🐟🐠link in bio to the video of dad filmed for the Texas Freshwater Fishing Hall of Fame. The video talks about his commitment to women in the field.

#selfcompassion : 요즘 내게 가장 필요한 것 :

“I was twenty years old when I was diagnosed with aggressive lupus. My brain was severely inflamed. My kidneys failed. I spent months in the hospital fighting for my life. Fortunately, I survived. But my kidneys did not. At twenty-one, I’d lost my youth and health. I was on dialysis three to four times a week for four hours. I was bald from chemo. At my lowest point, I felt that I was missing out on my own life. But I knew I needed to keep my spirit up to stay alive. I decided to stay positive and treat every moment like a party, no matter how challenging that was. I put a sign on my hospital room door saying “Please don’t come in if you’re crying.” ... My positivity comes from my mom. She raised me to believe that happiness is a choice. I deeply channeled that sentiment when I got sick. Every time I was told, “No, you can't do this,” I’d think, “How can I turn that ‘no’ into a ‘yes’”? Since lupus attacked my immune system, I couldn’t go out socially. But I was determined to stay in school and graduate on time from Stanford. ... My health made it impossible to have a full-time job … But with a flipped perspective, it gave me a new career. I started to blog about my low-sodium diet. My doctors had given me a long list of “no’s” … I wrote about turning each “no” into an “oh hell yes” by inventing creative recipes and workarounds. Within a year, I had my first book deal. … That doesn’t fix everything. … I still have stage four kidney disease, but I’ve gone twelve years without a transplant and eleven without dialysis. I still face huge challenges. I live with lupus. I’ve dealt with infertility. One day, I’ll need a transplant. But I approach each problem with hope that I can forge my own path. // #OptionB story by Jessica Goldman Foung, photography by Norman Jean Roy

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