Today I had the privilege to experience firsthand what it means to not give someone your power. I AM always reacting to everything thrown at me and I have been seriously working on changing that both for my mental and spiritual benefit. So I AM proud to say i did not revert to my old way of dealing with this situation. Following the idiotic ways of individuals who can’t even think for themselves. I have to say it was very exhilarating, the out of body feeling that consumed me. It’s a simple situation that had an adverse effect on me. This is possibly what the yogis talk about. To actually be witnessing the improvement of oneself is quite the achievement and is indeed a spiritual climb. A step on my journey ladder. I AM proof that steadfastness is very rewarding in this quest. So elated as I consider myself similar to this fire hydrant- small and strong. Thankful for life lessons taught by individuals who are not even the slightest aware of their contribution to your growth, when really they think they are blocking your path or protecting their iniquities. Never let them get you down...

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Have the courage! Be courageous!
We can do anything we want as long as we keep trying hard.

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Gratitude is everything.
Gratitude means
to me.
I want to know what it means to you so fill in the blank in the comments 🙌🏼
Let’s all find the good in our lives instead of dwelling on what we don’t have or what others are doing better.
Find yours.
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🌟 REACH FOR THE STARS 🌟 As much as I post, sometimes I keep the big dreams to myself. They say half the people who follow you on social media dont actually want you to succeed. They're just waiting for you to fail. And that gives me pause... #wishuponastar #setyoursightshigher .
So here goes... This week I started writing a cover letter and updating my resume to apply for the @soulcycle instructor auditions, which happen next month. It has been almost a year since I stopped teaching group fitness and it may be a year (or more!) from now before I'm physically strong enough to undergo training, but it's a start! #gottastartsomewhere .
I firmly beleive you can only truly grow as a person when you put yourself on uncomfortable paths and push through the stages of fear that stop most people from succeeding. Even now, I can hear the haters within... "You're not good enough" "You're not pretty enough" "You do not deserve this" "You'll never make it." .
In a way, those annoying little voices of doubt, the ones that have tried to tear this dream down, are just the bricks I need to build myself up. Come what may, this is the path I have chosen. I can do this. I have what it takes. I will succeed. I believe in me. 💪 #mantra #selftalk #positiveaffirmations

This card represents a fresh start, with all the excitement that brings. The fool sets out new adventures with a joyful spirit. You should take a risk and think out of the box because your soul is asking you to follow a new direction. You've got all the energy to achieve your dreams. Just trust the process and take a leap of faith. #fool #optimism #beginnings #openness #trust #innocence #soul #experience #dreams

Fear stops us from doing just about anything. Rather than building ourselves up with positivity, we typically break ourselves down with “what if’s” and “i can’t’s.” 😖

Lately, I’ve been challenging myself to chuck those feelings behind and focus on optimism. And lemme tell ya — it has worked! 🤭
I challenge you all to do the same. ❤️

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