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Learn to rest, not to quit! 💪
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👉🏽Don't get me wrong, I like the fancy clothes, the yatchs are cool, and the cars are nice, but the problem with this video is it doesn't show the work, the time, the sweat and the real investments that were able to make all this happen. Over these least couple of months I've really seen first hand what it takes to expireance a life that is nowhere near average. ITS HARD WORK, like @jetsetfly says "NEVER PROVE YOURSELF WRONG". ⠀

Please don't fool yourself and hide behind the social media blanket, or think you are working simply because you have nice things and associate yourself with successful people. Ask yourself if you are actually putting in the time and perfecting your craft to AMPLIFY your life. Nothing frustrates me more than the people who reach out to us and are waiting for a miracle to magically happen simply because they "WANT IT", but put forth little to no effort to attain real RESULTS. ⠀

The challenge is everyone wants a rainbow, but doesn't want the rain. Everyone wants treasure, but refuses to dig. Everyone wants to go to heaven, but aren't willing to die. In order for true GROWTH to occur in your life, you have to be willing to take ACTION. REAL AUTHENTIC ACTION. ⠀

You need to REFUSE to let your excuses weigh more than your commitment to be your best self, and actually PAY THE PRICE to get the results you envision. ⠀

Challenge yourself to make the DECISION that you can BE, HAVE, and DO anything that you DESIRE; all with an open HEART and a gracious SMILE across your face.⠀

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WOW, that's how they make this movies...incredible work!!
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-✔️If you want it bad enough anything is possible! -
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💥What do you need to learn?
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Weather Was Terrible 🌞, nevertheless it was A Fun-Filled Saturday Appreciating An Iconic Household Name, 🐎 The Ferrari With Their New Model, The 812 Superfast!

I have attached some videos for you guys 🎥

It was a great experience to have a guest from 🇮🇹, Mr Andre, A Race Car Coach, A Racer Himself And A Complete Professional behind the wheel. 💯. Learnt Alot From Him! Million thanks Sir!

Generally, - the Ferrari 812 Superfast lived up to its tag name! Really Really Quick Accelaration with fantastic handling and cornering! Well Done @Ferrari



"Nothing is WORSE than missing the OPPORTUNITY that could have changed your life"


It should be a song... Smooth Digestion
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Let Us Pray....
With Grace & Mercy, Our Heavenly Father who art in heaven, please give us another day to be grateful. Grant us the opportunity to be a blessing to others. Please have mercy on our imperfections, our faults and wrong doings. Forgive us oh Lord for taking for granted those many blessings ypu bestow upon us. Oh Father please continue to guide and protect us as we go about our daily journey. And Lord, our Father God....please protect our families, those who are sick and unable to provide for themselves.On this day I pray for those who especially took the time to read thou prayer to you in heaven today. Amen.
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The difference between the impossible and the possible lies in a person's determination.

You my friend are sometimes submerged in the external darkness of this world. It can feel like an overwhelming sensation when there is no light in sight. And in those moments it can be easy to forget who you are. But my friend consider this your gentle reminder. You are the light in any situation. For you my friend consist of such illuminating wonders that darkness itself is driven away by your presence. You, my friend are the embodiment of all that is good in this world. A bringer of hope, a carrier of faith and a connector of love. These things my friend are the essence of all that truly exists. Darkness is the opportunity to learn of your light and to understand your purpose in life. It may help to embrace the dark as a friend who shows up when you need to shine your brightest. For without the contrast of light and dark my friend, how would you know of your capacity to illuminate the entire world? ❤️❤️❤️#darkness #world #sensation #light #illuminating #wonders #presence #embodiment #hope #faith #love #opportunity #purpose #picoftheday #home #youmyfriend

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[Kim defended Jeffree Star via snapchat story after he made racist remarks. Kim told haters to just get over it which is unacceptable especially because her children are black]#feminism #equality #men #women #womensrights #feminist #love #loveislove #opportunity #earth #thefutureisfemale #feministpride #femme #blm #blacklivesmatter #humanrights #hrc #prochoice #pride #equalpay #equalityforeveryone #girls #girlpower #lovenothate #feminista #we #❤️

Bitcoin Cash today be like WHOOSH to all yall haters on your hatorade 😎😂🎂 (predicted to soar to $1,000 this year) and it is an enjoyable time for cryptocurrency miners 💪🏻
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