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#LoyalsUK, does this mean #Opheliam is back on?! Find out tonight on #TheRoyals at 9PM on @eonlineuk!

New photo of #MerrittPatterson on Instagram 😍💗 #TheRoyals #Ophelia #Opheliam @merritt_pattrsn

UK Fans Here is a Clip of #TheRoyals 2x03 "Is Not This Something More Than Fantasy?" #TheRoyalsSeason2 #Opheliam

I always thought Ophelia was dumb to dump a prince...like guuurl HE A PRINCE WHAT ELSE DO YOU WANT ???
#theroyalsone #theroyals #williammoseley #merrittpatterson #opheliam

→ top 36 otp’s
15/36; Liam & Ophelia from The Royals + Riley & Lucas from Girl Meets World
YES this is unpopular but I haven’t really even seen much of s2. even though ophelia fucked up, I still love them with all my heart. they were so perfect, kms. look at them. BITTER.

lol I probably just triggered half the fandom but I’ve loved rucas since the beginning. they’re so ridiculous but their serious moments are some of my favs as well. I’m happy with the way they ended tbh
#opheliam #theroyals #rucas #girlmeetsworld

#TheRoyals got into plenty of trouble this year, but here’s to even more royal partying, making out, and general debauchery in 2016. #2015BestNine

Por que el destino es tan CRUEL
#TheRoyals #E #Jaspenor #Opheliam

guys I can't.
I'm shocked af.

New photo of Merritt 😻 perfect! #TheRoyals #MerrittPatterson #Ophelia #Opheliam


queen of oslo.
[cr; ??]

They're my otp since I was a child.
[cr; @itsqueenlena]

'Control your hoes is all I'm saying'

I won't tell you that my lane is the better lane bc there's the video.

I miei bambini. Guardateli, sono cosi puri e bellissimi.

Okay, okay, forse sono la tenerezza ma forse eh.
Chris quasi quasi sembra cotto.

guys I can't.
I'm shocked af.

Belesa amore:)

I'm done.
[cr; redamancy ]

Mom and dad even in real life

You can't fuck with the real couple of shadowhunters

The actual love of my life.
[cr; @thebansheepetrova]

Ballon squad? Never heard of them:)

When someone told me that Yousana is the new Mohnstad of Skam or Yousana is the best ship of Skam.
I think the fuck not, bitch you can't fuck with the originals!

Shadowhunters is my favorite fandom!
(books and serie tv)


A me la clace non fa impazzire (la serie tv mi piace molto più del film) però i personaggi sono dolci dai.

Ora tutti a baciargli il culo perchè è bravo.
Invece di amarlo ora che è troppo facile dovevate amarlo prima stronzette:)

"I like her a little"
"I swear, her and I are soulmates."

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