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#LoyalsUK, does this mean #Opheliam is back on?! Find out tonight on #TheRoyals at 9PM on @eonlineuk!

UK Fans Here is a Clip of #TheRoyals 2x03 "Is Not This Something More Than Fantasy?" #TheRoyalsSeason2 #Opheliam

I always thought Ophelia was dumb to dump a prince...like guuurl HE A PRINCE WHAT ELSE DO YOU WANT ???
#theroyalsone #theroyals #williammoseley #merrittpatterson #opheliam

New photo of #MerrittPatterson on Instagram 😍💗 #TheRoyals #Ophelia #Opheliam @merritt_pattrsn

#TheRoyals got into plenty of trouble this year, but here’s to even more royal partying, making out, and general debauchery in 2016. #2015BestNine

→ top 36 otp’s
15/36; Liam & Ophelia from The Royals + Riley & Lucas from Girl Meets World
YES this is unpopular but I haven’t really even seen much of s2. even though ophelia fucked up, I still love them with all my heart. they were so perfect, kms. look at them. BITTER.

lol I probably just triggered half the fandom but I’ve loved rucas since the beginning. they’re so ridiculous but their serious moments are some of my favs as well. I’m happy with the way they ended tbh
#opheliam #theroyals #rucas #girlmeetsworld

New photo of Merritt 😻 perfect! #TheRoyals #MerrittPatterson #Ophelia #Opheliam

(ex @staliaslaugh )
Amo anche la stalia prometto

We Are Back This Sunday!! 🇺🇸 #opheliam #TheRoyals 2x03


Look the hottest couple of the CW in 2017.
[cr; @crystalllison ]

>>I like me better when I'm with you
ac; mine
cc; @etheralia_
dt; @stileshug @colpadelleserietv_
Sono diciamo fiera di questo video e niente dai, non vedo l'ora di vedere la 6B di teen wolf.
Probabilmente questo pomeriggio farò un altra live dove mi ripiastrerò i capelli dato che fanno di nuovo schifo.
@ildiariodelleship tanta fatica per un cazzo!
#qotd Sterek or Stalia

I'm not even sorry.
[cr; ?? ]

I'm not crying, you are.
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Spero che diano più spazio ai Leyden bc ora come ora sono l'unica coppia che mi piace davvero e fatta bene. (In teen wolf)

Spirit animal.

Gli stydia non mi piacciono più come un tempo ma @ scalia, levatevi proprio che l'unica hot couple/ power couple è già qui.
(Be proud @stydiasslaugh )

I miei bambini



Hanno rovinato le migliori ship di teen wolf^

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