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Eight months after being too sick to receive surgery, Heritiana and his father returned to the Operation Smile medical mission in Madagascar. Thanks to the continued support from our generous donors and committed medical volunteers, Heritiana was finally able to receive life-changing cleft lip surgery!
#OperationSmile #Madagascar #UntilWeHeal

💙 (Story): Hello everyone! My name is Henry Baddour and I am 18 years old. And as some of you may know, I am the founder of CleftProud. I was born with a bilateral Cleft Lip and Palate in UNC Hospitals in North Carolina on November 3rd, 1999. I have had over 15 surgeries in order to correct my Cleft between the ages of less than a year to a year ago. I have also spoken during multiple events related to Cleft. Having a Cleft has definitely had its ups and downs but I wouldn’t trade having a Cleft or my experiences related to it for anything. It made me who I am today and it has given me a perspective on life I wouldn’t have otherwise had. During the recovery of most major surgery (jaw surgery) which held me out of school for a half a year, I felt very alone and wanted to talk to people who had been though exactly what I was going through. So I decided to look online for something like that and all I found were resources that connected parents of Cleft children. In light of that, I decided to create that needed resource on my own and created CleftProud so no other child had to feel alone like I did. I can definitely say #IAmCleftProud now thanks to my wonderful family and girlfriend. My goal in creating CleftProud is to help everyone else affected by Cleft to become proud of who they are and what they look like just like I am. 💙 Go to www.CleftProud.com for more information!

Celebrating 35 years of healing smiles. Honored to be a guest of Kathy Magee, co-founder and president of @operationsmile #OperationSmileGala #operationsmile #untilweheal

What a lovely birthday card for @operationsmile! 😍🎉🌐A huge thank you to this student team, not only for this beautiful gesture, but for all their great work helping and teaching health care during the medical mission in #IloiloCity, #Philippines! 💙💙💙
@operacionsonrisapty @opsonrisavoluntariado.pa @operationsmilephilippines @untilweheal @latinoamericaenaccion #OperationSmile #OperacionSonrisa #35thCelebrations #UntilWeHeal #HastaQueSanemos

Quisiera aprovechar para agradecer al grupo de @adestcsta por la invitación como conferencista y permitirme compartir con ustedes un poco de lo que es Operación Sonrisa en Rep. Dominicana y de su trabajo en todo el mundo.
Gracias por su presencia y por todo el apoyo brindado. @opsonrisard @operationsmile @cobagnarard
#aboutlastfriday #operationsmile #operacionsonrisa

Such an fun night with the most amazing company. #operationsmile

#OperationSmile ‘s Annual Smile Gala benefiting Children who need Smiles😀 A Great Cause! #losethatbabyfat #wme #img #idavidlevine #beauty

“Our student volunteers led the charge on Operation Smile’s Until We Heal campaign, which launched last year at the annual International Student Leadership Conference. The campaign means that we won’t stop Until We Heal every child born with a cleft lip, cleft palate or other facial deformity. A big thank you to all of the student volunteers who are here and to those around the world who could not be with us tonight.” — Bridgette Clifford, founder of Operation Smile Student Programs
#UntilWeHeal #HastaQueSanemos #SafeSurgery #OperationSmile #35thCelebrations


Väntans tider, när saker inte blir som man tänkt sig ♥️🙏💫
Vår lilla kille 👆🏼skulle fått göra sin andra operation igår men resursbrist gjorde att vi var tvungna att flytta fram den till december. Att inte veta hur livet några veckor efter kommer att bli och ha en jobbig sak att gå igenom kan tära. Himla tur att vi har varandra och 100% kärlek♥️ här hemma! Nu laddar vi om med ny energi och lever på som vanligt tills det är dags för nästa steg. ♥️✨🦋
#operationsmile #bastian #purelove❤️

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