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Targeting homes with occupants inside was a horrifying aspect of Israel’s actions in Operation Protective Edge in #Gaza, resulting in the killing of more than 1,000 people who took no part in the fighting, including 405 children. In addition, more than 3,400 children were wounded.⠀

Muhammad Abu Hadaf is a victim of this policy. ⠀

Click the link in our bio to read the full testimony and report given to B'Tselem field researcher, Khaled al-‘Azayzeh on 10 December 2017. ⠀

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Title: Kabbalists

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You need to know Farsi Language to understand these videos:
() WIBO - Raefipour told the truth.(All about Illuminati) رائفی پور راست گفت - Part I -
() WIBO - Raefipour told the truth.(All about Obelisk) رائفی پور راست گفت - Part II
() WIBO - Raefipour told the truth.(Purim Exposed) رائفی پور راست گفت - Part III

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#operationprotectiveedge #מקובל  #occultist #torah #satan #shaytan #azazel #devil #fallenangel #yahweh #jinn 
#رائفی پور

.....because every picture tells a story of untold pain💔🇵🇸#ChildrenOfWar#Palestine
#WarOnCivilians#BDS https://t.co/vZfo75RskM

"I miss you" South of Israel.
04/08/14 - Quarter to one, middle of the night, a reservist calls his wife and they share a quiet conversation across two hundred miles of land. Around him, the warehouse area is in total chaos of army equipment, personal equipment, trash and people half sleepy, in a rush to wrap everything up so they can have some hours to sleep before dawn breaks at the eastern horizon.
Next day, everyone came back home and this year most of the reservists will be released from duty.
Shot with #iPhone4S using @hipstamatic © 2017 Chen Guttman

In my next series I will return to my South American journeys. Stay tuned!

"Debriefing" South of Israel.
03/08/14 - The company listen attentively to the Brigade commander, summarizing the operation and seeking insights, comments and critiques from the soldiers, NCO's and officers alike. At 8pm, more than 15 hours awake, most people wanted to head back and return their gear to the warehouse and get some sleep.
Shot with #iPhone4S using @hipstamatic © 2017 Chen Guttman

"Out of line" South of Israel.
03/08/14 -on our way to our home base, we stopped for refreshments and fuel. There, on the sidewalk we saw a company of rookies standing at attention. 
Shot with #iPhone4S using @hipstamatic © 2017 Chen Guttman

"Under the Trees" Eshkol Regional Council, Israel.
03/08/14 -Back at the kibbutz, waiting for our bus to take us back to home base at the South of Israel. While we were waiting in the shade under the trees, sandwiches and light drink were passed around and people started to relive the events and emotions. 
Shot with #iPhone4S using @hipstamatic © 2017 Chen Guttman

"Wrapping up, Riding Back" Eshkol Regional Council, Israel.
03/08/14 -Cease fire has been declared and finally some quite returned to the land. After riding to the regiment HQ, we started wrapping up and transfer mortar shells and empty cases to the  armoury, cleaning up the mess of ~26 days in the field. We were all happy to know that soon, we will all be back at home, luckily without any seriously injured soul. We said last farewell for Gaza, its mosque jutting into the sky in the background.

9/11 can't be forgotten bcz this day has changed the world ,Along victims of WTCs,we should remember 2,386 US military +1,173 civilian contracttor's deaths & 20,049 wounded service members of Afghan war. (till Oct 2015) & 70,000 fatalities of Pakistani civilian & servicemen as a result of terrorist attacks for their support with USA .It's time.....World should get united to end hate & terrorism.
#unitedagainstterrorism #september #sept11 #waragainstterror #endhate #nohate #savehumanity #worldpeace #operationprotectiveedge #usaf #usamarines #wtc #ihatenazis #picoftheday #Instagram #twintowers

"Vigilence" Eshkol Regional Council, Israel.
02/08/14 -Atfernoon shift waiting for orders.
Shot with #iPhone4S using @hipstamatic © 2017 Chen Guttman

"Mud Life" Eshkol Regional Council, Israel.
02/08/14 -A row of empty mortar's shell package cylinders after a long night of lighting the area and directing mortar shells. Eventually, these cylinders will find their way to a muddy dump until they will be recycled again. @idfonline @israel_defense_forces @israelsdefenseforces

Shot with #iPhone4S using @hipstamatic © 2017 Chen Guttman

"Single File" Eshkol Regional Council, Israel.
01/08/14 -A column of soldiers from the paratrooper's regiment walk in a single file at the dead of night back to the regimental meeting point - shot through a night vision scope. @idfonline @israel_defense_forces @israelsdefenseforces

Shot with #iPhone4S using @hipstamatic © 2017 Chen Guttman

#ThreeYears #Zeevik #OperationProtectiveEdge #זאביק אביק #צוקאיתן #3שנים
Again this year, the heads of community security teams came along with many others who loved Zeevik, to pay their respects.

"Morning Shift Smoke" Eshkol Regional Council, Israel.
31/07/14 - Nir, starting his morning shift, overlooks at a huge smoke cloud rises over Hamas positions in Gaza following an attack by IAF fighter planes. @idfonline @israel_defense_forces @israelsdefenseforces

Shot with #iPhone4S using @hipstamatic © 2017 Chen Guttman

"Group Haircut" Eshkol Regional Council, Israel.
29/07/14 - Rudy, and another two serving soldiers/civilians get a hair cut close to the front line with Gaza. The home front at time of Protective Edge operation was simply amazing with its support, love and high morale. Not far from Gaza a civilian initative had grills for BBQ, toielette items and even barbers ready to help soldier look their best even if they had only couple of hours of break @idfonline @israel_defense_forces @israelsdefenseforces

Shot with #iPhone4S using @hipstamatic © 2017 Chen Guttman

"The Diva & the Bomb" Eshkol Regional Council, Israel.
26/07/14 - Rita, one of the most talented and figure in the Israeli music industry, came to cheer-up the company and sing a song or two san the tunes. Once we returned home, Rita invited our company to join one of her concerts. A DIVA! #ריטה @idfonline @israel_defense_forces @israelsdefenseforces

Shot with #iPhone4S using @hipstamatic © 2017 Chen Guttman

"No sugar, Thanks!" Eshkol Regional Council, Israel.

27/07/14 - Turkish or Black Coffee, as it is commonly called in Israel, is the main drink that keeps everyone awake on the field. Most of the company wanted coffee at that time (as it is happens whenever someone suggests to brew some black coffee). Hardcore drinkers have 2 teaspoons per serving, no sugar. I prefer with one sugar, and that's my cup over there @idfonline @israel_defense_forces @israelsdefenseforces

Shot with #iPhone4S using @hipstamatic © 2017 Chen Guttman

"Medical Attention" Eshkol Regional Council, Israel.

23/07/14 - Throughout the operation, the company suffered only minor injuries. The most severe one was a finger deep cut by a flying ricochet from a missing Hamas bullet. The rest were all kinds of skin infections, and couple of sprained ankles.
Geva has his ankle bandaged by Matan after spraining it while running back and forth between the M113 to bring mortar shells and other supplies. @idfonline @israel_defense_forces @israelsdefenseforces

Shot with #iPhone4S using @hipstamatic © 2017 Chen Guttman

"Delivery Boy" Eshkol Regional Council, Israel.

23/07/14 - Geva running across the dirt road, delivering mortar shells from the 2nd 81mm mortar M113 vehicle while we were engaging the Hamas positions. @idfonline @israel_defense_forces @israelsdefenseforces

"Boom!" Eshkol Regional Council, Israel.

23/07/14 - Supporting our ground forces within Gaza. @military @idfonline @israel_defense_forces @israelsdefenseforces
Shot with #iPhone4S using @hipstamatic © 2017 Chen Guttman

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