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Day 12 of #OpenYourHeartToBackbends

Final day😢 This challenge has been so much fun...it's definitely pushed me out of my comfort zone and showed me what I am capable of or "not" capable of for that matter. And you know...I'm totally ok with not being capable of certain things...that's all part of the journey...we are all built differently and accepting and thoroughly enjoying where you're at is truly where the beauty lies. This is my first time ever doing this "alien wheel" business. It's definitely a shoulder stretch. After learning all that I have in my training I'm not sure how great this is for the spine...but anything in moderation...and lots of forward folding after...I think I'll be good😜

Thank you to both you beautiful Pilates goddesses for putting this challenge together so that we all could play along with you...you are appreciated🙏🏼

Day 12
#alienwheel #alienwheelpose

Lovely hostesses:
@laurabpilates and @kerispilatesroom

Amazing sponsor:

Bem ou mau está feito o dia 9 do #openyourhearttobackbends 😰😰😰depois de algumas tentativas os braçitchos ja estavam pedindo arrego 😩😩😩

Congratulations to our #OpenYourHeartToBackbends

@dbwellness 🎉
@bodies_of_dubai 🎉

We will DM you for more information.
A huge thank you to everyone who joined! We are so honored and humbled watching your videos and feeling your support!! And the biggest thanks to our amazing sponsor @fitfitactive.
STAY TUNED: @laurabpilates and @kerispilatesroom will be back with another challenge #PilatesBum April 1st-12th 🍑 sponsored by @fitfitactive


Day 11 #handstandbackbendsplit against a wall
Repeat day 1 and 2 to stretch the back muscles and wrists in preparation for the backbend. Repeat a #backbend #pigeon, #wildthing, #fishpose #backbendpushups #dancerspose and #hollowback from day 3-10 to feel the strength you are gaining, open the front of the body and strengthen the back while, at the same time, opening the hip region. Adding a standing split to the backbend today.

The closer you are to the wall, the harder. The farther away from the wall, the easier. Watch out for those baseboards.
Todays challenge is very hard. If your foot only makes it half way down the wall or less that is perfectly fine. Or just stick with a backbend and extend one leg at a time to the ceiling.
I'm showing:
1-handstand against the wall
2-bend the right knee and run the toe all the way down the wall as low as you can go.
3-hold for 5 seconds and bring the foot back up
4-Repeat left side

Backbends are essential to give our bodies an equal stretch and strength in the entire front and back of the body.
Make sure to listen to your body and do not force yourself into a pose. Hosts will show modifications, but backbends in general are challenging. So take this challenge at your own pace to safely stretch and strengthen the back as well as the entire body.
Hosts will post the challenge the night before. Please follow @laurabpilates and @kerispilatesroom and our sponsor @fitfitactive to be eligible for prizes. Also use #OpenYourHeartToBackbends so we can see. Can't wait for you to open your hearts to Backbends with us
OUTFIT: @fitfitactive
Special Offer: 15% OFF

🎬 @tahlsware.pilates 💞
When was the last time you did something for the first time?! ✨
It's Day 9 of #OpenYourHeartToBackbends flipping into #HollowBack 💛✨
Hosted but the beautiful @laurabpilates and @kerispilatesroom and sponsored by @FitFitActive to be eligible for prizes 🙌🏼💛 Video taken at the stunning @onehotyoga👌🏼✨ #pilatestv #pilates #saglıklıyaşamtv


✨Finding freedom in movement takes time and practice✨
I used ondo back bends when I first started practicing Yoga and it always hurt my lower back! It's only in the last couple of years that I have been able to do a back bend without pain and to get here I've spent years building space in my back, strength in my legs but mostly importantly being able to breathe as I go back into a bend!
Be patient with yourself and things will happen ❤️
On another note I'm so excited by my new professionally taken photos by @thebroadwaystudios
#backbend #backbends #backbending #backbendlove #yogabackbends #backbendsmakemehappy #OpenYourHeartToBackbends #yogabackbend #backbendinlove #backbendtips #backbendprogress #DeepBackbend #backbendlover

Fave Lilly doing her best bridge!!!! Awesome little girl 😍😘

Joseph Pilates famously said "a man is as young as his spinal column". Adding "If your spine is inflexibly stiff at 30, you are old. If it is completely flexible at 60, you are young."
Spinal flexibility is absolutely key to encouraging healthy posture and preventing injuries so I always ensure this is a real focus in all my classes.

Bridgie ❤️ Lovalot

Anjaneyasana is a yoga asana named after Anjani, the mother of the Hindu god, Hanuman.

Anjaneyasana improves balance, stability and focus, and can help with sciatica. It also opens the hips and stretches the quadriceps. As a heart opener it also benefits the anahata (heart chakra). Stimulating the heart chakra helps to improve balance, calmness and tranquility. The best way to start your week #happymonday😊 📷 @actionhiro #tb 300tt @bryceyoga

Bridgie leker affär 🙋🏼#lovalotofficial

Don't miss out on 2 opportunities to practice with the fabulous Michaela💕🤸🏼‍♂️WEDNESDAY
Teens Ages 12-16 - 315-415PM $12 drop in
Warm Vinyasa Flow 430-545PM
And with Kelly:
Warm Vinyasa Flow 930-1045AM
Saturday w/ Nancy 9-1015AM
Closed Friday and Monday this weekend ! ☮️💚🕉
#teenyoga #dhanurasana #yogaisforeverybody #practicepeacewithin #offthematandintotheworld #skyeriveryoga #hotyogastudio #openyourhearttobackbends #livelovebreathe #skyeyoga

Bridgie på Stand up 😂🙌🏼💜 Tack bästa Linda @lindatherez @stockholmcomedyclub #stockholmcomedyclub

Rött är alltid rätt ❤️

Red pants week 🙌🏼❤️

Bridgie went to an amazing party!!!!! Thank you @anitaemthen and HAPPY B DAY!!!!! 🎈😘

Bridgie ❤️ Movies

Bridgie & Emmis gick på lokala bion 👯💯

I'm reposting my Tree on the chair from February. It's been a busy day in the studio so unfortunately, no time to do anything new. However, I would still like to participate in #wundachairwednesday. I always love seeing everyone's posts. Thanks to the fabulous @lori.shipp for hosting. Happy Hump Day! 🐪😀🐪😀🐪😀🐫😀🐪😀🐪😀🐪😀🐪😃🐪😃🐪😃🐪😀Feeling creative for Funday Friday! I love footwork on the chair and decided to design Tree into my single leg work. I would not give the full version to many of my clients. For my more advanced clients, I would spot them as they rolled back. Tips- In first & second exercises, use core to keep spine long (don't slouch or round). Keep equal weight in both sitz bones. Enjoy the nice oppositional feel of the pedal being pushed down as the spine, other leg and crown of the head lengthen upwards. When leg in arms extends, imagine your femur going deeper into the hip socket (& toes reaching up to ceiling- for another nice oppositional feeling!). Third part of exercise, make sure to use low abs to roll low back onto chair, simultaneously leg on pedal needs to recruit hamstring and glutes as a break to control pedal up. Remember to use your abs to articulate spine up, not arms or leg in air. Also, it works best if you're sitting closer to front edge of chair. This is my first attempt at a video on insta! Lmk what you think! #OpenYourHeartToBackBends #pilates #pilateschair #treeexercise #backbend #hamstrings #abs #spinehealth #extension #pilatesinstructor #healthymind #healthybody #healthylifestyle #Fundayfriday #tsgcharlottesville #pilatesstrong #pilatesbody #pilatesfitness #pilatesstudio #pilateslover #multitasking #flexibility #spinalmovement

💫Camel pose variation...Pilates Flow💫
⏩ Find the powerhouse ⏩ This is really good for stretching your shoulders, abs and thighs ⏩ Take it at your own pace
#warmup #alignment #backbend #pilates #pilatesinstructor #pilatesmommy #pilatesmatwork #pilateslovers #pilatescommunity #pilatespassion #matpilates #strongisthenewskinny #artofflow ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
💞🎆#openyourhearttobackbends for gorgeous @laurabpilates 💞🎆

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