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Queer…was? Wofür steht denn eigentlich „queer“? Was hat das zu bedeuten?

Im QLL pre-Event CIGALE nimmt Sandy Artuso den Begriff „queer“ genauer unter die Lupe und nimmt dabei notwendigerweise auch Queerfeminismus mit an Bord, um schließlich Kurs zu nehmen auf das Hier und Jetzt in Luxemburg.

Ein Themenabend zu queer theory, queerfeminismus und queere Kunst!

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О боже, и эта красота в 1,5 часа езды на поезде от меня 🍁😍🍂
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Did you know that Gas Chambers still exist?? Yes, they just changed victims...
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Ever get a bunch of coincidences? Big spoiler alert!! There are no coincidences...only the universe trying to communicate with you through synchronicity. You are a powerful alchemist but You must open your mind in order to find magic and miracles because no one is going to do it for you. The universe is already showing you them it is just a matter of opening your eyes to see that which is right in front of you and always has been. #synchronicity #alchemist #alchemy #coincidence #theuniverse #magic #miracles #1111 #333 #222 #444 #555 #777 #888 #openyoureyes #itsasign #thirdeye #thirdeyeopen

Muitas vezes nos questionamos o por quê de tal fato estar acontecendo conosco,por ser justo agora. Para tudo o que houver, seja bom ou não (aos nossos olhos) podemos tirar uma lição. Pode ser que na hora não consigamos entender,mas depois,quando tudo se acalmar, quando parar para pensar,verá que teve um motivo. O universo conspira à seu favor,abra os olhos,abra mente,o coração...Aprecie cada momento de sua jornada.

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I literally helped him date two of my friends soooo I just wanna ask....Did I ghostwrite this?


Midge Ure !
I was never a fan, but after this performance I was impressed. Seeing people performing live makes such a difference , it's crazy !! Oh Vienna !!!!!!!! 💜

I care too much and I have blind loyalty⏳💔

So my and Kanas went out last night and it was so fun. We went to go see venom. During the trailers we were cracking jokes and just enjoying the it but once the lights went down hands started exploring and I found out that I liked choking for whatever reason it gives me some sort of ah high like I can’t keep my eyes open and my feet start to get weak and I have to hold onto him. He also went in my shirt and sucked on my boobs and but he still has a girlfriend so I didn’t kiss him and he didn’t go in my pants I just felt like that was ah line that ain’t need to be crossed. So after the movie we just walked around we talked and joked and then we were up against a wall where he picked me up and we kissing my neck and then we were kinda dry humping and he chocked me and my fucking eyes rolled back I had to lean on him for support for like 5 mins.

Read the post before this.....
So me and Kanas went out yesterday read the last post and today we talked and it did not go well at all. So as y’all know Kanas has a girlfriend who also happens to be ah friend of mine and yesterday me and Kanas went on a unofficial date. We didn’t call it a date but essentially it was one. So we were talking and for whatever reason I was feeling bold and I asked him what are we doing. Because friends don’t go on dates and touch each other and we’re not having sex so it ain’t no real benefits. But it seems that he is just as confused as me about all of this shit. He says he loves me and I love him but he loves me for the wrong reason. He said he loves me because I stayed with him even after the shit he’s done and I told him it’s because I’m stupid and of course he tried to tell me I’m not but what do you call a girl who you don’t even want and who hurt that stays around for 8 months watches you go through 3 girlfriends and cheat on two of them.....a stupid bitch

📷 Jerry Rivera

Amores como el nuestro quedan ya muy pocos
Del cielo caen estrellas sin oir deseos
Deshojar una rosa es cosa ya de tontos
A nadie le interesan ya los sentimientos

Como los unicornios,
Van desapareciendo
Amar es hoy tan facil,
Solo es cosa de un beso
Un amor como el nuestro,
No debe morir jamas

Amores como el nuestro cada vez hay menos
En los muros casi nadie pinta corazones
Ya nadie se promete mas alla del tiempo
De sabanas mojadas hablan las canciones

Como Romeo y Julieta,
Lo nuestro es algo eterno
Estar enamorado,
Es darse por completo
Un amor como el nuestro,
No debe morir jamas

Como los unicornios,
Van desapareciendo
Amar y ser amado,
Es darse por completo
Un amor como el nuestro,
No debe morir jamás.
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Left Hawaii at 8PM last night, stopped in San Francisco and Houston before touching down in Columbus at 11:30am and I made it to the @onedotchurch 12:30pm service! @gregoryaford wrapped up his AMAZING #OpenYourEyes series. I very much enjoyed this series and cannot wait for what’s to come at #onechurchmychurch!

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