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Sábado passado tive uma das experiências mais incríveis da minha vida! Uma história de arrepiar, emocionante! Cola no último post do instagram do @jetlagmusic para entender melhor! Receba meu muito obrigado onde você estiver @natan_mantelli , por ter nos incluído em seu sonho. ⭐️💙 📷@walisson_photo

Tried to take a nice pic with some of my @hviiibrandgoods fam but @that_hugeasian_guy just kept squinting the entire time 🙄

Dios ha escrito un libro precioso, «cuyas letras son la multitud de criaturas presentes en el universo» (...) «Desde los panoramas más amplios a la forma de vida más ínfima, la naturaleza es un continuo manantial de maravilla y de temor. Ella es, además, una continua revelación de lo divino». Laudato Si, 85.

God has written a precious book, “whose letters are the multitude of created things present in the universe”.(...) “From panoramic vistas to the tiniest living form, nature is a constant source of wonder and awe. It is also a continuing revelation of the divine”. Laudato Si, 85.

Deus escreveu um livro estupendo, «cujas letras são representadas pela multidão de criaturas presentes no universo». (...)«Desde os panoramas mais amplos às formas de vida mais frágeis, a natureza é um manancial incessante de encanto e reverência. Trata-se duma contínua revelação do divino» Laudato Si, 85.

Image: Wikimedia

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#ekapadakapotasana - a one legged pigeon or dove.
Eka - means "one" and "Pada" is a leg or more specifically a 'foot'. "Kapota" refers to a dove or pigeon.

This is a bird of bad omen in the Vedas.
Considered to be a messenger of death, especially when it sits by the fire or comes close to a "Homa" - the highly ritualized fire ceremony and elaborate form of worship in India.
The one-legged dove is to be avoided and driven away by chanting, incantations or mantras.
It is often associated with the owl - another bird bringing ill-omen in Vedic literature.
This posture is particularly difficult and not to be trifled with.
Superstition is a powerful weapon. Challenge your assumptions and position to break these thoughtless patterns or thinking... that's what this practice is all about: Teaching us how to really See. .
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🖤We miss so much of this world with our eyes closed. 🎼
I recently came home from the cruise ship adventure, I learned a lot, and wrote a lot. keep your eyes & ears open, new stuff to come.

Photo by John Snodgrass Photography @john.7306

Both Images are the same: Starburst Sun over Indian Ocean on the Western Australian coast.
Below you can see the difference between pre and post editing. Shooting in RAW allows you to capture more data and gives you the flexibility to manipulate the image more to your liking in post-production. I'm sure many of you know this but it's kinda cool to see the images side-by-side. 📷 🎥 📷 🎥 📷 #Nikon #tamron #photoediting #sundown #openyoureyes #travel #adventure #70series


Quando somos crianças, somos naturalmente livres do especismo, e amamos a todos os animais. No decorrer da vida, somos ensinados que só devemos nos preocupar com certos tipos de animais, e isso é simplesmente errado. .
Por que odeio um animal e amo outro?
Porque eles parecem diferentes?
Porque eles agem diferentes?

Um valor de uma vida não funciona com base no que ele pode fazer para os seres humanos.
Os animais assim como os seres humanos, são criaturas inteligentes que merecem o máximo respeito que podemos dar.
Viva e Deixe Viver .
Seja vegano💚🌱
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RP:👉 @janine_knittel - Which one is good? Death or Love?

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הכל עניין של איך אתם בוחרים לחנך את הילדים שלכם, להיות טובים מלאי חמלה לכל הבריות או מפלצות אנוכיות.

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If I lay here
If I just lay here
Would you lie with me
And just forget the world? #openyoureyes

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