Att kunna växa i en tillvaro som tycks sakna fäste och näring är ren styrka. Ändå rensas skönheten bort och stämplas som ogräs. Ja tror de allra flesta av oss skulle bli gladare av 100rosor än 100maskrosor, för vi är för snabba med att döma saker efter utsidan, hitta fel och brister att vi missar potentialen och kärleken som finns runtomkring oss. #art #life #beauty #newperspectives #maskros #openyoureyes #dandelion #dandelioncrafts #dandelionflower #youaregoodenough #thepoweiswithinyou

I try not to rant on IG, but I fact checked each of these...all true! If we want real news, it won’t be coming from our news outlets, we will have to rely on doing our own research. Don’t stay blind to what is happening all around you. Ignorance may be bliss, but it will also lead to our demise and enslavement.
First of all, why does anyone care about the royal wedding!? Heads up, that one day cost 45million dollars! What they dropped in one day could have changed the lives of hundreds of thousands around the world. It could have given them food and clean water...but watching these two tie the knot is apparently way more important.
Now let’s discuss the facts of this post:
There is a section of the United States that cannot critique a country that has been at war over the Gaza Strip for over 50 years. Why can’t we question that and conclude that the country may not be handling it in the most effective way for all involved? What happened to freedom of speech? Who really runs this country?
Anyone know what is the level of education needed to become a cop in Illinois? Because I would like to know how the legalization of a medicinal herd equates to killing k-9’s!? Please, I would love to hear the “rational” thinking on that one.
Oh, and the Air Force is missing a box of grenades...cool.
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Genieße jeden kostbaren Augenblick, denn er ist einzigartig. 🌬 #openyoureyes #openyourhands #openyourheart

You look like a person who don't know read.
Same for ppl who care for them... i mean, if you want a #change then be change! Be better ❤
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When you find yourself opening up to what’s possible, things like this really happen. Synchronicities, signs and other messages show you that you are on your path. #stayopen #trust #magic #synchronicities #openyoureyes #love #believe #lookaround

I don't usually talk about conspiracy theories, but how do you explain this? 🤔 #falseflag #fuckthegovernment #bushdid911 #deepstate #cia #fakenews #facts #conspiracytheory #staytrue #awakening #openyoureyes #911

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by Patricia Cota-Robles 🔷🔷🔷 The following is a very powerful Activity of Light that the Company of Heaven has given to us at this time. It is specifically designed to help Humanity take full advantage of this awesome opportunity. It is stated in the first person, so we will each experience this powerful Ascension process individually, but KNOW that simultaneously we are invoking this Light on behalf of ALL of our Sisters and Brothers in the Family of Humanity, the Elemental Kingdom, and the physical, etheric, mental, and emotional strata of Mother Earth.
This is a Gift from On High that will build in momentum as we invoke this Activity of Light NOW and THROUGHOUT THE REST OF THIS MIRACULOUS YEAR.
I AM Ascending Into My I AM Presence
I AM my I AM Presence and I AM One with the I AM Presence of ALL Humanity. As this wondrous Ascension in the Light occurs within me it occurs through every person on Earth, in perfect alignment with his or her Divine Plan and the highest good for all concerned.
I AM sitting comfortably in my chair with my arms and legs uncrossed and my spine is as straight as possible. I breathe in deeply and instantly I AM relaxed and peaceful. I empty my mind of all of the thoughts of the day and I KNOW, “I AM That I AM.”
I gently go within to the Divinity of my Heart and focus my attention on my Immortal Victorious Threefold Flame. Within the full embrace of my Threefold Flame, I realize that I have transcended the old Earth and crossed the threshold into the 5th-Dimensional Crystalline Solar Frequencies of the New Earth. I have truly entered a New Day filled with the full-gathered momentum of Heaven on Earth.
Victory is mine! Victory is mine! Victory is mine!
With this inner knowing, I realize that I have the awesome responsibility of BECOMING the full manifestation of my I AM Presence while I AM embodied on the New Earth. This literally means Transfiguring my physical, etheric, mental, and emotional bodies into the 5th-Dimensional Crystalline Solar Light Bodies of my I AM Presence.

📍 Cienfuegos, Cuba
One of my favorite city in Cuba. Small and clean, friendly people, beautiful buildings, quite and unhurried atmosphere. ✌
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Open your eyes 👁
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Whenever you watch the Ancient One pull some trippy shit on #doctorstrange #openyoureyes

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