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Někdy stačí si jen dovolit 🕊 #openwing #grancanaria

@fleshmanflyer This is my #openwing Story: There was once a time that I judged my worth based on the numbers on my scale or the times on the stopwatch. Eventually, I became terrified of running, convinced that if I didn't perform, the numbers must be too high. I let it consume my mind, thinking I could achieve my goals that way, but it only drained the life and passion out of me. But not today. Today I realize I am more than my weight. More than my PR. And #morethanarunner I refuse to join the hundreds of runners who destroy their lives, chasing after the perfect body image or the college scholarship. I choose to run free of anxiety and to celebrate each day I get to run, both the good and the bad, because every step is a precious, undeserved gift from God.

River goddess swimsuit edition. ✨💦✨ @aquarian_dawn rocking her Open wing tunic and looking cute as can be. 🌲🐠💦 📷 @strutsfreely #California #river #openwing #yuba #mermaid

Happy Thursday Strong Runner Chicks! This week we have the privilege of hearing some wise words from Runner (& mom!) Sarah Mac Robinson.
Sarah shares with us, "Do you. We are given these perfect amazing bodies, they aren't empty shells to look at, they are incredible tools." Read the rest of the interview at our website, the link is in the bio. Thank you @thatsarahmac 💓💪🏻🏃🏼‍♀️
#openwing #morethanarunner #strongrunnerchicks

I wrote a letter to my younger self. The link is in my bio. This is what moved me. I want the next generation of runner girls to feel encouraged to honor their changing bodies, even when it puts a temporary pause on improvement. I want the coaches and staff and administrators, who have assumed the Responsibility and Privilege of developing and leading these young women, to value health as much as athletic performance. I want the @ncaasports to step up and hold those in Positions of Power accountable, those who create or contribute to a team culture of eating disorders and negative body image, because it is a form of abuse. Illness, body shame, compromised fertility, bone density loss, repeated stress fractures...these are being normalized in the name of scoring points at conference, in the name of NCAA titles, in the name of scholarships and coach bonuses. Just because something is common doesn't mean it's ok. I want the next generation to be set up for a lifetime in the sport. I want the next generation to know I'm not even close to alone in caring about them. There are coaches doing it right. There are countless athletes who now stand on the other side; people who work in the system; people chasing records and medals; people raising daughters...who find it difficult to watch, difficult to speak about. There is a saying, "taking someone under your wing." I want girls and women to know we collectively have their backs. We want to see them thrive as athletes AND human beings. Let's let them know we care about them getting to the other side stronger. Let's be the voice that's louder than the call of short term glory. I have an #openwing for the next generation of runners. Do you? Share your own post with what you want the next generation to know, and use #openwing #morethanarunner so she/we can find it. ❤️

#tbt @ncaasports T&F East Regionals 2006

When you look at this picture you probably see: golden hair and a nasal strip 😛 . .

What I see: A strong girl on the outside, but afraid & struggling on the inside.

To those that don't feel like their experience matters. Yes it does.

I want you to know that my story is powerful and I’m no longer sitting in fear and regret. I want you to know that I run with joy again. I want you to know that I’m present again. I want to affect others in a positive way, to be real, to be relatable, to be transparent. I’ve learned that scars are beautiful when we see them as glorious reminders that we courageously survived. I am a survivor. And for that I want to thank you. .
#Imasurvivor #Imnotgoingtogiveup #mentalhealthawareness #openwing #morethanarunner

Don't care at all that I've posted this photo before because this woman pushes all the boundaries and she falls high on my list of inspirations. Lauren isn't afraid to talk about most of the things we feel embarrassed to talk about in our sport. Titles, championships, PRs, and qualifying times will never be as important as your overall wellbeing. As a high school coach I take it as my personal responsibility to teach my young women about how to embrace change and love their teammates. Read Lauren's new letter to her younger self. It might be exactly what you need to hear ❤️ #openwing #morethanarunner @fleshmanflyer


Day 7️⃣ with #RoadToScorpion is a #chestopener, also known #brokenwing or #openwing #asana in #yinyoga.
It is such a great #pec and #bicep stretch. I definitely need this. Made sure to stay extra long, especially on my right side where I am the tightest. Thanks @cyogalab! #yoga #namaste

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