I can give you the keys. It is not so hard. Believe me. I know and I will help sooooo many people to take the step!😜🌟♐️💃🏽🕺🏻😉🗺🏦🏩📱📈📉🔓🔒❣️♒️☯️☸️♋️♊️⚛️♈️⛎♑️♒️🔱🔛🔝➿#keystoyourmind#openthegates

Exactly 2 years ago today, we were at the Inaugural Game at US Bank Stadium! First game - First SKOL chant - First everything! Truly incredible. 💜💛🏈
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What else are kids for? 🤷🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️🙊#lockthehubs #getthebeers #openthegates @ytg4x4

Album of the week: Vertical Worship - Bright Faith Bold Future. In the world of worship music, there are many churches who have gained noteriety for creating some incredible songs that have made there way outside of their congregations and into others across the globe! With Hillsong, Bethel and Elevation being a few of the more well-known church bands around, one band that has been gaining attention is a band from the great state of Illinois! Formerly known as Vertical Church Band, Vertical Worship have been around since 2012 hailing from Harvest Bible Chapel in Chicago. Led by Andi Rozier, the band has been writing incredible songs for the church that aren't as well-known but are gaining more attention! With Vertical's 5th album, Bright Faith Bold Future features some awesome guest appearances by Sean Curran of Bellarive and One Sonic Society while also taking the band's sound to the next level with some incredible anthems! The record's sound melds the typical rock instrumentation worship music with just enough synths that doesn't overly saturate the overall mix of the band but still drives the record. Favorites include Open The Gates, Yes I Will, My Defense, Real Thing, All Hail The King, and Goodness! Definitely a release that I would highly recommend and excited to see what God has been doing and what He's going to do with Vertical Worship!! #VerticalWorship #BrightFaithBoldFuture #VerticalChurchBand #OpenTheGates #YesIWill #Worship #WorshipMusic #HarvestBibleChapel #AlbumReview

We had a blast worshiping together this morning! What a way to start the week!

Baptisms tonight at 5:00pm! We hope to see you there and join in on the celebration!

Have a blessed week!!

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Before and after.
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Hi Athleten. Eure Hip-ster Party geht weiter. Die Hüfte ist das Zentrum der Leistung (Gesundheit wäre jetzt rabiat an der Stelle), deshalb direkt die nächste Hausaufgabe, wenn ihr in gemütlichen Couch Panties zuhause gammelt, einfach 5 min alle paar Tage "Hüftpflege" betreiben. Siehe Video... Wenn es nicht schmerzfrei möglich ist, melde dich bitte.

Award for best comb over on a Friday morning goes to.... (Insert drumroll) ME! #openthegates #riotfest

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