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Any else out there is welcome to message me. Kik is magnetoofficial group-chat on kik is Marvel X Men #marvelxmen #marvel #xmen #magneto #roleplay #rp #openrp #openrpleplay #grouprp #grouproleplay

Lainey was always to be found in the mansion's garden, surrounded by shrubs, trees, and flowers of various sorts. He wasn't able to see them but was captivated by the smell. Each one smelled different and he loved almost each and every scent there was. He loved the soft feeling of the petals as well.
Lainey was, as guessed, in the garden, surrounded by the blooming trees. The branches hung low and Lainey was almost hidden. He was smelling a flower he had picked before he turned to the direction of approaching footsteps "It's beautiful, right?" He asked with a saddened smile "Describe it to me?" He asked "Colours, shapes- everything" he said softly. He sat, blindly searching for his white-cane. Once finding it hidden in the grass, he clutched onto it before setting it beside him and laying down. He closed his eyes and let out a small sigh, waiting for whoever- Lainey not really caring who it was- to start describing the scenery. It was something he asked a few servants to do for him every once in a while.
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Should I change my model?
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My head is numb from having a massive headache all day. Thank my ass for forgetting water.

an old soul in a young girl's body. lucy bishop lives with her elder sister, cat and dog in a small suburban town right outside of boston, massachusetts. she goes to school during the day, and walks dogs, pet sits, or waitresses at her aunt's cafe for spare cash after school. her dad left when she was little, and she doesn't see much of sister, since she also works multiple jobs. lucy is currently single and content; though if she were to enter a relationship it's no secret she's quite submissive. to pass the time she really enjoys drawing or painting, reading, or just spending time with those she adores. lucy loves music; some of her favorite artists are tdcc, the kooks, the 1975, halsey, patd, hippo campus, or just the entire cast of heathers the musical. she has a few friends who she loves dearly, but really could use a few more. so feel free to say hi!
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Dm to rp Shiro needed for shallura rp based on event after seson 3
Pleas for the love of fucking god read my rules}} •

Allura curled her hand into Shiros, as he tangled his finger into her hair, he had just taken down of her bun. "Shiro" she whispered, her voice shaking, with fear,She didn't even realize tears were running down her cheeks. "Its okay Princess you did wonderful." He whispered as he always did, after Every battle she fought with the rest of voltron. He knew this was how things had to be now The lions had picked their palidiens his job was now to help how ever he could in the castle, but ever since he returned he had taken to comforting the princess, she pushed anyone else away, and insisted she was fine as she sat in her lion. Shiro found the truth out, when he went to check on her and found her shaking and crying in her lion,She admited to him that she felt like she was making the team weak and that she wasnt making her father or her fallen people proud, he assured her they were, but from that moment on he promised hed be there for her.
So here he stood holding her close as she cried, tears of fear of failure, and just tears he held her his princess, he looked at her tilting her head up slightly with his grip in her hair.
She looked at him, no fear in her eyes not even confusion at his actions.
"Trust me?" he asked softly unsure of himself,
She nodded, "Always Shiro..."
He pressed his lips to hers letting go of her hair pulling her close, She responed alm,ost imidently cupping his cheek •
Pc: ?????
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~My Rules~
• •

Here are my rp rules
Here are some things you should know about my account.
1️⃣Don't be afraid to ask for an rp. I don't bite and am always happy to meet new roleplayers.
2️⃣Please make sure that you make literate responses. No * or -, Also be some what descriptive that doesn't mean five sentences of describing what someone does
example: the right way 👍 the brunette walked into the room nervously biting his lip as he looked around 👍
the wrong way 👎he walked into the room and bit his lip 👎
3️⃣No god moding. Under certain circumstances I will allow this, but it's not really fun with someone else is controlling my character . If you have a way you want the plot to go tell me I will most likely be okay with it.
4️⃣If our roleplay becomes uninteresting to you, please let me know so we figure out what to do to make it interesting again or we xan start a new one, Don't just leave me hanging. I won't be angry I promise.
That being said if you don't tell me that you will be gone for x amount of time after 2 weeks I will delete the RP
5️⃣If I don't reply to a roleplay, please tag me! I can get very wrapped up and forget to reply. Don't be afraid to remind! If im away for any amount of time i will tell you since i do work i will tell you if i it will take me time to reply. I will send a heart after 24hr to remind you to reply.
6️⃣ i do involve touchy subjects in some roleplays; such as rape, drugs, cursing, sex, abuse, selfharm eating disorders and murder so please be aware of this.
8️⃣Have fun! Roleplaying is supposed to be a fun and stress relieving experience. No one wants to stress over a rp.
If you have read theses comment 🌙

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20/ argentinian / june 28/ so fucking idiot/ loves Tom the little spider <3/ kinda pansexual/ dinosaur tamer/ loves books and series/ being failed since 1998/potterhead/ send memes/ wants weird friends like him or a squad.
[denme bola la concha de su madre <3]

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