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Lainey was always to be found in the mansion's garden, surrounded by shrubs, trees, and flowers of various sorts. He wasn't able to see them but was captivated by the smell. Each one smelled different and he loved almost each and every scent there was. He loved the soft feeling of the petals as well.
Lainey was, as guessed, in the garden, surrounded by the blooming trees. The branches hung low and Lainey was almost hidden. He was smelling a flower he had picked before he turned to the direction of approaching footsteps "It's beautiful, right?" He asked with a saddened smile "Describe it to me?" He asked "Colours, shapes- everything" he said softly. He sat, blindly searching for his white-cane. Once finding it hidden in the grass, he clutched onto it before setting it beside him and laying down. He closed his eyes and let out a small sigh, waiting for whoever- Lainey not really caring who it was- to start describing the scenery. It was something he asked a few servants to do for him every once in a while.
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Should I change my model?
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Au creds to; this is so overused i don't even know myself. •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••
The most dangerous place an Angel can be is on Earth, and the worst crime an Angel could commit was disobeying direct orders.
Disobeying orders comes with a high price, the price is exile.
John Laurens, Angelica Church, Elizabeth Schuyler, Gilbert de motier de Lafayette and James Madison.
All have something in common. They're all thicc in the head and stubborn as hell, another thing in common you guessed it they've all been exiled.
Now that they're on earth anything could happen to them, what they didn't expect were some rotten demons to drag the fallen angels to hell. !!CHARACTERS!!
Open;🕊 👹Demons👹
Thomas(king of hell): 👹
Alexander: C'est moi !
Hercules: 👹
Maria: 👹
Aaron: 👹
Peggy: 👹
John: 👹
Angelica: 👹
Eliza: 👹
Lafayette: 👹
James: 👹
You're allowed to bend ships
Just don't break. ~~~
Alex hoes around with everyone.#hamilton #alexanderhamilton #hamilfam #hamilsquad #rp #roleplay #hamiltonrp #hamiltonroleplay #hamiltonroleplayaccount #theodosia #aaronburr #thomasjefferson #openrp #openrpleplay #johnlaurens #herculesmulligan


Name: Ekō Oto
Age: 16
Species: Human (With Zetsu leg)
Gender: Male
Sexual Orientation: Bisexual
Blood Type: A negative
Birthday: November 15th
Personality: Positive, Uplifting, Hyper, Willing to fight for the weak, Jokingly, willing to sacrifice himself
Like(s): Music, Sounds, People like him
Dislike(s): Silence, Dull moments, Dull people
Hobby(ies): Writes Songs
Fear(s): Spiders, being in total silence forever
Strength(s): Great Strategist, Unique Release
Weakness(es): Naive
Personal Quote: "You can't stay silent forever. Let people hear your voice!"
History: He was born in a small settlement far outside the borders of the leaf village. His father was a musician and his mother was a simple bar maid. They met when he was preforming in her tavern and after one love song, she was hooked. He decided to stay within the settlement as his traveling band moved on. He brought an era of joy to this dull settlement with his music and soon he became the leader of this town. He gave her a son and they named him Ekō as he too loved music. He soon was trained in the are of a ninja and became proficient at using his Kekkei Genkai. Of course, he gotten older and he had to leave his town to become his own ninja.
Village: The Village Hidden in the Leaves
Chakra Nature(s): Lighting, Water, Earth
Jutsu(s): Ninjutsu and Taijutsu
Clan: The Oto Clan
Kekkei Genkai: Sound Release
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Name: Rota

Gender: Male
Alias: The Fighter
Race: Saiyan

Age: 22
Status: Alive

Affiliation: Saiyan Empire (Before Death)
Occupation: Fighter
Saga Appeared: Buu Saga (Future Trunks timeline)
Relatives: None Alive
Teachers: Bardock, Paikuhan, King Kai
Partners/Friends: The Z Fighters

Rivals: None
Enemies: None yet
Transformations (if any): None yet
Equipment: None
Personality: Prideful, Cocky, Arrogant, Self-Centered
Likes: Fighting, Training
Dislikes: Easy fights, Anyone like him
Goal: To have the greatest battle in history
Hobbies: Sparing
Bio (History): He was the son Toma, a loyal saiyan to his friend Bardock. Rota was raised under bardock's training regiment and so he become a fearsome warrior at a very young age. His father also taught him about history, literature, and many other things while Bardock took it upon himself to train the son of his best friend. Rota was able to meet a young raditz and spar with him . He also saw the birth of kakarot before his planet was destroyed but frieza. He was not killed by frieza however, he was killed by Zarbon. At the same time Dodoria was fighting bardock's squad, Zarbon was ordered to kill the newest student of bardock before he could become stronger. It was well fought but in the end, he was killed by Zarbon. Though many saiyans went to hell because of their evil deeds, Rota was able to keep his body and travel to king kai's planet. He was trained by him and even was trained by paikuhan. He lived the rest of his life in other world, training
Quotes: "This world is not for the weak." Powers and Abilities: Flight, Ki manipulation

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Information of Character
Name (last, first): Bull, Gus
Nickname: The Bear
Age: 19
Birthday (if known): Unknown
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Sexual Orientation: straight
About Him/Her
Personality: Carefree, reckless, self-sacrificial, protective, determined
Strengths in battle: Thinks on his feet
Weaknesses in battle: Won't take insults lightly
Likes: Training, Sparing, Fighting, Eating, Sleeping
Dislikes: Crying, pain, the destruction of animal/plant life, his friends getting hurt/killed
Hobbies: None
Dreams: To Protect Nature
Life Story: Gus was born into chains. He never knew his mother or father only those that were enslaved like him and a close friend he would talk to. He raised by some of the slaves that were nice enough to care and those who were told to raise by the slavers. These people who were holding him captive also had a large cage that was close to Gus' room, if you can call it that. The beast in cage spoke to him at times were no one could hear them. This creature taught him how to speak, write, read, and many other things but as many times the child asked to free him,the beast couldn't. Something was stopping this beast from showing his true power and so the boy made it his mission to free his new friend. He soon did with the magic his friend taught him and this kind creature revealed himself as a mighty earth dragon named Oros. He freed all those enslaved and left with Gus on his shoulder. They never said it but they were family. Years later, Oros disappeared in the night leave only a note on the ground for the young teen to read. It said "Fight On." He continued on his journey as a earth dragon slayer to this day.
Magic Information
Slayer Magic: Earth Dragon Slayer Magic (1st Generation)
Dragon that raised OC: Oros, the mountain dragon hermit
Looks and Appearance
Body Type/Looks: Slim Build
Height: 6'3"
Weight: 105 lbs
Blood Type: A positive
Hair Style: Mohawk
Outfits: Black biker jacket, white tank top, black jeans, red handkerchief (around neck), no shoes
Accessories/Jewelry: None
Scars/Piercings/Tattoos: None

🦋No not today
eonjenga kkocceun jigessji
But no not today
geu ttaega oneureun aniji🦋
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Should I change my model?
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