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Crystal sits in an enclosed room in complete darkness. She had recently been injured after going on a mission. As usual it resulted in her having an injury. While she waited for someone to come help her, her horns began to grow out and appear. She knew that this was a bad sign and wasn't able to heal herself at the moment. It seemed as if the enemy had used a poison or something on their blade when they attacked her. At the moment she felt weak and helpless. All she could do was wait for help from other people. Though she had finished her mission and had taken down her opponents, but now she was in critical condition. If she didn't receive treatment she might go into shock. She held a piece of clothing against her bleeding wound and sat in the dark. Her eyes glowed a blood red within the non lit room. Honestly she did hope that someone was close by and would be willing to help her. If not it would take her body days to heal and to fight against the poison. As she sat slumped against the wall she began to pant heavly and began to grow pale in skin color. Soon her eyes closed and she fell to the ground. Once she fell the door to the room opened. There you stood and saw that she had fallen onto the ground. Quickly you turn on the lights and run over to her. "Crystal.....crystal.....wake up." You said as you shook her gently.
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if u were a car i’d ride u 🤪🤪🤪

I really hate socks

[Open roleplay for VI! Feel free to comment or dm me your reply. Please be literate!]
VI checked the time on the wall clock, sighing as she did so. She waited at the same studio she usually took photoshoots in and her camera person was late. The room was chilly and it forced her to wear a long blue trench coat jacket over the lingerie she was supposed to model in. She wasn’t going to wait long, however. She could be doing better things than sitting here, alone, in underwear. Leg draped over the other, her bare feet were strapped in black stilettos. Her nails—toe and finger—were professionally polished and styled the day before, blue and red clashed together nicely to create a light purple in the center. It was hard to believe nail stylists were able to achieve such a sing on a small canvas such as a nail. The lingerie she wore was the new addition to ‘sexy thrills, summer of ‘69’ collection. Beautiful silk lace hugged the curves of her body comfortably, giving her look and effortless model aura. She wasn’t embarrassed in the slightest when it came to posing in front of people, being more used to it than shy. In fact, she was a little bit of a show light hogger. That is, depending on the situation and timing. The silk was colored of a lilac, exposing parts of her body in a teasing manner rather than go ass naked more or less. Her head perked up from the palm she rested her chin against when the door finally opened. “/Finally,/ it took you long enough.” She said in a sour tone, arising from the chair with the coat hugging around her frame. “Change the temperature of the room, would you? It’s too cold and there’s no way I could shed this thing off unless the air was more comfortable. She frowned when she laid eyes on who walked in. It wasn’t her camera person. “Who the hell are you?” She asked, completely taken back.
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demon. loves flirting, sex and alcohol. dom. anger issues. rough. the neighbourhood enthusiast. unholy.

Shawty bad & she know it. ❣️

[ open rp ]

尺yuu had always enjoyed the heart racing thrills of the club. The loud music running through his bones, the tight room of bodies that didn't make him feel alone- just something about a carefree environment ignited him. And inside, he needed that escape. Anything to feel so light. -
He had been there for a few hours with some friends from work, whom he knew that they barely knew his name. Though, he couldn't care less. Ryuu didn't quite know why he was in the dark club, actually. Maybe to get a body, or to drink away his problems. Either way, again, he couldn't care less. Hunched over the crowded bar, his long fingers wrapped around his glass filled with vodka, watching lazily as the jolly ranchers danced around in their container. -
And for a split second, his oak eyes closed and reopened, and he found himself outside, out back of the booming building, the bud of a smoking cigarette between his fingers. And he suddenly shivered, missing the warmth of the crowd. -
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hi, want a rose lovely? 🥀

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calista scarlett thomas.
est may 9th. 18 years old, stands at the height of 5 foot 2 and a half. sweet exterior, feisty interior. bratty and jealousy issues. bites her tongue a lot. a extreme cry baby. huffs a lot. short tempered, and easily gets frustrated. protective as heck! adores the color yellow. steals most of the side of the bed + blanket. plants flowers in her own time. likes to compare herself to people she wish she could be. daydreamer. bright as a sun. binge watches competitive cooking shows. could be your sweetest daydream, and your worst reality check. known to take 3-4 naps on a good day, and overall known to take naps. dog walker and volunteers for the elderly on the low, studying to be an aquarist. comes from oahu, hawaii but began to make her life out in los angeles, california when she was 15. can play the piano + the cello. collects scrunchies for a living, and coordinates every outfit with them. will pick flowers for you. always on the kids side of netflix. has her headphones up way too loud. known to smell like bergamot and honey. easily blushes, and shy when you first approach her. always using exclamation points for more emphasize, always greets people with miss/mister, and extremely talkative. no preference at all. nobodys baby.

to my lovely boy kieran 💘💝💖💕💓💟💞💗 hi beautiful, I hope you're havin' a good day;) if not, I'm boutta make it 💯 times better!! okay well idk how to start this off sjnsjsjs,, we haven't been friends for like ever so we sadly can't be like one of those adorable love stories, but we can be our own!! Ever since we met, I've been smiley n hella happy lately, like usually I hate everyone and get annoyed easily, but ever since I met u,, I've been smiling a lot- thank you for that! I like to be in good moods,, sometimes. Anyways, I love how we are almost like the same person- we're both pretty much cold hearted, but both have a soft spot for each other and puppies! You're so caring and sweet and that makes my heart go wHOOSH. I can't stop thinking about you, like seriously...it's crazy! The whole time in class today I was supposed to be working on my make-up work (because I was out all last week) and you just slowly slipped into my mind!! I was so happy to have gotten out of school and onto the bus so I could talk to you, you were the only person that made me extra happy!! You mean the entire world and all the galaxies to me! I lava u bb,, you're so cute even tho you say you're not. I want to be able to hold your hand n give you kisses n give you my sweatshirt when you're cold- oh! And I definitely want to be able to kiss all over your stunning face. I'm really glad I met you, thank you thank you thank you for coming onto my page. Well, enough chit-chat and let's just jump right in--- Kierannnnnnn, baby, babe, prince, baby boy, cutie, beautiful, I like you- a lot actually, and I'm sure you already know that...so basically what I'm trying to say is...would u make me da happiest boi alive and let the #keirlan ship sail by being my boyfriend? ew this us probably short but oh well I'm not vv good at these???


you light my firework, i feel like glitter. and every time you come around, i feel like glitter. you're the one that i needed in my life. you're the one that i need to give my time.

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21 year salon owner, tattoo artist, and stripper in love with the moon and all of its stars. Has fake friends but, at least Harrison isn’t one of them. (Although that is what you’d expect from a best friend). Versatile, prefers submission. Pansexual but prefers women. Tired & anxious. Single & loves fucking around, isn’t looking for anything serious (but hi preston i love u baby i’m always down for you). Say hi, like, and comment for a dop and fop.
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Okay so on an iPhone, if you download Instagram and press no for notifications when it first shows, do you have to uninstall and re-download the app to accept it to get notifications because I can’t find any other way to turning them on because it doesn’t show in my settings when I don’t accept it?

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