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Picture or drawing? Both 😍
Pic creds : @grandecutest!

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Mexico ❤️

@laurenjauregui you're so small and cozy and cute and cuddly and your voice is so soothing raspy and sweet and i want to be nala

AWWW this is so cute😩😍cr; @kpthebaby
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Which your favorite 👀

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Think I'm gonna quit this fan page shit now, to old for it, some of y'all where nice some of y'all really need to get a life and suck some dick. But yeah. Bye. (Obvs I'm not gonna delete the account I want to brag to people about how many followers it has)


i've had sad song on repeat ever since scotty released it and i'm 110% sure my friends are planning to sacrifice me soon because of it #openrp

Can y'all shut up for once #openrp #harryrp

I am very sexy but I also am very cute 😅

#btsrp #roleplay #asianrp #kpoprp #kpop #openrp

highkey blessed with his existence 💓#shawnmendes @shawnmendes

roxanne v. evans 🐝
a vibrant and not-so little lady who not only claims to be a gryffindor, but also claims to be way funnier than her boyfriend. she loves greek mythology due to her obsession with percy jackson in elementary school and also frequently plays animal crossing. she's quite friendly and can be very protective of those she cares about, so don't be shy and say hi (or suggest a book to read/a show to watch - she'd appreciate it!)

"how are u"

Fuck me in the ass. I can't find a good model to be. Maybe Ed Westwick or Corey Fogelekmmantis
Or the guy who plays Zach in 13rw

Baby you look happier you do 💖

I want to cherish someone so completely that they arouse poetry within me that sprouts like flowers within sidewalk cracks. Something so beautiful that we are both left breathless with s mind full of each other.

Seth Andrews 🐶☀
------- twenty nine // bartender // bisexual // troubled minded // dorky but a goof ball😅 // socially awkward // bestie of @nxinap 😜 // protective to the ones he loves // loves photography & art🎨 // very insecure about himself // ------
Introduce yourself or say hello ! I don't bite by the way unless if you want me to .. 😌

I'm seriously stressing and I'm close to 10.5k

adeline marie yu has got me feelin' some type of way y'all... #openrp

thank you it was a small gesture but it made me smile,if I got more stuff like this I'd be the happiest boy.
#openrp #newopenrp

what's ur fav type ice cream?
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