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An open road in big sky country is good for soul.
Photo by @lyman_gillen #Montana #OpenRoad #Bozeman #MtBigSkySeries

Check out @parkedinn as they travel through Southern Africa 🔮✨🌏🚐


Discoverer @_nomadicmom getting a ride in New Hampshire. • "Winter has its perks....." • #thediscoverer #newhampshire

Death Valley is amazing. #deathvalley #openroad #skateboarding 📷: @nroushphoto #desert 🏜

This is Pile, one of my favorite dogs around. I'm back in Olympia, WA hanging out with @pairoducks in his tiny house that he built

We finally got around to reading a certain New Yorker article about van life that had the full timer community a bit riled up. We can see why it was upsetting to some, but we had to smile at its familiarity to what life can look like behind the scenes of an Instagrammed road life.
We're not always parked in the deep woods, or the empty desert, or the sunny beach, or some other paradise-like scene. The truth about this photo is, there's cars flanking us in the parking lot. There's a family having a bbq on the beach below. And we're hanging so far over the walk-way that people keep scrambling on the rocks behind us to get by.
Despite these imperfections, this is the view out our window that we want you to see, because it is what we choose to see. We're not trying to lie to you, to tell you that road life is 100% beautiful skylines and open roads. But in a world so full of negativity and harsh realities, we choose to see the beauty in our surroundings and share those beauties with you.
Just know that for every gorgeous picture of our 180 degree beach view there's a hundred more of us in sketchy parking lots, with our hood open, trying to figure out why our engine won't turn. Or we're parked at a Taco Bell, stealing their bathroom, because our tank is almost full. Or we're stuck in a narrow city street, being honked at for blocking both lanes, while we try to find the only vegan restaurant in town. Just know that even though it may be a rain soaked, bad lighting, non-photo worthy time in our lives, we are still laughing, still snuggling with the pups, still living the dream, and still choosing beauty.

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There's nothing like a clear piece of mind, to overcome the hardships in life.
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Cloud Stories | road trip day two • #openroad

¤ COASTAL VIEWS ¤ Taking in the pretty coastal village of Dunmore East yesterday. ❤ I'm enjoying exploring more of #IrelandsAncientEast & making the most of our #roadtrips in this spell of beautiful weather! God, I love my country.😍 #lifestylebloggers #ireland🇮🇪
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Open road to Stari Grad, Hvar, Croatia 🚕 #hvar #starigrad #vintage #travel #adventure #croatia #openroad

Early summer on today's island adventure ......
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Country music, open roads and my puppy. It doesn't get any better. #puppy #javanese #havanesepuppy #mansbestfriend #countryboy #countrymusic #openroad #adventureisoutthere #carride

We be actin a fool like we know how! 😜 This trip has allowed me to get reconnect with so many people from my past and this was a much needed! Thanks for everything @c.l.ruiz and see ya soon girl!! •

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The door to warmth in a cold place. In the machine operators room on the high desert. #fb

US 1 stretches from Fort Kent, Maine all the way down to Key West, offering a different slice of America with each leg. Take on the full journey or choose one segment - one of the best being the Southernmost part of the highway, from Miami to the Florida Keys, where you'll drive over multi-mile long bridges offering 360 degree views of the ocean. Time your trip during stone crab season from mid-October to mid-May, and pull over at Ballyhoos on Key Largo to get your fix! (Save room for Key Lime pie at super-dive backwater spot, Alabama Jacks, enroute back to Miami!)

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