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I will break the chains. Turn them into flowers, shower you with them. #rogueballerina #openmindedness #generosity #artscollide @rachelnevillephoto 📸 @catsbroadway to @nycballet

The measure of intelligence is the ability to change. #Einstein #flexibility #OpenMindedness

Bu seneki kongre seremonilerimizi anlı şanlı bi şekilde tamamladık 🙋🏼🤗🇹🇷 #indercos #dromurtekeli #supplements #agingisabeautifulthing #openmindedness

London welcomes everybody with arms wide open #everybodywelcome #openmindedness #londontime

I am not what you think I am.
you are what you think I am.
#alwaysontheroad #motherearth #meditate #openmindedness

I've stayed away from posting stuff about my political belief.... because I know there's always another side.... who is really right who is wrong.... ? It Opens myself up for lewd comments and remarks. But YOU ARE THE COMPANY YOU KEEP. Regardless of who you vote for you have to admit... this is RIDICULOUS. #OurChildren'sFuture #Love #Empathy #OpenMindedness #COMMUNICATION #Growth #Listen

"Live above average..make some shit u never made before" #LateNightSnacc #OpenMindedness #NotYourAverageSlap @saintrecords

never say never.
after those cups during the japan trip, im quite into it. i'm surprised.
maybe I will be eating sashimi one day. who knows.
#neversaynever #nothingisimpossible #openmindedness #whynot

~Gender is the poetry each of us makes out of the language we are taught-Leslie Feinberg✨

We need to stop discriminating and abusing people's right to live without persecution



It's all how you react to what happens to you

Let go of what would've been, could've been or should've been & just L I V E. 💚

Ain't nothing to it, but to do it. 🗿

Narrow mindedness often leads to potentially dangerous situations #beopenminded #openmindedness

"I am a good leader because I have an open mind, I try to. I’m hard working and I think critically. I think these are essential because as a leader you need to be able to learn and adapt to situations without the monopoly of one person—you need to have an open mind and recognize and acknowledge the ideas of others and integrate these with yours to possibly affect change."
--- Maxwell is a Mastercard Foundation Scholar at Ashesi University. Scholars like Maxwell continually learn from those around them to strengthen their ideas and serve their communities better. Read their stories on the Scholars Program website - link in bio.

I morgen står den på #chppride i #kbh med Kathrine ✌️#minførstegang #glædermig #lørdag #copenhagen #wonderful #people 👏 #freedomfromprejedices #openmindedness #lovelife and life will love you ☀️☀️🌼 🍀 #world #earth #weareallone #donotjudge if so you're only judging yourself #peaceout ✌️

Everyone wants true LOVE and everyone is capable is getting it. YOU just have to believe that there is someone that GOD made that is your exact match. We've been conditioned to think that MATCH means SAME.. your perfect match may be polar opposites with you. You have to understand that and be open to that ideal. It may be their opposite personality that compliments the situation when conflicts occurs. Two hot heads could not possibly get along and that's why you hear Opposites attract. Focus on attracting someone that helps compliment your flaws and be open to loving them unconditionally FLAWS and ALL . Believe that the one is on their way. It can happen for you too!
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I am absolutely appalled and heartbroken by the direction our country is taking. Call me naive for being shocked by the explosive rise of blatant racism, xenophobia, bigotry, etc., but never in my lifetime did I imagine I would ever witness what I have in these past months - both nationally and very close to home. It's not just about black vs. white, or Jewish vs. Muslim vs. Christian... it's not just about any label someone can think of that divides people. What it is coming down to is a spreading lack of integrity, honor, respect - the most basic of human decencies - mixed with a growing acceptance that treating someone as "less than" is OK. This idea that anyone is "superior" for having a specific set of traits, or for following a certain religion, or whatever it may be, is just shameful.

Someone I spoke to the other day made a very good point - where does it stop? Let's say suddenly the white supremacists got their way and America was all white, it stands to reason that it wouldn't stop there. So, who is included in the next group that would be selected as "inferior"? Who is included in the next group after that group has been removed? Eventually, in that cycle of thinking, the people who currently think they are "superior" could easily find themselves to be the next in line to go... so again, where does it stop?

I generally don't like to post things like this and have on many occasions chosen not to post anything stating my opinion about current events, because, to be honest, with the way things currently are in our country, I fear a backlash for openly expressing my opinion - and it's something I know others can relate to. Admitting to feeling such a fear makes me deeply sad. Yes, everyone is free to speak their minds, I do not argue that point, but it's not just opinions that people are posting anymore. More and more often people are resorting to personal attacks and are using their comments to degrade others and to be intentionally hurtful. I cannot understand, nor do I want to understand, how a person can rationalize such behavior and deem it to be an acceptable way to speak to or treat another person.

All of that said, I'll leave you with this...

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He addresses real life issues with a touch of satire, he's a real relief in this world of stress.
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