Gemma in her swimwear 😍😍😍

I am often ask why we chose an open adoption and if it is awkward communicating with Lillie’s biological family. There is a huge misconception surrounding open adoption, with most people feeling wary of it or believing it is unhealthy for the adoptee and I absolutely despise it. Open adoption is a type of adoption in which birth & adoptive families have some form of ongoing contact after placement. For our family, open adoption works because Lillie & I share the same biological family (I’m adopted too. There is a reason she looks like me 😉) Another irritating misconception is that all birthmothers place children for adoption because of bad circumstances- also FALSE. Every situation is different and cutting ties with biological families isn’t always necessary. Open adoption is NOT in anyway co-parenting. Like any relationship- it requires work, a lot of trust & love. These roles are not defined in society and can look different. While we don’t talk with her immediate family everyday or even every week, we do send pictures frequently and keep each other in the loop. Getting to celebrate her & her milestones is such a blessing, I can’t imagine trying to keep her all to ourselves. Open adoption means that our Lillie(or the adoptee) will never have to search for their biological family or wonder about their health history. They also have an opportunity to see people who look like them and more people to love them.❤️ I am thankful my parents chose to be so transparent about my adoption & encourage those relationships.
One of the women in this picture gave me life & the other taught me how to live it. I love them both unconditionally and I know I am who I am because of my relationships with both of them. Together, they are what motherhood looks like for me & for that, I’m forever grateful❤️ #motherhood #momdiaries #domesticadoption #openadoption #familyadoption #adoption

Glutton for punishment? Perhaps... #summerchallenge #howmanydays #hopingtoadopt #openadoption

I used to get so angry with my body when the babies weren't coming. I would berate it for failing me month after endless month for no apparent reason. It took me years to learn to be kind to this body that was only trying its best to function in the way it was intended to. Our bodies may not always do or give us the outcome we want. Whether it's a baby, strength, weight, health, emotional well being-- whatever it is that your body is working on, be kind to it. Love it for the miracles it is producing every moment of every day. Show gratitude for the functions of your body that are working perfectly to sustain your life; The blood pumping through your veins and the breath it is giving you so you can live to see another day.

Even though my body didn't grow a baby in the traditional way, I thank it for making sure my heart could. Even though I wasn't meant to wrap my arms around my stomach and feel the signs of life in there, I thank those arms for being made to hold the boys that someone else could not. I may not have heard their heart beat through a monitor, but my ears have listened well to all of their fears and dreams from the deepest parts of their little hearts. And my eyes you guys. I thank them the very most, for allowing me to look into these beautiful faces that hold no gene of mine and see my wildest dreams come true staring back at me every day.

My body never failed. Not for one second. Rather, it prepared me. The emptiness in my womb made all the room necessary to grow my babies in my heart.

So love your body well, especially the broken parts of it, and thank it profusely for all the work it is doing to help you live your beautiful life.

Just one of my (Melanie’s) favorite things!! We had peonies in my yard growing up, and I was always so fascinated with how gorgeous and fluffy they were! When I moved to Utah and met Ryan, I soon realized that his parents yard was (still is) packed full of them in every corner! My dream yard! 😍 We went up there tonight for dinner and his mom and I went out and picked some from the garden. So fragrant and beautiful. It’s the little things in life like this that make me so happy! I also love that they always bloom close to my 2nd daughter’s birthday. Ryan’s parents brought us a big vase of them in the hospital when she was born and it always takes me back to that sweet time.

Josh and Amber are from sunny Florida!! They are a loving Christian family of 3 looking forward to sharing their family traditions and adventures with another child. They would love the opportunity to speak with you and open our arms to your child! Learn more about them at bit.ly/JoshAmberAdopt.
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1.)SB $7/ MB $1/ AB $15
2.)SB $5/ MB $1/ AB $13
Base credit to lavvythejackalope on deviantart.
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Today was absolutely perfect! 🤩😍💜 More photos to come. #openadoption #loveher

Pool Day!!! 🌞

The grill master and his apprentice.....

I was so honored today to celebrate the high school graduation of one of the amazing women/birth Mother’s I worked with. She, her family, and her daughter’s family are a testament to what choices can do for woman. Congratulation Harley!!
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Beagle jantan 10 bulan dihibah
Sdh disteril
Alasan hibah pemilik mao pindah ke jakarta
S & K berlaku
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I met the scariest cartoon in real life today and had to explain to my son why his mouth was moving and he wasn’t talking. I’m not ready for how smart he is! 😳❤️😭
I got quite the confirmation from the AP that our relationship is perfect for them and they love me. I’ve been very insecure in what my role is as birthmother and starting to finally feel like I understand that is the absolute greatest feeling 🙏🏻
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Doing a large oc purge lmao
They’re all ata, however I will most likely accept otas uwu
I think all of them have more art (like the strawberry oni girl on the first page has two more paintings I did a very long time ago), however I cant find them somehow????
1: closed!
2: pending!
3: open
4: open
5: closed!
6: open
7: open
8: closed!
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