Cozy, #colorful quilt 😍. #hugge #colormehappy #colortherapy #color #colors #liveincolor #ilovecolor #quilts #quilt .
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Wooohooo Rainbows on a Monday is complete and looking fabulous!! She’s currently in the wash before she lays flat to dry, get a once over to make sure none of the ends snuck out in the wash and the tag gets sewn on and then it’s mailed off to it’s new owner. She’s a beaut! Though I am looking forward to whipping up some socks for my son as a reward for completing. Anyways. I hope your all having a wonderful weekend. All the love! #rainbowsonamonday #rainbow #rainbowblanket #rainbowcolors #allthecolors #allthehearteyes #colourblockhexies #olivesandpickles #op_completion #op_crochet

Wooohooo Rainbows on a Monday is complete and looking fabulous!! She’s currently in the wash before she lays flat to dry, get a once over to make sure none of the ends snuck out in the wash and the tag gets sewn on and then it’s mailed off to it’s new owner. She’s a beaut! Though I am looking forward to whipping up some socks for my son as a reward for completing. Anyways. I hope your all having a wonderful weekend. All the love! #rainbowsonamonday #rainbow #rainbowblanket #rainbowcolors #allthecolors #allthehearteyes #colourblockhexies #olivesandpickles #op_completion #op_crochet

What do you do when you’ve woven in the ends on two pairs of socks? Well you start a new pair of course!! I will be stopping these new socks after the rounded toe and saving them for Friday when we travel to my parents. It’s only a 4 hour drive but I like to get as much knitting in as I can while my hubby drives because he’s amazing and he loves me and I love keeping my hands busy and making the most of my time. I feel weird sitting idle. *tap to see the different small businesses and yarn I used* #formydad #giftsocks #sockknitting #sockknittersofinstagram #startingnew #op_completion #op_knits

I also wanted to share this photo a friend and customer sent me of how much she still loves her blanket I made for her two years ago! This is why I do what I do!
If you want your own @olivesandpickles blanket pop into my Etsy shop and check them out. I have a variety of sizes from baby to adult. The link to my Etsy shop is in my profile. #olivesandpickles #op_completion #op_crochet

I finished this baby bear toque today for a custom order size 3-6 months but I modified it at the customers request for a higher forehead and lower back of the neck for a sweet girl who gets very upset when the toque ends up in her eyes. Here’s hoping this extra soft texture of @lionbrandyarn’s Homespun Thixk and quick is soft and fluffy enough to make this little one excited about wearing a toque and keep it on her head. #babybeartoque #gendernuetral #babygirl #op_completion #op_crochet

Yesterday I whipped up this adorable 0-3 months baby bear toque on custom order. I snapped a quick photo for the customer but I was so busy yesterday I didn’t even get a chance to put it on IG. I love these cozy, fuzzy textures. I’m sure this babe will be snuggly and warm this winter. #babybeartoque #softandfluffy #op_completion #op_crochet

Guys I bit the bullet and finally updated my Etsy shop. With 7 NEW items. Ok all of them are items you have seen before and some of them have taken their sweet time showing up in my Etsy shop but I finally did it. 4 #babybeartoque, 2 #decroativepillows and 1 child/aldult slouchy beanie with an oversized pompom. The shop also has 5 blankets ranging from baby to adult, a couple patterns, templates and sketches to follow along and make your own hexie blankets. So if your interested in those items or you just wanna check it out click the link in my profile and head on over to my #Etsy shop. I also uploaded my logo there too! It’s been a stressful, anxiety filled, I’d rather be crocheting kind of day so if you don’t mind I’m going to duck out and whip up another baby bear toque. Catch you later peeps. #olivesandpickles #etsyshop #shopupdate #toques #beanies #hats #slouchybeanie #pillows #andmore #op_completion #op_forsale #op_crochet

I spent the morning labeling my items and delivering a few of them. I spent the afternoon trying to sort out photos I had already taken and get them on my computer. I’m trying to get past my anxiety and find the motivation to get the last 4 baby bear toques in my Etsy shop as well as a pillow I finished last spring. One day this week I hope. #babybeartoque #etsyshop #etsy #op_completion #op_forsale #brickbubblelabels #op_crochet

I finished these adorable big sister little sister matching baby bear toques today!! I can’t wait to meet the little sister when she’s born but I happen to known the big sister is going to look sooooo cute in her toque!! They just need a wash and to be labeled. #babybeartoque #lavender #matchingtoques #matchinghats #bigsister #littlesister #purple #toques #op_completion #op_crochet

I finished up the sweetest little variegated blue baby bear toque for a little boy just 10 days from his due date and a Mumma who can’t wait to hold him. #babybeartoque #blue #variegated #premieryarns #bluebear #op_completion #op_crochet

I have finally finished this gorgeous Chunky Braided Cabled Blanket and it's now SOLD!!! It's made with bulky acrylic yarn and a large hook to create a real squishy cozy texture. Just like snuggling under a warm cloud because of that the dimensions of the blanket are hard to gauge. It's approx 55" by 69" and costs $475 CAD plus shipping. Please message me if you are interested in purchasing this blanket.
My version of the Chunky Braided Cabled Blanket by Stephanie of @allaboutami (found for free on her blog or a inexpensive printable ad free PDF version sold in her Etsy shop or at Craftsy) used just over 21 balls of Loops and Threads Charisma in Off white with a US P hook because I knew I crocheted tightly I wanted to make sure I created that loose texture that other could create naturally with a smaller hook. I used 20 balls for the body of the blanket and 1 and a bit from a 22nd ball for the border. Stephanie's step by step pattern is amazing and I used her multiples to increase my chain to adapt to my bulky yarn. I have never made a blanket with bulky yarn but I will definitely do it again. #chunkybraidedcabledblanket #allaboutami #op_completion #op_crochet

I didn't get a photo of one of the baby bear toques I finished on Monday before my Mumma @michellegierphoto bought it and took it home for her photography business but I'm sure I'll see a beautiful photo of it soon enough. I did finish up this cream one yesterday and whipped up this bottom left grey one which is a smaller replacement for the top grey one. I was worried it wouldn't fit the babe. I'm now in the process of making a baby cocoon to match. I made a green fimo clay handle for this 6.5mm hook and it's making a huge difference. I didn't realize how used to them I had become. Lol oh and this is my bed buddy, he has no name yet but my Mumma bought his for me as a throw back to the stuffed pig I picked out when I was a just a wee girl. I still have that one too. I haven't yet gotten anything posted to the shop yet, in so sorry. Maybe in a couple days, I'm really busy right now. Message me if you need a #babybeartoque for any size before then. I also have some other colours now. $25 CAD for child sizes plus shipping. #forsale #availablenow #toque #beanie #hat #op_forsale #op_completion #op_crochet

This weeks work. I know it's Saturday and I don't usually post work updates on the weekend but since I didn't post yesterday and my mom arrived and I showed her the #babybeartoque's I made for her but one was WAY too big and the other I made two sizes. With her all her experience and constant exposure to wee babes through her photography @michellegierphoto (which is why she is purchasing two beautiful baby bear toques) she was able to help me decide that my previous smooth grey toque was also too large for its new owner. I'm in the process of whipping her up that textured "warm cream" baby bear toque bottom right. All of the top row of baby bear toques will be available in my shop next week. The cream one is 6-12 mo, smooth grey is 3-6 mo and the textured grey is 6-12 mo also please message me if you simply can not wait for Etsy. In the coming weeks I should have some textured brown, dark grey, cream and silver in many sizes, lavender and royal blue. #toque #op_forsale #op_completion #genderneutral #babygift #babyboy #babygirl #babybear #babytoque #babyhat #op_crochet

GUESS WHAT!?! I shaved my legs! I know I know your all excited. Me too!! 😂😂😂. All jokes aside I totally did shave my legs it's a rarity but totally a happy coincidence for the completion of my first ever pair of hand knit socks!! It took me seven weeks of off and on evenings and weekend knitting to complete both but I'm pretty thrilled. I'm glad I choose such luxurious yarn because life's too short not to knit with cashmere. This is @fleeceartist_handmaiden's Adam and Eve yarn. I happen to have forgotten the colour way. I'm sorry. #firstpair #handknitsocks #yay #cashmere #merino #green #greensocks #ilovethem #op_knits

I also want to share now that I've found a chance to take some quick photos that I finished these beauties 3 days ago. My #blendedsocks form the #howirollsocks pattern by @orangeknits look amazeballs!! I am so in love!!! 😍😍😍 I plan to make many more pairs of blended socks one day but first I have a long list of socks for others I'd like to finish or make. #pinkandyellow #finished #op_knits

A finished sock for a little boy and sadly it's just one for now. It isn't discouraging him though he told anyone and everyone that would listen every time I brought out the socks to knit that they were HIS socks and HE picked the colours. He's so proud and excited to wear them and that brings me so much joy!! Swipe to see our entertaining little photo shoot and his adorable little mug at the end. #blendedsocks #redandgreen #hepickeditout #helovesthem #longdogyarn #daydreamyarns #handmaidenfineyarn #op_knits

Guys I did such a great job keeping these beauties a secret that I forgot to take a completion photo before I gifted them!! 😂 I knit these socks with @fleeceartist_handmaiden's heaven colour way they are an amazing NCM because life's too short not to knit with cashmere and my Mumma (@michellegierphoto @rockymountaingirl) deserves the very best for her big 50th birthday!! I knit them two at a time with @knittingexpat's Mina's two at a time socks pattern and a fish lips kiss heel from @soxtherapist. They turned out fabulous and my Mumma was thrilled to be the first person to receive socks from me, my second completed pair! She loves them!! #happybirthdaymumma #birthdaysocks #alittlesliceofheaven #lifestooshort #knitwithcashmere #op_knits

This weekend I also casted off my @flockfibre "somewhere under the rainbow" sock blank socks for Brandy @longdogyarn's Blank-A-Long #ldybal2017 before the end of Sept. Yay me! I'm pretty stoked with how they turned out, it was my first time using a sock blank and they are totally fun mismatch socks and I love rainbows. What a great adventure!! * Swipe to see all my funny feet poses * #sockblank #firstsockblank #blankalong #flockfibrestudio #somewhereundertherainbow #op_knits

Today I finished up another #babybeartoque 0-3 mo this time in @lionbrandyarn's Homespun Thick and Quick Dove colourway. So very baby polar bear wouldn't you agree? I barely won yarn chicken and with what was left I whipped up this little Pom Pom maybe for a beanie of left overs. Anyways it didn't take me long to get started on the second request of this order another 0-3 months baby bear toque this time in #lionbrandyarn's homespun clouds colourway and only a 6mm hook so I'm having to fiddle to directions a little so fit is the same. #op_completion #crochetpolarbearhat #bearhat #beartoque #babygift #baby #op_crochet

Not bad for a mornings work! It will keep a soon to be baby very cozy in their woodland themed #babybeartoque. I promised two others to another by the weekend and judging by how quickly I made this adorable one I can totally accomplish that and get some thanksgiving groceries. I'm really looking forward to seeing my family this weekend. I woke up this morning and was like wow they come on Friday! Yay!! Back to the matter at hand. How cute is this little grey bear toque!! Next up a fluffy white baby polar bear!! #grey #gray #toque #hat #crochetpolarbearhat #op_completion #op_crochet

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