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I also wanted to share this photo a friend and customer sent me of how much she still loves her blanket I made for her two years ago! This is why I do what I do!
If you want your own @olivesandpickles blanket pop into my Etsy shop and check them out. I have a variety of sizes from baby to adult. The link to my Etsy shop is in my profile. #olivesandpickles #op_completion #op_crochet

My 2016 #temperatureblanket turned out very beautiful and caped off with a row of dark blue. It's probably for the best that it ended yesterday tomorrow is supposed to get mighty cold again. It was such a fun adventure. I was a bit frustrated that my tension changed a big and that my over compensation drastically altered the blanket. It seems that in the end my rule of only crocheting a couple of rows at a time seemed to be the best method for keeping a consistent tension. Irregardless, the blanket needs a wash and dry before I add a label and trim the fringe. The blanket is approx 49" wide (before fringe) and approx 75" long. And will cost $460 CAD plus shipping. Feel free to message me if you are interested in purchasing this bright beautiful blanket. #temperatureblanket2016 #op_tempblanket #op_completion #op_crochet

My last minute project for this community sale/market is this pillow. I have some of this "Squirt" variegated colourway leftover and I plan on making a colour block hexie baby blanket with it one day soon. #op_completion #pillow #cushion #reversible #op_crochet

The finished cat house, it may sounds like a silly project but it got my daughter off of technology, we worked together and bonded during Christmas vacation and it made her so happy. Not to mention the cats. The blanket is my little touch of crochet and the bunting as I expected has become a toy which is why it's only held in by two pins but it sure is beautiful. #cathouse #bunting #carboardboxes #paint #diy #becreative #motherdaughterproject #op_crochet #op_completion

The Cactus Flower baby blanket is complete and I am so thrilled with how it turned out. It is now available for $150 CAD plus shipping. It's not yet on Etsy so please let me know if you are interested in purchasing this beautiful baby blanket and we can make arrangements. It is 30" wide and 40" long it fits perfectly inside a standard North American crib and will wrap your baby in warmth and comfort for the first many years. It's made of 100% acrylic yarn so it can be machine washed and all it needs is to be laid flat to dry. So it's very durable for a busy baby and its family. It's a wonderful addition to your baby room or a great gift for that expectant mother in your world. #op_forsale #op_completion #babyblanket #forsale #colourblockhexies #op_crochet

The Sugar Plum Princess #custom baby blanket is finally completed for @heyyitsmadd. I just adore the #lilacandmint colour palette she chose and allowed me expand and add a few accents. Now both her sweet girls will have #colourblockhexies baby blanket made by me. I just love watching her sweet girl grow and I can't wait to see the bond between the two of them blossom. #purpleandteal #babyblanket #op_completion #op_crochet

I'm so excited to tell you I've finished another blanket!! This little baby blanket is 30" wide and 32" tall valley to valley. It is $120 CAD plus shipping. It's made of acrylic yarn of a variety of brands so it has a variety of textures to delight you and your little one. It is machine washable and only needs only to lay flat to dry. I also whipped up *not shown here but can be found in my IG stories* a little memory hexie for the keepsake box using the left over yarn. My sister loves her blankie until it was nothing more then tattered shreds thankfully my mom saved some small square. This would be like that small square. You can message me directly to purchase this blanket. #forsale #op_forsale #colourblockhexies #op_completion #op_crochet

I spent the morning labeling my items and delivering a few of them. I spent the afternoon trying to sort out photos I had already taken and get them on my computer. I’m trying to get past my anxiety and find the motivation to get the last 4 baby bear toques in my Etsy shop as well as a pillow I finished last spring. One day this week I hope. #babybeartoque #etsyshop #etsy #op_completion #op_forsale #brickbubblelabels #op_crochet

Yesterday I whipped up this adorable 0-3 months baby bear toque on custom order. I snapped a quick photo for the customer but I was so busy yesterday I didn’t even get a chance to put it on IG. I love these cozy, fuzzy textures. I’m sure this babe will be snuggly and warm this winter. #babybeartoque #softandfluffy #op_completion #op_crochet


I finally finished my little man's toque. Would you believe, the label of this yarn showed no weight. So it's in my guess a super bulky yarn, it's going to over heat him like crazy considering he's a warm kid to begin with and its heavy but he totally loves it!! Now to put my tag on it and move onto one of my many other projects on the go, next up is a top secret Christmas gift. #dragontoque #finished #op_crochet

I decided to would work on my "80's baby" blanket last night. I knew I had to take my son to an appointment that would be very far away, so I thought I'd get a jump start on today and what do you know it was almost completed last night. So here is finished in all its bright beautiful glory. 37" wide by 48" tall, it would be perfect for a child, a lapghan or a wheel chair blanket. It's crocheted out of a variety of worsted weight acrylic yarns which gives it lots of different textures. It's machine washable, but it needs to lay flat to dry. It has been posted in my Etsy shop for $227 CAD plus shipping. You can message me here on IG, or go straight to my Etsy shop by following the link in my profile. #80sbaby #colourblockhexies #op_forsale #op_completion #op_crochet

My Circus Tent blanket is finally complete, I'm so happy, it only took me 7 days to complete. I told my friend Katrina @katrinavitch that I was holding it hostage so she would have to come visit me. Lol. It's created with a 5.5mm hook, a variety of worsted weight acrylic yarns, using my Colour Block Hexie Pattern sold in my etsy shop, the link is in my profile.
The baby blanket will be a silent auction item which is part of my dear friend Katrina Inaugural Rare Finds Gala Fundraiser. Taking place in Calgary, Alberta, Canada my friend is raising money for The Rare Disease Foundation.
If you'd like more information please message me and I can send you the link. .
#colourblockhexies #abstractart #rarediseasefoundation #op_crochet

I'm leaning towards ending it right there and weaving in the last of the joining ends. I'm really not a border person. I do however love how this turned out. I think I would be interested in hunting down a solid diamond shape pattern for next time. It's 24" wide by 35" long made of easy care worsted weight acrylic yarn with a 5.5mm hook. The pattern is by @lazydaisyjones in Crochet Now Magazine @crochetnowmag issue 1. #op_completion #gift #op_crochet

This beautiful Retro Chic child sized blanket is complete! It measures 37" wide and 49" long valley to valley, I had never made a blanket this size before. I worked diligently 13 days to complete this beauty. Thankfully I now have time to wash and dry it before hand delivering it to its new owner @judymillershow next week. I'm so excited for her to see it in person. Still a few finishing touches to do like a care card and to add my wooden tag. Thanks so much for all your amazing support. #colourblockhexies #op_completion #op_crochet

I finished these pretty pink leg warmers last night, although she is now out looking for silver yarn to add some little silver hearts and a little silver scalloped top edge. #op_crochet

I finally completed this beautiful #4seasonschevron blanket for my Grandmother. It ended up being 61" by 53" it turned out gorgeous!!! #op_crochet

Blanket two complete!! Going to give them both a wash, and allow them to dry before packaging them up and shipping them off to their new home to await the birth of their new owners. #op_crochet

Yay!!! One of two beautiful hexie baby blankets completed!!! It turned out quite well. #op_crochet

All completed and oh so gorgeous!

This photo is pre washing machine however it is fine and drying now on my bed. With all the different brand of yarn they all said machine wash however the drying instructions varied so I went with the most delicate ones: lay flat to dry.

It has inspired three baby blankets in three different color palette which I will be creating next.

Pattern: Geometric Lace by Rachele @cypresstextiles purchased at her Etsy shop BabyLoveBrand. Minus the lace border, and lacy half hexies.

Materials: 100% acrylic worsted weight easy care yarn in a variety of brands.

Size: 46 inches by 61 inches at the points.


Yay!!! I've completed this beautiful baby blanket and it's now available for sale!!! It's 100% easy care acrylic yarn approx 32 inches square. **Available now for $40 CAD plus shipping** #op_crochet

This beautiful handmade baby blanket is now available for purchase. It's made of Caron Simply soft 100% Acrylic yarn. Machine washable and dryable and It's approx 30 by 23 inches. #op_crochet #Hipstamatic #lowy #gotland

Day 2 of the 5 Day Creative Challenge…
Big thanks again to Tammy @punkrawkpurl for the invite to play. For five days I will post something that I have made (photo, crocheted, art project, etc.) and challenge another talented friend to do the same.

My Day 2: This is my first successful full sized crocheted blanket. Granted I also haven't washed it, I'm completely petrified it's going to all apart. It was made for my daughter, she received it at Christmas and has been on top of all her bedding every night since. It really makes me so happy that she loves it so.
I'm inviting my inspiring friend, Dawn @dawnincali to do this challenge, if you'd like. Post something you've made daily for 5 days, and tag another creative friend that you know

#Hipstamatic #americana #telegraph #op_lilypad

You can't find me. I'm the Gingerbread Man! Homemade Christmas ornaments are a tradition in this house. #op_christmas #hipstamatic #foxy #rijks

Do you ever get that feeling? You know the one where you feel like your compelled to do something, like you have no say in the matter it just has to be done?! I do all the time, this time it was to make this adorable mini granny square crochet basket I found on Pinterest. It's freaking adorable and I totally nailed it. #op_crochet #hipstamatic #Benedict #gotland

My last project for my Mumma's photography. A newborn to 3 month old long, stripy elf hat. I hope it fits!! #op_crochet

I so totally just made this!! I'm so proud of myself all of the baby crowns online that I wanted to make were patterns for sale. So while looking at the photo I just copied and adapted some of the stitches. It was supposed to be a surprise for my mumma for her photography studio but I'm just too damn excited!! I made that!! #op_crochet

This iPad Case is a little project I've been working on the past few days. I had originally wanted it to be a "when in use case" so you could see the screen but I got frustrated and changed my mind. #op_crochet #hipstamatic #foxy #maximuslxix

I've completed my son's blanket. I wish I could say I'm happy or excited but really I kinda feel a sense of loss. Its hard to make something so beautiful and put it in a shelf for three months but I look forward to giving it to him and hers to her at Christmas. #op_crochet #hipstamatic #foxy #sussex

Finally finished an woven in all the ends of my mother in laws scarf. I hope she likes it. #op_crochet #hipstamatic #lowy #gotland


Im not sure how to photograph a full sized blanket. I'd do it on her bed but its not made and she's using her brothers sheets. Lol

#hipstamatic #lowy #gotland

Made with love for a baby girl due in May. Fastest blanket ever, I started Sunday afternoon and finished this(Thursday) morning!! #op_crochet #Hipstamatic #RayMarkII #Irom2000

3... 2... 1... Blast Off!!!! I sure hope he likes it, now to plan his birthday party! #op_crochet #Hipstamatic #Lowy #BlankoFreedom13

Today I am grateful that this blanket is finally complete and is laying on my to dry! A bit frustrated that my ends are sneaking out but its all about learning. 40/365. #op_365grateful #365grateful #365grateful_hipstas #Hipstamatic #Oggl #Lowy #BlankoFreedom13

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