Oh, Oh you Law?

Even if we can't para,
its normal to begin to taya.
If we won't stop to live in low class,
then why do we live in house of glass?

I wonder why studying law,
should tantamount to eating shit raw.
Teacher will be on the floor,
and everything will look like war.

I wonder why our huge tuition,
cant earn simple recognition.
One LLS FEE in my faculty,
is superior to the school authority.

Every effort in Evidence wont just be Evident.
CarryOver be raining in coincidence.
Strange_old faces wont stop to look like ghost.
Of goal_draining; our classes are now like post.

Our uniform is not common,
our common P is not in Uniform.
Criminals are now our mentors,
our mentors are known criminals.

We are not about the luck to study law,
folks no longer bother about what they saw.
Its now in general the fear of finishing Lawyers.
We all live in fears of living as liars.
Differemt madness are now in stocks...
Our Dean now bees in socks.

Let us not talk of eyes behind the walls, Ayan_Something got cctv in plenty.
Nubi will just mount monday like it is a dying day.
Leigh, lies luxurious lies like he’s an iron.
Ogun_Shakiti walks over marks like he is a legion.

Let us not talk about...
This is not a round about.
This is time to know about laws!
This is time to say this sucks.

Now we are about waving,
now they distract what we are craving.

If they concur and we all succumb.
If they are quite and everywhere is like a tomb.
Only God, knows who shall come.
Only tide knows when time shall come.

Maybe then, a lad would stand.
Maybe then, we'd no longer stand;
to slap this traps they play as raps.
Maybe then, Omoye will be too far from wraps.
Maybe then, we’d be dead,
maybe then, we’d all be gone.

This OoULAw something, sincerely issa serious something. ✍Alberto_Okuti.
I.G: @alberto_okuti

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