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It has been about 3 weeks since my last surgeries for #endometriosis #adhesions and #oophorectomy. I do not have Endo pain. I have healing tenderness and swelling but that's it. I am thankful to have had skilled #excision surgeons for my battle. The oophorectomy was not to treat Endo, just in case anyone is confused. Adhesions killed my ovaries after a #hysterectomy to treat #adenomyosis. #notallsurgeonsarecreatedequal #drdulemba

Amazing date night with my amazing husband!! So glad we got to have some much needed time together!! #brca2 #brca2positive #oophorectomy #doublemastectomy #stayingstrong #countingblessings #momof4 #hamilton

My first day in surgery!!! #oophorectomy #biology #perkstothejob #circulator

Reimplantation surgery for Lefty, salpingo oophorectomy to reduce my breast and ovarian cancer risk.
Big ups to Dr. Neumann and Dr. Mankowski and the Kaiser team for taking such good care of me.
Swipe to see some very real (some very raw) pics.
Keep fighting sisters. You’ve got this.

My appetite has been 💩 these past few weeks.

I’ve had constant stomach and abdominal pain, I get full easily, then I get nauseous after I eat. 🤮

So much fun.🙅🏻‍♀️ But, I’ve got my superfoods as back up!

The power of fruits and veggies in one cup!
I’m getting all my vitamins through my superfoods, which is nice right now that I’m not tolerating eating like I should.

And the best part is, it tastes like a mocha frap. 🍫

If you want to give it a try let me know! 😉
. .
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Loved reading to my sons class! He was so excited!! #lovemyfamily #lovemychildren #momoffour #brcamom #previvormom #doublemastectomy #oophorectomy

Last hurrah before my next surgery. Date night talk is more real now than ever. Mortality sucks.

A year before we found out I was pregnant I was in a hospital bed signing a consent form for my oncologist to remove an ovary as well as potentially perform a hysterectomy if the 3 pound tumor she had found was cancerous. Going into surgery my biggest fear was that I would wake up and find out that I would never be able to carry my own child. Over a year later all that remains from that surgery is a little scar and a lot of hope. My heart hurts for the women with past and present struggles of conception. Many women do not have the happy ending I did. I've been told by so many people "wait to have kids" "just enjoy your life and your husband, you're still young". Experiencing what I did, I never understood what they meant. Having children, loving, and knowing them is my purpose in this life. I'm lucky... and I never take this little growing life for granted.

Meal prep Sunday because I’ll be away from my little family all week.
Or, more accurately Jewish Mother anxiety cooking on Sunday.
Yes, I used my leftover corned beef braising liquid to make the bean soup.
@dadcooksdinner @skinnytaste

♡Week end♡
♥️post surgery feels♥️
After surgery , a lot of things go through your head . I've seen it on me and much of my fellow breasties. Not feeling the same as before and it can be difficult to re-focus on something we did before ,as if life was a little on pause sometimes.
Ive seen some of you moving, changing carreers, quiting their jobs, have total changes in their lives.
As a previvor my personal experience refers to the preventative double mastectomy. (oophorectomy will come in some years)
So I can only imagine what it's like for the beautiful
warriors out there fiercly fighting diseases.
Everyone at his own pace and everyone his own stories.
For me It did got obvious that I was not advancing and focussing on much since surgery.
This week end for me will be dedicated to working on school, as I still plan on becoming a badass teacher.
Get things back where I left them and taking them to go foward and towards my setted goals I want to achieve.
We all have different diagnosis and stories, that affect us in unique ways we maybe didn't think it would
Can you relate to this feeling in one way or another?

Love and light to all 🎀
#brca2 #brcasisterhood #sisterhood #brcantstopme #breasties #previvor #previve #brca1 #brcagene #doublemastectomy #oophorectomy #dangerousboobies #keepgoing #nevergiveup #foobs #quietweekend #studygram #refocus #recovery

The scar that changed my life. To the doctor who do poorly did my stitches.. I hope you sleep good at night! I had a surgery done called a oophorectomy. Apparently when I was 19 I had a cantaloupe sized benign cyst on my ovary. The doctors were strange. This was far before I knew anything about health, or holistic anything. I was 19 and scared so I followed their advice. They told me I couldn’t have children easy. Yeah... I got pregnant 4 months later after the surgery 🙄 I wish I’d have read more about this. I wish I wouldn’t have let them do the surgery to me. Or at least looked around. My scar is horrible and thanks to my pregnancies it’s worse. I sometimes wonder if there’s anything I can do to fix it. But it won’t stop my goals! Just wanted to share this is my stomach update as of March 3rd 2018. And this is my horrible scar. But you know what? It could be worse! There are people who don’t have much and I have a lot. This is my body and it birthed 4 healthy babies even with the scar.❤️ .
#oophorectomy #scars #oophorectomyscar #theycouldhavedonebetter #itdoesntdefineme #iamstillbreathing #imstillbeautiful #learningtoacceptmyself

Happy Birthday to my amazing husband! I can’t imagine a day without you by my side. We love you! #birthdayboy #momoffour #hubby #previvormom #brcamama #doublemastectomy #oophorectomy #besthusbandever #countingblessings #oneluckywife @karamblue

She stood in the storm & when thr wind did not blow her way, she adjusted her sails. ~Pinterest 🕉☮🌹🙏❤

Busy day. Now I’m at the ob/gyn for my surgical consult. •

#brca1 #hysterectomy #oophorectomy #invisiblegenes #ovariancancer #previvor

I am partnering with @iwantwhatshehaspodcast Wednesday March 14 in the studio! Listen in to this interview where I share my personal #health journey thru #hysterectomy and #oophorectomy and sudden #surgicalmenopause we’ll talk about my book #comebackstrong along with the #selfpublishing path of an #author #writer Tune in or stream us live via @radiokingstonny from 1-3 pm EST or catch the archive on your own time

Update: organ removal complete. The surgeon came in and gleefully wrote "YES" on me beforehand. The gas they inject makes you look a little pregnant and I kinda like it (Also a little afraid I'll lose my abs 😜). Wanted to document this to share with 💁🏼‍♀️s who haven't had & may need the surgery eventually, since it's common. Doesn’t mean you can’t get preggo. Stage 3 endometriosis was cleaned out and pain in the ass cyst covered ovary removed, along w my (well not mine anymore. Probably the garbage’s) right Fallopian tube. It's not a terrible experience. Extremely thankful it wasn't something more serious. I’ve had a lot of organs taken out or “edited” in my short life, so hoping to keep the rest... #iswearthereareabsunderthatbloat #letstalkaboutwhatsreallyimportant 👈🏻 #myabs #salpingooophorectomy #oophorectomy #endometriosis

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