4+ years ago I did something that changed everything.
After suffering through a very flu-ish winter, I reluctantly bought some essential oils through my friend. I had somewhat scoffed at the idea months earlier, but after the winter we had I would have paid anything for better (plant-based) immune support.
We were already using natural, holistic remedies. I wasn’t sure what more these oils could do that I wasn’t already doing. But I knew I did not want toxins or side effects, and I trusted my friend, so I jumped in on faith alone.
As I started using the oils and telling people about my successes, others began to follow. As the group of us grew, I found a bona fide sisterhood. I was having fun and I was helping people and that’s all that mattered.

I soon learned “oils” were just the tip of the iceberg.
I learned why we need to remove toxins from our homes. Why we need to heal our guts, and how that is the source of nearly every ail (physical, emotional, mental). Why most bottled supplements are counterproductive. Why the health of our skin matters and how we are hurting ourselves by putting synthetic chemicals on it.
People often tell me how they admire my clean lifestyle. How they wish they “could be more like that.” I wasn’t always this way.
I used to get migraines. I used to have mood issues; probably even depression. My stomach lining was inflamed and I would vomit blood. My digestive system was wacky. I slept like shit. I drank too much. I popped pills. I had knee pain. I was diagnosed with osteopenia. My docs kept prescribing pills, which (I now see) did me worse. I took supplements that did nothing (other than cost me money). But not anymore. None of it. I stopped “going to the doctor” and started doing my own research. I found a naturopath to get me started and learned the rest on my own.
If you aren’t feeling anything but your best, feel free to reach out. No pressure, just guidance. I have never in my life felt purpose like I do now. There is a better way and I’m happy to show you the path.
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Ahhhh!!!! We have #savvyminerals 🙌😍💗 Needing to switch from the #toxic #batguano filled mascara and makeup you’re using now? I have a safer option for you 😍🙌💗
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If you want to conquer fear, don’t sit home and think about it. Go out and get busy. This is a belief that I’ve recently incorporated in my life through the books I’ve been reading and speakers I’ve listened to. I’m not perfect in any way, but I’m working through it afraid and just doing it!

My son, Beau, trying to steal my afternoon pick me up 💪🏼! Needed this quick boost to continue the wrestling match 🤼‍♂️

We had the privilege of visiting the Young Living lavender farm in Mona, UT this past week. What I didn’t know is that they distill more than just lavender there! This picture is of J and I standing in line to see Juniper being distilled. We got to see them put juniper leaves and branches in the chipper (best smell ever!) and then we got to see how they pull the essential oil out of the plant.
To be honest 👉🏻 I’m more of a “just give me the highlights and the end result” kind of girl. BUT my husband wants to know the “why and how” and was therefore FASCINATED with the process. 🤓 I’m so grateful that he is able to teach me all about the science in a way that I can understand. 😁 We balance each other out...ya know? ❤️
I’m also grateful for sweet sister-friends like Ashley @anointed.with.joy who saw an opportunity for an endearing photo. My heart is so full after a week spent with my YL family. 💜
So I need to know: Are you the “Science” type? Or are you the “Give Me The End Result” type of person?!?
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So many times we feel we can do something till we can do it perfectly. No where does it say life will go perfect or be perfect. We need to do the stuff and be Present and Prepared for great things to happen! So go out on this Wednesday and be present and prepared for greatness and great things to happen as you are present for others! ❤️

I leave for Europe next week on a 7 day Mediterranean Cruise. Compliments to the best dental office in Brantford @clarencestreetdental . We fly in to Rome and are set to sail through Italy, Spain and France. I've never cruised before nor have I ever been to Europe. I do know that the Lavender fields in Provence, France are a must-see in the summer months and that generally flowering season is June+July. 🌾
I'm keeping my schedule open to enjoy sightseeing, taking pictures and of course eating delicious authentic food. Maybe rent a bicycle and enjoy lots of gelato. I've also read that Europe is big for pick-pocketing and with what I’ve listed above, I’m pretty much a tourist target. 🙃
Have you been to Europe before? What tips + tricks do you have? Where are the must see places? ••
Tell me everything!!!! 👇🏽
#seaofsymphony 🌊🛥

Still recovering from my convention hangover!! 💆🏻‍♀️ So much high energy for so many days was a lot for this girl ! .. but every moment of it was worth it!! I loved connecting with my upline, downline and crossline YL family! Every time I attend an event like this I’m certain that I am doing the right thing for myself and my family in sharing YL 💞

I feel so grateful that I was led to join a heart-led company and aligned with a company that values wellness, purpose and abundance ! ✨Do something that brings passion and purpose into your life ✨

Free stuff that we received while at convention!!!

Madrid never ceases to amaze me, I find new things every day. Even though the expo has been on go some time, I’m still on the lookout for all 80 Meninas. Madrid nunca me deja de sorprender, encuentro nuevas cosas cada día. Aunque ya lleva mucho tiempo la exposición, todavía no he encontrado todas las 80 Meninas. #meninasmadridgallery #meninas #igersmadrid #madridmemola #madridmycity #ilovemadrid #demadridalcielo #deexpoenexpo #streetart #igersspain #igersespaña #madrid #españa #oolalife #photoglife #reto80meninas #menineando #cibeles #callao

First mammo since surgery and radiation last year. I’ve rubbed #hope essential oil into my diffuser bracelet. Here goes!!!

One of my favorite pictures of all time. Greyson with Grandma Sammie. I love these two more than words can express. #greatgreatgrandma #greatgreatgrandson #grandson #gramzie #greyson #summer #blanket #snuggles #huggling #grandmaslove #oola #oolalife #yleo #youngliving #peace #love #happiness #grace

CSA this week:

2 zucchinis
2 Bunches of red Beet's
2 heads of broccoli

Love 💓 getting fresh fruit and veggies locally from our CSA weekly! We did the summer and fall to maximize our fresh fruits and vegetables! 😍😀💞

Trying to work on my @oolalife. Do any of you use the Oola oils? I use all of mine every day when I wake up and before I go to bed when I’m reflecting on what I want from my day and what I accomplished during that day and what I could do better in the next one. Thanks @mel_isma for introducing me to this!
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These pretty much sum up our last year!! I was one of the many Americans who was a slave to the dreaded alarm clock ⏰working a job I HATED- but on paper it was a ‘good/safe job’ 🤦🏻‍♀️ so much for that idea when our main income & family’s health insurance was gone in an unexpected 20 min meeting with my boss who had to tell me that everyone in my position nation wide was laid off immediately-one of those pack up your life in a box moments📦he quit right after that too- it was a SUPER high stress job even though it’s one of our country’s biggest Fortune 500 companies. ‘Job stability’ is a myth- the company I worked for was doing great & I did absolutely nothing personally that merited ending 3 years of that job owning me- was just the position itself they decided to cut to do the usual- same amount of work on less workers routine to ‘save $’🤷🏻‍♀️ It was devastating- even though I dreaded every day of going to work- now what would I do to provide for my family?! Turns out I already had everything I needed to be an entrepreneur- all in a gorgeous set I had purchased for only $160 a few months prior- purely for my personally use with ZERO intention to do the business! I needed emotional support & to replace my income FAST- the time to have a back up plan is before you need one! Keep that in mind if you’re where I was 😉 I’m SO grateful that happened- even though it was incredibly difficult! I’m not a quitter so luckily God took the decision I was struggling with & made it for me- knowing my DREAM JOB was on the other side of the struggle! It’s everything I ever wanted & more! No more dread (or alarm clock!) work I’m incredibly passionate about that will take us places my corporate job would never have done! I’m thrilled to start earning trips with them & a will able income for my family so that we are prepared for anything while doing what we LOVE! 😍 All picture credits go to @oolalife on these- hope that’s ok guys- you have really great pictures to illustrate my point today ♥️ #oolalife #dreamjob #entrepeneur #freedom #oola #grateful

This blend was made for Mamas! Just put my son on an airplane for the first time in his life and you’d think I was the one flying. He was totally fine(probs from the Valor I snuck on the back of his neck😆👊) but I’ll just be over here inhaling this goodness until I hear he’s landed safely.🙏🙏🙏.
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