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Thank you @costco and the great people of Seattle for and amazing book signing today. Grateful. #oola #oolalife

I had this beautiful conversation with the loveliest of souls last night about humility. How crucial it is to live with a #humble spirit. And how easily we can get caught up in LIFE, and lose sight of the importance of humility.

We strive for perfection and we hustle to reach our goals and once we feel we've reached the top, we forgot how we got there. The parts other people played. And most importantly, that it is all for Jesus anyways. It isn't about us. It's about HIM.

And that really, we still don't know it all. We aren't the cream of the crop. We are incredible vessels on this earth for the Lord, but it's all for His glory. Not our own. Keep the focus and the praise to where it is due. And be so humble in your weaknesses.

2 Corinthians 12:9 says 'But he said to me, “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.”'

@dukeslee in her book #thehappinessdare says that His POWER is made PERFECT in our weakness. Not in our PERFORMANCE or our PERFECTION.

No need to be perfect. No need to perform. Strive for excellence in Christ and be uniquely you in all you do. Allow Him to be glorified in all you do in life. And through it all, stay humble.

OolaDreamTour rule: when driving through a snow covered mountain pass in Montana, the driver gets the $1.99 gas station gloves. Please save me. #oolaLife

Donuts are only allowed under two strict circumstances. When I'm traveling with the @oolaguru and when I'm not. #OolaLife.

This man still grows me in ways he is not even aware of.

For as long as I can remember, there is this one particularthing that always set us apart. Let me lay out the scene:

We arrive home after an outing with the kids and within .2 seconds of pulling into the driveway, I am unbuckled, out of my seat, bags in tow and headed inside to get to the task. After all, there is so much to be done. Meanwhile, @seebz22, sits in the car for legitimately 5-7 minutes. He just sits there. Not doing anything but sitting in the car. It always perplexed me. He would say to me, "How do you just jump so quickly to the next thing?" And I'd be thinking, "How do you just sit there wasting time?"

Another example: we just got done snuggling on the couch watching a movie. Immediately as the credits begin, I am up, dishes put away, folding blankets up and headed to bed. But Seborn, no. He sits there on the couch, contemplating the movie.... and life.... for a really really ridiculously long time.

I never understood it. Doesn't he have things he needs to do? Isn't his list of "to-dos" just as long as mine? How can he just SIT THERE doing nothing?

But I tell you what... I've gotten it all wrong. He's got the right idea here. It isn't that he doesn't have things to do, but he knows the beauty of enjoying life, even in thought. It's important to take the time to just sit in the moment. To ponder and think and be grateful. He doesn't rush to the next thing.... he #lingers.

That is the word God has been laying on my heart lately. LINGER. As he was showing me that word over and over again, I saw it so much in my own husband. He's been giving me an example of it for 10 years now. How to just sit, and linger. To go through the experiences of life in your head. To re-live the awesomeness of a day. To relish on the joy you took part in.

Isaiah 26:8 (MSG) is powerful in this life lesson:
"We're in no hurry, God. We're content to linger in the path sign-posted with your decisions. Who you are and what you've done are all we'll ever want."

I'm in no hurry, God. I desire to linger in your presence day in and day out.

📸: @edwardsw_photography 💋: @mandyb.beauty 👚: @lilacclothing

The day I took cows milk out of our fridge forever was a devastating blow for my kids. They didn't understand why. They just knew they loved drinking it.

But I knew something deeper. I knew what was IN that milk and going IN their bodies. I tell you, it was NOT an easy switch to almond milk for my family. The taste and texture was so different for them and they weren't the biggest fans. But I stuck to my guns and was persistent that we were not going back.

It's been a few years now and I have successfully eliminated cows milk from our home and now we always stocked up on good nutritious #almondmilk and truthfully, the kids and hubby LOVE it!

And then... @kitehillfoods walked into our life and the clouds parted and the sun shone down ☀️! You guys.... elminating dairy product ain't easy but @kitehillfoods has made it so much easier! They make artisan almond milk foods!! 🙌🏽

Cheese, raviolis, yogurts and cream cheeses.... all made using traditional cheese-making techniques but with the best quality almond milk = good for our bodies!

I kid you not, I stocked up on the @kitehillfoods yogurt tubes and I could not keep them in my fridge long enough. My kids were constantly asking for them. Sam asked for one every hour, on the hour. Zion downed a whole tube in 30 seconds or less. They LOVE these almond milk yogurts, and I am huge fan myself!

I'm talking about it all in depth #ontheblog today too- just click the link in my bio and see for yourself! And go check out the incredible products that @kitehillfoods has!

What toxic foods have you eliminated from your diet?

Your #OolaLife is your OolaLife!
So, if that involves traveling to places around the world and immersing yourself in different cultures and meeting new people like it is for Alicia...declare that (OolaTats count), figure out a way to make it happen and go do it!

I have a coffee waiting for you in Bali. #oolalife

#1 Makkedah Joy Aiyayla {8}

+ She works with insight, passion, and creativity. She is a peace maker. She is gentle, sincere, devoted and easily excited. She is very considerate of other people and thoughtful. She is friendly, non-demanding and easy-going. She wants to make everyone happy And loves making new friends. She is energized by others, charming, passionate, and enthusiastic. She is a people person and always up for new adventure.

- She will not take sides and doesn't like to voice her opinion in order to avoid hurting someone's feelings. She avoids controversy and is a people pleaser. She can get unfocused easily and her head can be in the clouds, because she is so easily excited.

Discipline- a stern look or firm tone of voice is all she needs to snap back into obedience. She is very respectful and rarely gets into trouble. As the "second mom" of the family, she is a caregiver and always thinking about others before herself. "Disciplining" her is done much through teaching her life lessons and she often only needs one firm warning in order to not do something again.

Love- I firmly believe that discipline IS love. I always tell my kids, "If I didn't love you, I wouldn't discipline you because it would mean I didn't care about you and how you would grow. But I do care about you and I love you, so I discipline and teach you." AND there are also other ways I show them love in the specific ways their personalities receive love + their #lovelanguages. Makkedah needs quality time together, conversations, affirming words and snuggles. She wants to hear and feel that we are proud of her and being able to give her attention through the hustle and bustle of a family of 7. When she begins getting emotional (with no apparent cause), I know she needs some extra lovin.'

Unique- Makkedah is very much like me so it very easy for me to understand her emotions and to recognize her people pleasing tendencies and allow me to help her early on to desire to please GOD and not people. She naturally sacrifices her own desires for that of others. She is easily inspired and has bursts of creative expression she must let out.


this girl. 💛 my sidekick, kindred spirit and bff. she deals with my crazy and pushes me to try new things. this life would be a whole lot less beautiful without her in it. God has given me friends I truly don’t deserve, but am SO THANKFUL for!

1. Yep OMG me today! Lol Slayed my workouts and recovery wellness this week but paying for it. #oolafitness
2. Sometimes you just need fancy pants sushi, wine, great Godly and silly conversation with a genuine friend to inflate your energy, stamina and endurance in this world. Great Friday friend fun yesterday! 🍷🍚🍱🎉 #oolafriends .
Take time out to invest your health and in healthy,genuine friendships. Nurture them, list them up in prayer, exhort them and keep each other accountable! .
. .
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Today I chose these things. Self-Care Saturday focused on Self-Love. I started the day in my studio with some amazing women leading a workshop on Self-Love. It was a great reminder of the small steps we can take each day to live ourselves unconditionally. These women are like family, I found myself opening up at the end over a personal matter, I had to put all of the into practice with myself.
Totally unplanned there was a Iyengar Workshop @thefoldedleaf_wv right after. I once again found myself on their doorstep needing put back together...no coincidence that this form of yoga (the very form that brought me back to yoga) is about proper alignment! I was not only put back together, I was restored better then ever!
Having to leave quickly to get my girl to dance class, I didn't get a moment to process, but like clockwork Sara showed up. It was my time with her after "the incident" that saved my sanity, every time we connect it's like a breath of fresh air!
These are great things to practice in general, but if we don't start with ourselves first it's not in alignment. Jill Hagar taught today something I've heard before but didn't connect with pleas with the heart, not the ego". This is unnatural for the world today, if it's not in alignment (from the heart) it is from the wrong motive (the ego). I am so grateful for the practice of allowing my path to unfold before me, being met by every experience and connection I need to move to grow and balance.
If you need this in your life please contact me, if I can do this anyone can😄❤️💧#godsgirl4ever #leggacy #essentiallyenlightened #selfcare #selflove #love #compassion #kindness #patience #gratitude #oolalife #balance #growth #yearofyoga #holistichealing #holistictraining #namaste

This Saturday has been time for some much needed #R&;R! 🌿💧💆🏻🛀🍷How do you #reboot your body & mind?? Has any of my friends tried #whole30?? I'm curious your experiences!?
#oillifeislove 💞

Enjoying a stroll around the lake, with my daughter Halle, on a gorgeous fall day! 🍁🌻🌲 #weekendvibes #pnwlife #getoutside #oolafamily #yleo

You're the only person in your way. Start your road to the toxin free lifestyle today!!!

Adventure awaits. Spent our day driving through the Smoky Mountains and Cades Cove. #oolafamily #adventureeverywhere #wildhorses #thediscoverer #smokymountains #greatsmokymountainsnationalpark

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#caturday 😂😂😂 #captionthis

Relaxing after two full days of massage with this amazing read! 💚#oola #oolalife #ivegotthis

You will find your door, don't stop trying... #oolalife #onedoorclosesanotheropens #nevergiveup

Lavender iced coffee with @essentiallykortney on our way back to DFW after having an oily party with THE @ninakstewart in Frisco!!! I LOVE THIS LIFE!

These two.... 😍

85 Sunny enjoying my fav drink, toes in the sand , waves rolling in .. Take that first day of Fall! #notlettinggoofsummer #YLEO #whowantsum #oolalife

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