Certain things in life aren't always black and white. My crazy love life or lack there of , for example. But there are things that will always be black and white and that's my MONEY! #WhereDemDollasAt

Ladies, continue to work hard! Your grind doesn't go unnoticed. #workingwomenwednesday

Bloom where you're planted.

Looking to the work week ahead like, "I Got This!" Knock em dead this week ladies ❤️

When you're looking for the light, but realize you're it! You are the light!!! Speak affirmations over your life, ladies! ✨✨✨✨

Weekend is that you? I just finished my last live shot , script, news report , and web story of the week. My weekend starts NOW!

Looking back at this week, like "you tried it!" Glad it's almost over.

Whatever I do this weekend the dress code is comfy chic, laid back and fabulous, starting with the shoes on my feet. I'm ditching the heels but still giving you all the frills in a flowy maxi dress. On the blog a style guide for staying cute but comfortable this weekend.🔗 in the bio.

There is something about the color yellow that instantly makes you smile and not to mention it looks good on women of color. I'm convinced it was made for brown skin and this lace set that I scored from @jcpenney helped drive my point home. Isn't it cute? How to have your own yellow moment is on the blog right now. Link in the bio.

Can someone cue Gucci Mane's, "Lemonade," where he says "Yellow everything?" He then goes on to give you a list of all the things he could think of that were yellow, including a yellow living room set (Chiquita). Well, clearly he left me off the list.

Weekend, is that you? I'm coming for you. Just finished my last live shot and I'm deadline free. I. plan to sashay in cute little things like this romper. What y'all have planned?

After several failed attempts, I finally found the perfect romper and just in time for summer. On the blog, my love-hate relationship with rompers and how I made this one work.🔗 in the bio.

Pretty in Pink 💗

It's the first full week in May, the sun's finally out, and summer is quickly approaching. I'm excited about what's happening and what's to come. But if I'm being honest, and truly transparent, the last few weeks have been a drag. How I got out of my funk, PLUS all the deets on this look. Link in the bio 💞

Weekend, is that you? 📸 @graymanorphotography

Coming through trying to heat up your Friday! 📸 @graymanorphotography

Normally I would say," Time is moving fast." Or " I can't believe it's May, already." BUT, this year is not flying by, at all. I swear January was a full 90 days. Am I alone? Regardless, I'm grateful for a new day, new week, and a new month to just live a purpose- filled life 🌸

When it finally feels like #Spring! Hope you enjoyed your Saturday 😘

Laugh more. Smile more. Be grateful! Happy Friday! We all made it 💕

I'm doing all the ground work so I can be ready when God tells me it's my turn. Everything that's happening at this level (on this floor) is getting me ready for my next move ( the next floor). ❤️#OnMyWaytoTheTop

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