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🚨🚨 First White House live hit is in the books!

And @brookebcnn and I are matching!! #onward (📸: @gizmont )

I’m in Love, I’m in Love, I’m in Love & I️ don’t care who knows it 😍 My @shuttlesystems #shuttlemvp showed up today & I️ am FIRED up!!!!!! I’m 12 weeks out from my ankle surgery & the time has come to start really moving. This is going to help me 🦅💫💥🦋🦁 in so many ways. #onward

How I deal with disappointment.
1. Cry a little
2. Go kick that shit out.
Thanks @thethaiboxinginstitute for the therapy sesh you punk👊🏼

Last few weeks have been hectic preparing and getting ahead on school work for this trip! Finally heading down to South America to experience the culture and the skating with @cacpaixao and @parker_schmidt 🇺🇸➡️🇧🇷 #prossecutorworldtour2k17 #onward #skatetrip
@ixo_ingenieria @berkeleycollege @daddiesboardshop @gformprotects @radesigns @ronintrucks @hondarlongboards #skateeverywhere

Awesome day today rapping with @garyvee in our offices about the future of @soulcycle ... truth can be hard to hear OR super inspiring. #onward #weekdaysrock

bye for a sec, new york... see youuuu when i'm better 🌸🌙 a new season is coming!!! #onward #RIPoldACL

May 9, 2016 #mychocolateyjourney began...i got emo just now scrolling back to find an obligatory closing notice photo. The insta limit is 10. There were so many firsts for me with this show that’s it difficult not to get emotional from all the ups and downs over the past year and half.
Milestones pictured here:
✔️Lab 1 trials and tribulations #whatismylife ✔️lab 3 when Vidiots was glow-in-the-dark #sorrynotsorry ✔️collaboration with Jim Henson Company for our Oompas #geeked ✔️first day of school company photo at New42 studios #broadway ✔️walking through the stage door to new home #whyismydressingroom5flightsup ✔️opening night with my family #iconic #issalewk
✔️making my Broadway principal debut #screaming #dead
✔️recording our cast album #thankingyou #thankyou
✔️GMA and other tv performances #theinternetisforever #wendy ✔️flaunting show swag and treats in front of our marquee #summertime
Our quirky beloved show will close Jan. 14, 2018.
Here’s to finishing strong. Let me know if you’re in the house and thanks to everyone who has stopped by the factory so far. @charlieonbway
#beautyinthebreakdown #onward #upward #artistlife #anotherclosinganothershow #ilovewhatido #mightyinthemaking #charliebroadway #obc #charliemusical #bigcandyapple #fromstarttofinish #moretocome

Everytime the leaves dance toward the Earth I have an overwhelming desire to shed pieces of myself. I got new plans to challenge myself and become a stronger, more eccentric, and ultimately, more fulfilled artist. Made myself a new mantra, too: Don’t be yourself, BETTER yourself. This year, for the first time ever, I thought about quitting - but I realize now that was just the world screaming at me, “HOW BAD YOU NEED IT, GRL?!” And you know, the answer is always in The Fall. .
📸: @amandacarzoli #yes #createmore #betteryourself #tgif #inspired #move #forward #onward #scorpioseason #magic #cantstop #thefall


#Repost @hhchargerstv Every game gets tougher on the road to the Gold Ball, but the brave and bold Chargers can't wait to tackle the visiting Broken Bow Savages! Tune in at 6:45pm for pregame with Andrew Davis and Rick Stephenson '86. Kickoff is slated for 7pm. Don't miss all the hard hitting action, live at hhchargers.tv! #hhokc #chargerpride #onward#takestate #okpreps

Aight. So I don't need to change shit about me. Take it or leave it. I don't WANT to change shit about anyone. I take it or leave it. Let's think about this shall we? I mean. We be honest. And tell someone the truth. The truth. What we all want and desire- I mean I want truthful people around me. Don't you??? You cannot be upset or mad. You want someone to be fake? And lie? And want me to say all the things I want, include someone to be with? Nah. The person I wanna be with is my son. The people I wanna be with are my friends and family. The thing i ultimately want is a big dog. The world I want for me, is me being alone. Because you can't change this mind. I am strong willed. And hard headed. And a hard worker. I don't need to be dating-anytime soon. I don't need to be in a commitment that I didn't see myself whole heartedly in. If honesty isn't for you and you don't wanna be my friend- figure your self out first.. delete me and move on. Make your own world better. Make your self smile. Because if not; you'll never make anyone happy. Ever. You are NOT PIZZA. 🙄🍕🍕🍕🍕#lifethoughts #fridayfeels #beyourself #itiswhatitis #breakupssuck #tisislife #onward #ftw #findyourz #latergram #thepoweroflife #work #lovelife

Going into the weekend thankful that nothing is solid, though so many things appear to be, which liberates me from my so-called obstacles but also applies to what I adore::: _
"You see this goblet?” asks Achaan Chaa, the Thai meditation master. “For me this glass is already broken. I enjoy it; I drink out of it. It holds my water admirably, sometimes even reflecting the sun in beautiful patterns. If I should tap it, it has a lovely ring to it. But when I put this glass on the shelf and the wind knocks it over or my elbow brushes it off the table and it falls to the ground and shatters, I say, ‘Of course.’ When I understand that the glass is already broken, every moment with it is precious.” --- Mark Epstein, Thoughts Without a Thinker
#tgif #happyfriday #onward #nothingisordinary #nothingispermanent #markepstein #awakeintheworld #beamazed #matcushionbeyond #fosterandflourish #buddhistteachings #thoughtswithoutathinker #instaquote #achaanchaa #storytelling #storymode #ontheroad #lifeisajourney

Commercial Motor is one of the biggest trade magazines around for the transport industry and yet Tesla wouldn't allow them to go to the launch of their truck. Sorry Tesla but if you want to sell trucks you are going to have to deal with truck people, lots of random Twitter users proclaiming they think it's amazing does not a successful business make, especially when they have nothing to do with the transport industry.

My thoughts - interesting sure. Ugly. Centre driving position will make more problems than it solves (both sides blind sides when reversing for instance). Posting 0-60 times for a truck is ridiculous. Million mile warranty could be a game change and power regeneration while braking could be amazing. Will it ever appear? Not sure, 50/50 I'd say. Commercial buyers won't put up with nonsense Model 3 buyers have. Personally I think it'll be good to see other truck manufacturers reaction to this. Your turn, what do you think?
<><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><> #truck #trucking #trucker #truckdriver #lorrydriver #lorry #lorrydriverdotcom #trucking #transport #logistics #selfie #vlogger #blog #vlog #haulage #trucking #Euro #European #Europe #transportation #Tesla #TeslaSemi #TeslaSemiTruck #Electric #ElectricTruck #ONWARD

After spending the last few weeks exploring the vastness and depth of my being at the @sattvasummit, l find myself now reminiscing about all the great, big days in the mountains I’ve had over the last year. As both a yoga teacher and a mountain guide, I have long struggled to find the balance, or even better, the integration of the two roles. I haven’t taught a yoga class now in over two years. It’s hard enough just to maintain a personal practice on days off from guiding, and feels nearly impossible when I’m working in the mountains. Guiding is so busy, the pace is often go go go, and there’s always something to do... taking care of clients, setting/breaking camp, cooking, planning for the next day... Yet I know that if I could try just a little bit harder to cultivate the space for even a few minutes of breath work and meditation, the experiences could be enhanced even more than they already are. I am committed to figure it out though. So, from now on, if I disappear for a few minutes here and there, I’m probably off meditating and breathing deep. You’re all welcome to join me 😉. 🙏✊️🔥🌊⛰

It’s hard to put into words how glad I am that our family stood in line for four hours today to shake this woman’s hand (or, if you’re Audrey, give her a high-five). #onward

You guys, am I freaking nailing the DYI look or what?!?
Also...I know the cashiers at @homedepot by name. I don’t know whether to be sad about that, or proud.
A very general contractor-ish kind of gal
PS come visit. We may or may not have a toilet that works.

I'm excited about my next chapter are you excited about yours?! Proverbs 23:7
#prettything #newlook #growthmindset #futureready #future #nextchapter #onward #positivity #music #hiphop #blogger #writersofinstagram

#ok ok, so I'll leave lil no peep alone, tho idk that he's really bothered by any of it, I mean, he IS dead 🤷🏽‍♂️ #onward to #comedy and #truth #donaldtrump #winning #wife #crying literally. #friday #fuckery y'all enjoy now.

One last shot from my adventure to Prekistolen in Norway.
I’m very excited because in a little less than a week my two Viking Sisters will so be visiting me in NYC. From the fjords and mountain peaks of Norway to the streets and rooftops of New York City, I’m excited for another great adventure with @ayogajournal & @yogifrue. Two of some of my favorite people in the world.

As the elevator doors close on me for the last time on the 6th floor, one chapter ends and another one begins. Thankful for the opportunities, the memories, and the experiences of the past and looking forward to what the future holds! #thanksforthememories #onward #upward #newadventures #newopportunity #herewego

🚨🚨 First White House live hit is in the books!

And @brookebcnn and I are matching!! #onward (📸: @gizmont )

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