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Oh, just being a human barbell for badass babe @chels_mck 💪💪💪❤️❤️❤️
Thank you @menshealthmag for reposting, and also thank you @reddit for the shoutout as well! 🙏🙏🙏 #ladybase #humanbarbell #womencrushwednesday #wcw

Do you have neck or shoulder pain? 😭 I guarantee that a majority of you with pain in the upper region🚹 of the body are completely unaware of what your shoulders are doing throughout your day in and out of the gym. No matter how heavy ⚖️the object is that you are reaching for, always plan for it! People always seem to get hurt when they aren’t consciously 🤤aware of their movements… like bending over to pick up a pencil✏️ and suddenly you have back pain for 3 months.🤦‍♀️
To protect the shoulder, get close to the object, pull the shoulders down⬇️ and back⬅️, and maintain a tight core🕺. It is more important that you focus on pulling the shoulders DOWN away from your ears because many of you try to pull your shoulder blade BACK too much! .
When people try to correct their posture, they often over-do it and do it too forcefully, creating uncomfortable stretching and aches. Be gentle and your range of motion will improve with TIME.🕰
Tomorrow we will be tying all of these together ➿in various motions throughout the kitchen!
-💻Written by Andrew Dettelbach
⚡️You can learn to move better and live pain free!  The MoveU Method is a step-by-step online training program to transform your movement and accelerate your journey back to a pain-free life. Learn more about the method by registering and attending a free live webinar.  Click the link in our bio or visit moveu.com/webinar⚡️
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Some girls like Gold⚱️ I prefer IRON 💣
Photo Cred: @calebkerr

Big thank you to @onnit and @mercedestucson for completely killing me today!! Mace, kettle bell and medicine ball circuit was super brutal!!! I love pushing my limits and trying new workouts!! 💪🏻😰🤠#classicfightteam #muaythai #kickboxing #boxing #mma #martialarts #karate #tkd #bjj #jiujitsu #judo #grappling #fitness #fitspo #gym #wrestling #ufc #bellator #health #thaiboxing #teamworkmakesthedreamwork #onnit #10thplanettucson

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Fix Your Butt Wink Guide

Butt wink is not necessarily bad during an unloaded bodyweight air squat but it could be problematic under heavy loads.

Here are a few issues that I've found to be common causes of butt wink ordered from the most common to least common.

Problem 1

Failure to maintain a braced midline. If we fail to properly fire the glutes and abs we almost certainly will butt wink.

Always remember the 3 steps to braced midline.


At the top of the squat, make sure you glutes are full firing to keep your pelvis from rotating anteriorly. At the start and finish of every rep, fire the glutes.

Once the glutes have set the position of your pelvis, your abs should turn on and stay on. We need an tension throughout the entire squat to lock the position of our spine in place. Try to pull your rib cage down repress your belly button.


The upper back must be engaged too to prevent Flexion of the thoracic spine. When doing an air squat, keep your arms straight out in front of you. When doing a front or back squat, use the barbell to create torque in the shoulder to lock everything into place.

Problem 2

Going too low. Depending on what the stimulus you are trying to achieve, you might be going lower than your range of motion allows. Oftentimes, the butt wink will not occur if you simply come up a half inch or so.

Having said that, I do think there is a lot of value in developing a full range of motion, ass to grass back, front, and overhead squat. It's just that you might need to continue working your mobility until you are able to do it safely. Which brings me to number 3.

Problem 3

Limited ankle or hip mobility. When we reach out end range, our pelvis will rotate under to give slack to the system. Most likely, if you are bracing your spine correctly but still have butt wink, mobility should be your focus.

In the video above, if I were to go any lower I would have a pretty strong butt wink. You can see it starting to happen at the bottom of my squat 😑. Which tells me I need to refocus on mobility. I know my ankle dorsiflexion is ok, so I'll be reassessing hip mobility to fix it.

Playing with the @onnit 44kg primal bigfoot Kettlebell. I love incorporating intensifiers like bottom's holds and single rep sets (parking the bell between each rep) to make a heavy bell feel even heavier. I don't do weightlifting so Kettlebells make up the bulk of my explosive, non eccentric movements. Combined with flows and you've got a fantastic system that will make you more athletic and powerful.
Want to get stronger with your Kettlebells? Join me Sept 30 at @primalfitmiami for the next @onnitacademy kb Specialist cert! And for weekly workouts Join me on @fitner_app (link in bio)

Mix this killer Kettlebell Complex into your next workout it burns so good! 🔥💪🏽
- 3 Deadlift
- 3 Clean
- 3 Push Press
- 3 Times Through
- 5 Rounds
- Minimal Rest


Bro Science: That exercise looks cool, I should add that, (No idea the true purpose)
Trainer: That exercise looks cool, looks like something client x can use. (Does no research, instructs client x poorly. No benefit to client X).

Hitting legs #dyhit @dyhit #dorianyates style today. Nothing like when I actually trained with Dorian, but still brutal. Training solo means working smart when getting close to failure. The objective is to feel and squeeze EVERY REP. 1-2 warm up sets and the 1 work set that brings you to your limit...and when with a partner, BEYOND YOUR LIMIT! #spreadlovegetfit #bestunowfitness #dyhitmastertrainer #otfhollywoodfl #onnit #onnitfoundationscertifiedtrainer #legs

Our shoulders have a complicated history. When we crawled around they were support columns, but as bipedal adults we no longer use them as we once did. Yet the mobility and stability of our shoulders are key to locomotion! Plus our posture and so much more!
The effect of the suspension Arm-bar on the shoulders, T-spine and all around posture is apparent as soon as you perform the movement.
Onnit Academy Master Suspension Exercise Coach .
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Some Medicinal Mushroom craaaziness going on over here as I finish up the preview page to my Course (Can I get a Self Love in the Kitchen?! 🙌🏻)
Medicinal Mushroom Iced Tea:
- 2 stepped tea bags of your choice with 12 ounces of Hot Water (I chose Roasted Dandelion Root + "Stress Balance")
- 1 teaspoon Four Sigmatic Winning X Mushroom Powder (this blend has got ALL the 'shrooms!)
- 1 teaspoon MCT oil
- 2-3 drops Liquid Stevia or 1 teaspoon Raw Honey
- ICE!!!

Hahahaha those guys deliver the message right! #repost ・・・
Make gainz 💪outside the gym!! You spend most of the time in your day NOT working out… so use that time to your advantage. When you are at work or around the house, there are many times that you can practice your lifting techniques🏋️, shoulder movements🙋‍♂️, foot gripping👣, core activation🔥, head positioning🗣, etc. When you focus on that stuff throughout the day and not just at the gym, you will see much faster mobility and postural gains over time. 📈 .
Today is about deadlifting around the house. 🏠Even for something as simple as taking something out of the oven, you can use both a hip hinge and proper shoulder retraction to keep your back and shoulders protected. Most people just round 🐬the back like the letter “C” and that puts a tone of wear and tear on the spine and surrounding muscles/joints! It is THESE daily movements that contribute to your back pain, not just what you are doing in the gym or in your sport. .
Who can find the Chuckie Doll?😈
Tomorrow we will go over proper scapula(shoulder blade🗡) position! -💻Written by Andrew Dettelbach
⚡️You can learn to move better and live pain free!  The MoveU Method is a step-by-step online training program to transform your movement and accelerate your journey back to a pain-free life. Learn more about the method by registering and attending a free live webinar.  Click the link in our bio or visit moveu.com/webinar⚡️
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This is how lil squirt gets down ➡️ Follow me for more original memes ➡️ @brrrennen #floydmayweather #kindle #cantread #drake #audiobooks #maymacworldtour #mayweathermcgregor

"I'm always looking for a new challenge. There are a lot of mountains to climb out there. When I run out of mountains, I'll build a new one." -Sylvester Stallone
Are you challenging yourself daily in some way? Learning a new skill, doing more reps, shaving time off your distance or even reducing your rest in between sets? If not... is it fear of failure that may be holding you back? Failing at something is part of the process, it is trying it again and again that makes you successful. So get out there face your fears and challenge yourself you get better EVERY DAY in some way! With a clear head and set intentions, you WILL get there!

slowly build your growth. Killing your self every workout gets you no where but injuries and stall gains. Give you body the time to repair. Like anything in life, riding until the wheels fall off means you may not be able to put the wheels bck on. Injury is a learning tool. Imagine a life where you don't wait until you fck up to truly learn 😳😳😳.... Enjoy your day. #betterhumans#fitness #fitfam #fittravel #growth #strongman #bodybuilding #gains #strength #motivation #usmc #genothetrainer #neversettle #health #nutrition #workoutvideo #strengthcamp #bikelife #balance #blessed #onnit #tnation #TrainingForWarriors#pewpew#betterhuman #fatboytears #slowgrowth #savagemind

#TBT to a few weeks ago when I met my nephew for the first time ❤️

Let's get this Thursday started folks.... cleaning pools and podcasting it up! #vikinggorilla #getshitdone #onnit #poolboy

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