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💜Somos 50.000 en Instagram.
Y aquí estoy en casa, alucinando y pensando que os mandaba a cada uno una laminica hecha a mano, un cuaderno casero y una flor de acuarela 😍
Pero como las leyes de la física me lo impiden he pensado que a lo mejor os apetecía tener en vuestras tablets, móviles o agendas un trocito de mi y de Neruda, tenéis el descargable en el blog 😊
😘50.000 millones de gracias a todos por acompañarme

"The secret of your success is determined by your daily agenda." -John C. Maxwell #satechi #lifemadeeasy

오후에 외할머니 병문안에 요가 2시간다녀올 예정이라 공부할 시간이 없다 ( ˃̵⌓˂̵) 그리고 오늘 외출하는 김에 색연필도 하나 사야겠다 🖍 다른덴 펑펑쓰면거 이런것만 아끼는 심리는 뭘까 ㅋㅋ
#자린고비 #🐟

I’ll be honest, I thought about quitting Empowering Women Now more than once. I’ve been discouraged so many times but my faith keeps me going. 🙏🏽
I will continue to work hard to make my goals for my business a reality. I will stay patient even when it seems like it is going nowhere. 🌹
Success doesn’t happen overnight and I’m so grateful to have reached 200,000 followers on Facebook.
Today 1 more woman signed up to become a member of Empowering Women Now & reminded me that my hard work is not in vain. I'm that much closer to reaching my goal. Thank you for sticking by my side for these past 2 years. ❤️

What's on your #iPhone8 feature wish list?
By @anckor

Esta semana toca no planificar nada y disfrutar, así que, fuera bullet journal y fuera oposición, todo lo que tenga que hacer importante lo apunto en este bloc de notas y ¡listo!. Eso sí, por las historias os doy la brasa que no sé cómo me aguantáis 😅🤷🏼‍♀️❤️

My current madness of catching up on editing and blog posts while doing clay face masks and eye lifts cause my eyes are always tired
from editing and doing blog posts 😂
Shop this flatlay http://liketk.it/2sqcY
#liketkit @liketoknow.it .
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For our last question, we asked @lizzyokoro whose brain she would like to pick and why. Her answer is why we adore her so much.
Lizzy✨: "Harriet Tubman hands down. Though Oprah and Steve Jobs were close to making the cut. To have the opportunity to talk to a woman who fought tooth and nail for what she believed in and risked her life every single day would be an incredible opportunity. I don't know if I have that kind of fight within me, I hope I do!" 💕Thanks so much💕 @lizzyokoro for not only being such an inspiration to female creatives out there, but for being your true self. Don't forget to check out @bunchmagazine!

I'm so ready for for Fall 🍁🍂
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Dimension. Watercolor continues to amaze me with its depths. I see a long hallway with a door at the end. And maybe behind that door is my ticket to tomorrow's powerball jackpot. I mean one can dream right?

Oh hello!
Just in case you didn't know:
YOU ARE capable of amazon my things! ✨

Oooooffff it's been a busy week! We launched yarnpost officially today but OMG we had soo many preorders this week we are having a hard time catching up with y'all! The support has been amazing. We love our customers and fellow fibre fans in the IG community so so much! .
Head on over to @hankandhook for more info 😎

Happy Friday! Make it a good one 📓✏️💖 photo by @studiobprintshop! 😍

Utterly breathtaking @alexandermcqueen I love this so much ❤️#surfacepattern #surfacepatterndesign

After 25 years as one of the top PR firms in the U.S., Magrino turned it’s talent onto itself and threw the party of the year to celebrate clients, teams, friends and family who have supported the agency from day one to the present. Follow the link in our bio to stay in touch. #MagrinoPR

Preparing for my accreditation with this super cute pouch and personalised notebook 👩🏼‍💻 #stationary #onmydesk #busyb #notebooks #pouch #studygram #studyblr #stickers #stationaryaddict

The first proof of my bird A-Z poster! Thanks @tom_leighton! Still things to change, it's slow progress, I am clearing up today after a sickness bug hit us yesterday! Not so Fri-yay today! 🌿😷

Bon ben je crois que j'aime vraiment bien ce petit format. Trouver des demies journées complètes pour monter une double page de Projet Life est encore compliqué... Avec Ce format je me pose 30 min et je fais quelque chose ! J'adore !!! C'est très agréable pour l'ego lol ! 😅
Du coup ce matin : deux pages. Une pour notre soirée en amoureux et une première dans le carnet de capucine 😍
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@cindymaka.co is back on the blog today sharing about the importance of building relationships in business and a few tips on how to do it. Link 🔝🏴Do you find it hard to build relationships with fellow business owners? Or on the contrary you've managed to do it and have seen the fruits of it?
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