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Stressful days make we wish I was at the beach ✌🏼️🌊🛣#Brothers#Bestfriends#FamilyFirst#OnlyOneICanCountOn

if it wasn't for this gorgeous woman right here, my mommy @fabulous_juju , there would be no me. she's the reason i'm on this earth. throughout life people come & go always claiming they love you, got you, respect you, will always have you & take care of you, but let me tell ya no one on this earth will ever have your back, be there & love you unconditionally like your mama. always appreciate, respect & love ur parents limitlessly. thank you for being such a blessing in my life & always there for me no matter what for 30 years. I love you to the moon and back a million billion trillion times. #mommy #iloveyou #bestfriend #alwaysthereforme #onlyoneicancounton

You will never know how much our friendship means to me. You are the only person who has been there for it all. No matter how many friends come and go in my life I know in the end you will always be there. Seestar you are the best and I love you so much! #onlyoneicancounton #alwaysthere #bwestfwensfwoeva #seestarlove #fucktherest @chlomoneey_

In the middle of all the chaos one moment can make you feel like nothing is wrong in your life and make you feel absolutely beautiful!!! #tryingtobestrong #itsallaboutme #onlyoneicancounton #blessed #feelingbeautiful

My valentine❤😍🐶 #oneandonly #onlyoneicancounton

Thankful for me, myself & I #onlyoneIcancounton

Realizing we're all each other's got. I love you sissy. #onlyoneicancounton #breakthrough #2008

Worlds blurriest picture but...one of my happiest pictures. To the time you let me hold you (and you were little enough for it). You are one the best gifts my family has ever received. You make us whole. You make me whole. My insta has been featuring you a lot lately because you keep my heart good and well. I love that about you. #adventureswithoz #mydogmybestfriend #onlyoneicancounton #flashbackfriday


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