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At the Gundam cafe they were selling bikes. Because if you can't afford a giant robot or a unicorn a bike inspired by a giant robot called Unicorn banshee will just have too do. #tokyo #japan #onlyinjapan #akihabara #gundam #cycling #東京 #日本 #秋葉原

Mmmmmmm...this is so good! Tasty and delicious! Okonomiyaki with cheese ! With japenese omlet hmmmm...ohhhh and look at the urban architecture (a kick in the face for Aus bullshit development). The guy that was singing also had a good voice!(all the girls were standing in front of him-perhaps a karaoke sesh and I should be good lol...) #onlyinjapan #osakagrandfront #osaka #awesome #epicstuff #granddesigns

One of those “only in Japan” moments 🐶 🤣

•This photo taken inside an operating train 🚂 in Wakayama 🇯🇵.
Morning! Be original as you are. Seek always for the answer within. Be not influenced by those around you, by their thought or their words.
-John Travolta.
Tama was a calico cat and has served as a Kishi stationmaster from 2007 to 2015.
Tama has contributed for Wakayama sightseeing and revitalization of Local Public Transport with her co-worker Nitama who is a calico cat too.
At 22nd June 2015, Tama passed away and she became an ‘Honorable Eternal Stationmaster’. Now Tama who is a goddess of Wakayama Electric Railway and Local Public Transport welcomes many passengers at ‘Tama Shrine’ which built in the Kishi station platform.
Now, Nitama who had worked at Idakiso station succeeded to Tama’s position and called ‘Tama the 2nd Stationmaster’. Like other employees, ‘Tama the 2nd Stationmaster’ has working hours. She usually works at Kishi station. Nitama’s day-off are on Wednesday and Thursday from September 2015. Irregularly her off-day might change 😻.
#tamadensha #onlyinjapan #wakayama #kansai #japan #beyourself #strong #within #yourstand

Had an absolutely wonderful day with two of my favorite people! Tokyo is a fantastic city with some truly kind people. Our group of Japanese college students asked if they could accompany us around the imperial palace to practice English, total scam, right? Turns out... they were actually college students who wanted to practice English! #onlyinjapan #tokyorocks #soclean #sashimiislife

Smelling the cold breeze of spring💕

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