Happy 221st birthday today! USS Constitution, the world’s oldest commissioned warship still afloat. I was lucky enough to catch this beautiful sight from work on Friday. #nofilter #boston #onlyinboston

October 20 #fmspad: lemon. Just a flash of cherry & a peek of lemon along an otherwise mundane road (though the view is anything but, imo!).

Don’t Have A Cow 🐄
A fun day at the Boston Vegetarian Food Festival, ft. dinner & dessert over in Central Square — my favorites of the day were apple cider donut flavored ice cream, a seitan & veggie wrap, & pumpkin streusel cake 🌞🌹

Rise up ⬆️
My very first broadway show. It was such an inspiring and unforgettable experience. A week later, I'm still listening to he soundtrack on a daily basis. If you get a chance, go see the show or at least listen to the music online.

Heads up! We’re closed tonight for dinner and tomorrow morning for brunch. Re-opening Sunday at 5pm. See you then! #privateevents #sundaydinner

Reasons to raise a glass: a newly tapped cask of @mayflowerbrew IPA. 🍻 Come on in and try some!

Definition of #masshole....I had to honk at this woman 3 times to tell her she couldn’t turn left because of a funeral procession! She didn’t listen! May person who died RIP. #makesmeangry #onlyinboston #bostondrivers #boston #sharonmass

The moment of truth.

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