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Found this at work 😂👌🏻#onlyfivedollars ?

Last night we talked to a midget, played with Annie the golden retriever & holidazed over dem holiday lights✨👯🐶 #blessed #nursesnightout #onlyfivedollars

Kohls you've done it again! 😍😍 Now to decide: Will my kinders take home Paddington or Corduroy for our class mascot/friend? Who would you pick? #onlyfivedollars #gettingabackuponetoo

Too much? O well when everything's only $5 you can't help but over indulge!!! #feedyourfivedollarhabit #sassysunday #onlyfivedollars #getonmylevel www.paparazziaccessories.com/61304

Poor girl 👧, she didn't know the words.. Late night food 🍲 taksiha = takk skal du ha?? , with the Legendary @smehariiii #nooneisreadytodealwithus #beatnuts #onlyfivedollars #taksiha

When it's chocolate bunny season!! #chcolate #professorbunny #easter #onlyfivedollars


Soon I will be launching my custom jewelry shop "J's Be-You-Tiful Jewels in Facebook!" My custom jewelry collection of choice as a consultant is from one of the best custom jewelry companies out there Paparazzi Accessories. Their jewelry is absolutely gorgeous, fashionable, nickel and led free which is awesome. Best of all, everything is only $5 each piece. Without breaking the bank, you can look like a million bucks with my jewelry collection.
I'm so excited that I cannot wait to receive my inventory. I will be sharing with you an unboxing video when I receive my jewelry kit, I will also do weekly Facebook Live Parties, home parties, giveaways, freebies and so much more. Ladies, let's empower one another and LIKE, FOLLOW and SHARE my page and INVITE your friends and family members to join so you don't miss an event, posts and important information about the business. Not only will I be selling jewelry, but I will show you how you can also become your own boss and be successful in this business too if you love jewelry, like to have fun selling it and would like to build your own business in the comfort of your home. I am looking forward to building a relationship with you through my new journey as a jewelry vendor and consultant for Paparazzi Accessories. Thank you all so much for your love and support! ❤️ #entreprenuarshipbuilding #beyourownboss #followyourdreams #ilovejewelry #upcomingjewels #mybusinessjourney #paparazzijewelry #nickleledfree #onlyfivedollars #frugalbutfabulous #empoweringwomen #joinmeonmyjourney #followme #getinformed

Too much? O well when everything's only $5 you can't help but over indulge!!! #feedyourfivedollarhabit #sassysunday #onlyfivedollars #getonmylevel www.paparazziaccessories.com/61304

Wowza!! There are a TON of new AMAZING pieces available right now in my online store - for only $5 each! They will go fast! If you've never browsed #paparazziaccessories online, today is the day to start - if you swipe the pic right you'll see my top favorites from the NEW releases, but there are tons of other awesome ones I didn't have space to include. So go look right now, in the section of shopping labeled "new releases", at www.PaparazziAccessories.com/SugarBeeBling (link in profile 👊)

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