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From @feladurotoye
As you may already know, over the last 13 years, I have committed my life and resources to doing all I can to build a New Nigeria that would be the most desirable Nation to live in by December 31, 2025.

From nation building projects like Mushin Makeover (which was recorded as the largest non-governmental urban renewal project in Africa’s history), to raising the standard of education in our schools and higher institutions through projects & initiatives, to helping our young people across our nation Deliver The Future to corporate transformation projects and most importantly championing the largest non-governmental Values Infusion project through the 10 lifestyle personal creed that we share together on this network that has now been endorsed and actively promoted by a multitude of Nigerians across all gender, tribe, social class or religious affirmation.. As I have stated severally on this platform & in public, I have come to the conclusion that Good Governance is critical for any nation to accomplish its full potential. Infact, without good governance every other good work carried out by its citizens would ultimately be like pouring water into a basket and is therefore not sustainable.

This is why it became important for us to set up the  RUNNING FOR A NEW NIGERIA platform, where we galvanize a critical mass of people who would participate in the governance process either by VOTING or BEING VOTED FOR at the 2019 General Elections & beyond.

In line with our Values one of which is to “BE A ROLE MODEL WORTHY OF EMULATION”, I had to decide to get involved in the political arena rather than staying on the sidelines and only challenging others to go in.

It is my hope that as I step unto the political scene, many more of our brightest & best will arise to heed our nation’s clarion call to contest for elective offices, win the elections, and most importantly collectively deliver good governance to our nation.

Therefore, to be clear, I am aspiring to contest as a Presidential Candidate in the 2019 General Elections.

A lot of people have asked me “FD, what party will you be running on? Is it APC or PDP”? Whilst it is true that these parties ma

Wir sollten uns weniger über die Schwäche der Karten, sondern über dessen Möglichkeiten Gedanken machen - immer. Eine schlechte Ausgangssituation heisst noch lange nicht, dass Du verloren hast. Es heisst nur, dass Du mehr gefordert bist, als wenn Du gute Karten hättest.

Begrenze nicht deine Möglichkeiten, sondern gehe jeden Tag an deine Grenzen. Limitiere sie nicht sondern erweitere sie!⠀
Werde jeden Tag ein kleines Stück besser und am Ende des Jahres wirst du riesiges geschafft haben!💪🏼🚀 #EntrepreneursGermany
Dir gefällt dieser Beitrag? Dann like ❤️dieses Bild und schau für mehr doch einfach mal auf meinem Profil @entrepreneurs.germany vorbei😉⠀
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Have you ever thought about where you want to be a year from now? Have you made a game plan?
Most people have goals and dreams they want to achieve in the future. But they don't take the time to plan the route. If you don't plan the route, you're likely to end up a completely different place - or end up driving in circles.
Picture yourself going on a road trip across the country during your vacation. You have never been there before, but know the name of the destination. You are not quite sure how to get there or how long its gonna take. Are you just jumping into the car and set off? No, you don't. You plan your trip. .
You use Google maps to estimate how long it takes to get there, and where you're going to drive. You spilt the route into stages, because you can't drive the whole distance in one. You pack your bags with extra clothes, because you may be a little sweaty driving in traffic all day. You bring food and beverages, to refill your energy along the way. You plan to stop the car at cozy places to take a break and stretch out. You bring the map with you, to make sure you are on the right path. .
If you want to go somewhere, hit a goal or make a difference - you can't leave it to coincidence. Maybe you'll end up there. Maybe not. It's like buying lottery tickets every weekend, hoping to win. You all know your odds aren't that good. Don't live your life like you're just a passenger. Take the keys in your own hands, plan your route and go - and you're going to have an awesome ride.

The first time watching Adella on stage. No clue she had one of the bigger roles. Let the child bragging begin!! ⠀

It is quite neat to see your child grow up and do things that you know you feared as a child. I was never great with public speaking growing up. Today I love speaking in front of 1000's. Adella just loves that stage from day 1.⠀


@pri_iish look how much we've grown 😅😅😆

Go getters ONLY!

Always learning! I didn't just fall into my success, I am constantly learning and growing. If you aren't growing you are dying. Time to step it up. Let's change lives! .
We Are...
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Marketers... Sometimes One Choice is Plenty

Last week, I decided to put my recent studies into persuasion, human nature, and psychology into practice.

I wanted to try it because one of the things I noticed early on with my online business was this:

Offer TOO many choices to your prospects and they may choose NONE.

That's right... Too many choices can lead to confusion with prospects. "Which one should I get? Which one is the best?" Leaving them to choose between too many things could actually mean them just LEAVING.

Back to my little experiment.

Here at a local college campus... I decided to hang out in a stall... Pretending to use the bathroom.

But all I had view of, from the stall, was the 3 bathroom sinks.

For a half hour, I watched over 75 students wash their hands.

Out of 75... 68 of them used the far left sink.

The next day, I repeated this little experiment.

Except this time, I put an Out of Order sign on the middle sink.

Out of 67 students who washed their hands... 63 of them used the left one, once again.

My point?

Sure, we are ALL habit based and follow routines even though we realize it or not.

Most don't.

But more importantly, if you have something that can help people solve a problem or get a result... ONE choice often brings about the highest number of sales and conversations.

In fact, back to my online business.

When I tested offering several choices on an order page... One order always grabbed more sales than the others.

More specifically... I offered people a choice of getting an ebook, a printed book, or both.

The ebook only version got 89% of the sales... So I took the other 2 choices off.

Sales increased.

Bottom line.. sometimes ONE is plenty and more than that can lead to confusion and less sales.

#onlinemarketing #makemoneyonline


This is where you cement your victories. You are working way smarter than previously, you're scaling your business, building a team of smarts and making it big now

Ultimately, in this phase, you are making sure all your "money maker" contents are continually spreading round the Internet and the world. You are all about spreading the value you weild like wildfire and helping as many people ad you can. This is the type of mindset you MUST have to get to and stay rooted in this PHASE.

Unless you sabotage your own self, you can't lose anymore now.. you made it to the point of MASSIVE RESIDUAL income ! •

When i think about it, It's amazing how fast this is compared to a J-O-B. Don't get me wrong, If you have a Job, be grateful, but start a side hustle featuring something you're passionate about and simply use the intent and social media as your platform to promote that product or service. •

You see, If you start part time AND STAY CONSISTENT with the work, It's going to be absolutely worth it. in less than 5 years time, you can become financially independent. Compare that with working on a job for 40 years only to retire on 40% of what you already couldn't survive on. •

Make the smart move baby! To learn before you leap click website In bio. •


Without confidence, you will struggle in life with an anchor to the ground. If you don't believe in yourself you won't succeed in life. Your dominant attention becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. If you think you can't do it, that's what you get.
📷 Photo credit @hidvii.
. .
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Die größte Genugtuung im Leben ist es, etwas zu tun, von dem alle sagen, du könntest es nicht!

Auf deinem Weg wird immer jemand dagegen sein, es wird immer jemanden geben der sagt du kannst es nicht!

Das einzige was du dann machen musst ist, es erst recht durchzuziehen, denn wenn du dann aufhörst, haben diese jenigen genau das was sie wollen.
Wenn du es dann durchziehst, wirst du durch die erstaunten Blicke dieser, allen genau das Gegenteil beweisen und dich unglaublich fühlen‼️ Bleib am Ball, denn es ist bewiesen, um Erfolg zu ernten, musst du das tun, was andere eben nicht tun‼️ Dein


🌸 okay, February is almost over!!! Eek!!! I visited a good friend recently who set up her home following feng shui and I was so inspired when I arrived home I spent the next several days obsessing about my space. I bought a few items, I moved furniture around AND I’ll admit I noticed a very positive shift
😊 While I was researching how to set up my space I ran across a quote that I keep thinking about, “improve your environment, improve your quality of life”. Feng shui is about noticing our environment and realizing our sense of being is supported by this ———
❤️ I know I’m the type of person who is affected by my environment, so much so, that even others moods affect me. This goes back to being ultra sensitive
🌼 So lets Feng Shui!

„Die Zukunft gehört denen, die an die Schönheit Ihrer Träume glauben.“ 💎 #dreams #dreambig #iml #willbedone #trader #forex #imarketslive #workhardplayhard #trendisyourfriend #makemoneyonline #onlinemarketer #faith

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