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How Elon Bomani created a 6 figure business using eCommerce πŸ’―

Elon was struggling to find a sustainable business that would take care of her son's future. She hustled by availing many opportunities such as real estate, affiliate marketing etc. However, she claims that eCommerce was the best option amongst everything.

She started her business on Amazon as it is super simple to become a seller on that platform. Her goal now is to start her own store using softwares such as shopify / clickfunnels.
Elon took my effective training and discovered the step-by-step system to launch a successful store online.
In this video, she describes her experience with eCom Alliance (my company). According to her, "The American Dream is still alive, however it is now on the Internet." What's stopping you from launching your own eCom store?

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Whenever you look for ways to make money online you're always bombarded with lists different survey sites right?! But what if you don't want to spend your time taking online surveys to make money?

How good would it be if there were other scam free ways you could make money online?
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The question is, who's going to stop you.

Insecurity is ugly.

I heard Konga laid off 70% of their staff recently.Hmmmm...sad.So,what next?It hurts particularly because these guys put in their all.They worked sweat and tirelessly to build this brand.
Guys,don't be dismayed.Painful and disappointing it is yes,but pick up the pieces and move on.Trust me,if you put in half the effort you put in another man's business into building yours you will be beyond successful.

Did the affected employees have a plan B?Maybe, maybe not.Not everybody sees a need to have a backup plan.
As long as you are under a paid employment,like you are working for someone as a salary earner you got NO JOB SECURITY,PERIOD! Good news is,you can start from where you are right now.

Even my staff don't have any job security and that is why I showed them a business of their own that they can run on the side.
I am an events designer/planner.We don't do events everyday but my side gig/business as an online marketing entrepreneur is a 24/7 business auto-run.
Yes,I am unapologetically A Serial Entrepreneur.
I hear people say not everybody can be an entrepreneur,really?I beg to disagree.

Please no long post today cos issa beautiful Sunday.πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒabi is this one too long already?

I'm inviting those who want to finish this year with a bang and start 2018 on turbo charge to a Facebook live session where my gang will be shining the spotlight on a gangSTAR who will be sharing how she survived her 9 years as an employee on loans to becoming a 'Millionaire Maker'.
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Make your dreams a reality!

Tomorrow is a new day.

Happiness can be formed as easily as deleting toxic people from your life.

I eat cake because it's delicious!!

Be in love with every minute of your life. .
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